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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who is Fatherless…

Who is Fatherless…
A poem of the wounded inner child who has found healing in Spirit

 by L.C. Bellami
In the year of Our Lord 2013, October 16th, 8:20 pm;


I come from the fatherless generation
With fatherless sons
To whose feet do I fall
Into whose arms do I run
Who will teach me to be a man
Who will help me make my stand
Who carries me when life gets rough
Who shows me how to be both open and tough

I come from the fatherless generation
With fatherless sons
On whose shoulders do I ride high
Who is there to help me spread my wings to fly
Who will listen when I speak my why
Whose voice can I hear when words fail to come
Were is the father to cause me and call me to be a son

I come from the fatherless generation
With fatherless sons
Who will teach me not to run
Who will teach me the right way to fight
Who will protect me in darkest night
Who will be there for the milestones
Who will be with me so I’m not alone

I come from the fatherless generation
With fatherless sons
Who will tell me I am more than the sum
Who will make it ok to cry
Who will point out the stars in the sky
Who will always be there to catch me when I fall
Who will push me when I stall

Where is the Father I can call my own
Where is that man who should have given me home

Only God The Father to fill this void
Only His voice can cause me to be overjoyed 
Only His voice to sing me peace each night
Only His voice to wake me with dawns early light
Only His arms to catch me and carry me through

So no one is Fatherless, not me and not you

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My First Literary Achievement; a milestone declared!

Let it be known that as of 7:30-ish this morning your truly has completed his first finished literary work! I am now beginning the editing process in the hopes of getting it published. I am so Excited, Thrilled, Ecstatic, Luminous, and Incandescent right now!!! It feels really good to have one of my stories completed, because all of the others are works in progress. I feel Full, and Blessed, and Very Very Thankful! Today is a good day to be Alive!