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The ColorBlind; A Short Story By L.C. Bellami



“Within The Cities of Bone, beneath the streets of Ash, in the depths of The Shadowlands, and the abodes of The Gravelings there is a book of knowledge. This book contains prophecies and truths about the world of The Colorblind, and the secrets of both the living and the dead. Those who seek out this book, find it, and read from it; with Love, pure sight, and Devotion shall be released from half light into the fullness of heaven…or so the old legends say” the dark girl told them. “What is pure sight” He asked? “The sight which allows you to see how the world around you really is…full of color… for those that choose to see it in that way”!


“…Those that walk in the grey light unseeing, they who are The Colorblind; they shall make even heaven into a hell”.   
     Taken from The Book of The Holy Dead  

                                                 ~The Colorblind~
                    A Short Story by L.C. Bellami

                                 The Grey World

They say that most people dream in black and white. I don’t know if that is true but I can tell you that when you die, the whole world is black and white and you see color only when you dream. At least that’s what I always thought…. until he came along.

There are a few things you learn right away after you die and wake up in this place. Whatever this place really is…and no one here seems to know what this place really is. It isn’t anything like heaven, or hell has been described as. This place is more like limbo except that you are alive and the entire world is right around the corner from wherever you are. Perhaps this is purgatory and you get placed in a different afterlife once you die here. No one seems to know that either. You wake up in a field and look around for a moment before falling asleep again, and then you wake up in a room! The room you are in is part of a house and the house is yours; to live in or to leave as you choose. Most choose to say in their house though, because it can be dangerous outside at times. Another thing you quickly learn, is that it is better to avoid graveyards. No one can tell you why exactly, it is just something you have to feel for yourself. When you get near one intense feelings of panic and dread awake within you and make you want to run…and so you do. Along with that you learn to not be on the streets at night. There is not a lengthy gradual change from day to night here as there was where we came from. Here you have a warning period of less than an hour in which the sky gets dimmer. Then all of sudden the whole world goes dark, as if some cosmic giant force…maybe God…blows out the candle of the silver white sun. The grey clouds are gone from view and the grey white moon gives off a half-light to guide your way. There are no stars here…just the deep vast endless darkness in depths no one wants to comprehend. The blackness isn’t what you have to worry about though. What you have to worry about are the packs of savage jackals and other various types of wild dogs that prowl the streets at night looking for souls to rip apart and devour. I’ve seen it happen a few times and it isn’t pretty. About a month later the soul or person reappears with no memory of having been here before and they have to learn everything all over again. All any of us seem to know is that if the jackals get you, the pain is so terrible you almost beg to cease existing. At least that is what everyone says and so you believe it; it isn’t as if you want to test the theory. You can make a life here….it isn’t difficult. You can go anywhere in the world you want to in no time at all, and the only time you see an ocean is when you want to. You just think about where you want to go, walk out your front door and walk around a corner. Then you are there instantly; and when you want to return home again you close your eyes and think about being back at your home and then walk around the corner. If you are out someplace walking and want to walk to another location the process is the same.

Sometimes you will meet the travelers. These people left their houses to explore this place and so they have never been back. They just wander from place to place all the time. They seem to take cover wherever they can and never stay in one place too long. You can fill your time doing things, if you want to. You can even open up a shop though no one buys anything. Money doesn’t exist here...in fact a great many things don’t exist here. I remember these noisy pretty things; I think they were called cars. They took you from place to place I recall… but no one needs them here. You don’t even have to eat or drink unless you want to. Doing these normal daily things from where we come from…it makes you feel better somehow. The only thing you have to do is sleep on occasion. If you don’t sleep on a regular bases however you will just pass out at some point and no one wants to take that kind of risk with the night hounds around, so everyone tries to sleep at least once a week. It takes about three weeks as time is measured here of being awake before you just pass out. Some people try to sleep as often as possible in order to see the colors again. Black, white, and grey and all the negative shades close to these can get more than a little boring; and once I heard that a woman let the night hounds rip her apart just so she could try and get to some place with color again. She just grew tired and crazed and walked right into a hungry pack one night. The people who saw it said that she didn’t even scream until the jackal dogs actually started ripping the meat away from the bone.

