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Friday, May 31, 2013

Poe's Raven; A Poem By L.C. Bellami

Poe’s Raven
(Or Harbinger of Death)
A Poem By L.C. Bellami

Came a knock upon The Door
The Raven quoted Nevermore
The Ashen Man looked up in fright
The Raven vanished with the Night

The Man bewildered put fear to pen
His visions of terror to never end
The Shadows lingered always near
Death his friend for countless years

His Quill dipped in Blood and dripping Ink
Into Madness He did sink
The Skull held his absent gaze
His Shadows like an endless maze

Darkness drawing ever near
His Lost Lenore still looking queer
The Bells... Calling; never cease
Writing could not grant Him Peace

His veins thick with Booze not Blood
Delusions came in rushing flood
Cold as Death His icy stare
He did not know, nor seem to care

The Demon Reynolds Stole his Life
On wintry bench, The End of Strife
His Mystery still Haunts us; Whatever For
His Raven quoted Nevermore


(A simple ode to Edgar Allan Poe, a tortured soul, and a Literary Genius!)

I realize this is not the greatest Poem ever written lol, but I wanted to do some small thing to Honor and pay my Respects to Poe, because I find so much Inspiration in his Poems and Stories.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Comes The Raven Prince...

Part 1 of my short is up, and now I am working on the upcoming sections for Immortal Beloved and The Colorblind!

My New Short; Comes The Raven Prince

Link to The Story Page;

~Comes The Raven Prince~

Friday, May 17, 2013

What is going on at this moment?

Well Volume 3 of Stage Daddi's is up. working on the next installments of Immortal Beloved, and The Colorblind. Before those go up however the beginnings of a new short will go up. This New Short is something that has been on my mind for a long while now and I have to tell you I am having a blast writing it. Like colorblind, it is a little on the strange side lol...very much a paranormal story. I will post more details soon and the beginning of that story.