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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poem; Courage of The Honest Queer

Courage of The Honest Queer
by L. C. Bellami
written in the year of our Lord 2014

Born this Way
Born this Gai
I’m not a sin
Not led astray

I’m not a Mistake
God did not Forsake
I’m not Confused
I am not Fake

You tell your Lies
You spread your Hate
Your Wickedness will be your Fate

I am not Hiding
I won’t live a Lie
Not for you or anyone will I Lay Down and Die
I Will Stand and I will Fight
and I will always do what I think is Right
I am not Weak
But you Are Blind
I see your mask
On flesh you dine

You think you speak on God’s behalf
You are nothing but a talking Ass

You say you haven’t met the right woman yet
Well you haven’t had The Right Man make you wet

So go on with your ignorant games
You do not Know, you can not say
I was born this way, born this Gai
Your sin will Not lead me astray

You say I chose, but when did you
You sit un-hearing in your Sunday pew
I’m not confused, I am not You
I am who I am, despite those with no Clue 

God Made me as I am to stay
He tells me so when I do Pray
He Loves me always, even when I’m Odd
This Truth I Know beyond all facades

I Am a child of The Living God