I love to dream…I almost remember where we come from. I almost remember faces and people that I knew before…then it all goes away as soon as I open my eyes, and then love fades into ruefulness. I go around about three or four times a week and ask if the shop owners want any help. Someone always does want help and so I take whatever job comes my way. It gives me something to do and distracts my mind from the endless monotony of the grey world as we have all come to call it. The shop owners don’t really need any help but they want workers, to make their business more real…more like were we come from. Everyone here has these little bits of their stories to tell, and most tell them. We all seem to feel that if we talk enough about where we were before… we can remember better; perhaps remember enough. Enough to what depends on who you ask. Some people feel if we remember enough maybe we will not be so helpless here. As if we can somehow change this place or something. Some want to believe that if we can remember enough of where we came from, that we can go back to that place. I understand just enough to think that neither of these is true. I think there is something more out there, and once we can remember enough we can move on to whatever is next. This place is like a weigh station in my way of thinking and there are those who agree with me. If this is it… than the woman had the right idea and I will just start walking into the jackals until I get ripped apart so many times I can remember nothing of the world, or of color. The people who can’t remember anything seem to fade away, where they go… no one seems to know. There are stories that circulate that there is some far away place close by…almost like it is another country and that it is filled with these outcasts.

Oh it’s time for work again. I get up and look in the mirror. The white cloths and foot coverings that we all wake up in have the ability to change and look like whatever we want them to look like. We can also change our hair at will. You never have to look the same way twice if you don’t want to. Most people though, wear the same cloths over and over again. It doesn’t really matter all the much, but personally I like mixing it up; and again…it helps break up the monotony. If you can wear enough different shades of grey, with black and white…well it almost tricks your mind into thinking it has on color or something like it. Some people have even bonded in this place. They sometimes live as couples or tribes, and a few adopt people like they are families with parents and children. These people always seem happier than the rest of us. Sometimes though, the happy people seem to disappear making all of us wonder… if they went back to where we come from, or if they went some place else. No one that I know of seems to have any real answers for that. I closed my eyes and imagined what I wanted my cloths to look like. I opened them to see just like every other time, that they have turned into my usual style. A mix of …oh never mind; I can’t recall what we called it where we came from. We never have to shower here if we don’t want to. We never sweat or anything, and we never get dirty or smelly. We didn’t have to brush our teeth, or put that stuff under our arms; whatever it is called. We never have to use the bathroom unless we consume too much. We never shit in the grey world, but if you eat or drink a lot… a liquid build up will have to be drained. If something gets on your cloths it is a simple matter of going home and stepping into the shower and letting the silver water touch them; then they will be clean again, and when you want to dry off, you shut your eyes and think about being dry… and then you are. Things are both so terribly hard… and yet so simple and easy in this place.

I headed out of my house. I didn’t bother trying to shut or lock the door behind me. Everyone has whatever they want here, so no one bothers to steal anything. Besides this, it is impossible to enter into someone else’s house without being invited. The doors close and lock by themselves once you exit your house, which if you have a business is also your business. If you want a business you just say out loud while standing in the front of your house what you want and when you open the front door you will find a new section permanently added on to your house; as if it had always been there. A front section facing the street that acts as whatever business you want.  Or at least that’s what I was told anyway. I never bothered. It’s not like there was so much variety here. There wasn’t really a point. The people who open stores and businesses, seem to just want people to talk to. They want to seem like they are still alive and part of some type of community it seems.
 Most businesses are café’s. The point of them is conversing with people. There are a few places that open up though and sell things. There are art stores that sell paintings for your house, or furniture stores that bring new furniture to your house; or accessories for decorating your house. There are stores that sell plants. They don’t require too much care, just a little sunlight and a few drops of water every few days and they will bloom very nicely. When I say buying or selling what I really mean is giving and taking since there is no such thing as currency here; the point again is interaction. Everyone wants to connect to other people here. We all crave that; we all crave normalcy. Which is funny, considering one of the few things we all remember is how we all hated normalcy where we came from. We all feel stupid for that now. Any of us would give anything for a little of that normalcy now. 

Something that comes with every house is a bible called Gideon’s Grey Bible; everyone says they remember the bible as being a lot thicker, but the grey bible is very thin. It seems to be a book about life philosophy and morality, and some promised "redeemer" and "Heaven". The teachings inside seem to be pretty good advice...common sense stuff really.

There are book stores or libraries here; the books are either called Old World Classics and were written about the world we came from, though the majority are to confusing for most here to understand given that we don't remember many of the references. Or you can read the books written by people here about this place.

We go about our daily lives and try to make sense of this place because what else are we going to do? We try to talk to as many different types of people as possible, and given that you can go anywhere in the world with just a thought and a corner that is a lot of different types of people. I have lunch several days a week in china, at this little place ran by a young boy; Jin-Piao Shen... who loves to cook and to serve people. He is kind and good and seeing him is one of the few times I have real happiness. His food makes me feel warm inside. Here you don’t even stock the stores, they just stock themselves, always having what is wanted. There is no competition amongst store owners. They frequent each others businesses often.

While there are many types of people to converse with, there are also people to avoid. Most people here seem to fear travelers; all the travelers that is, except for the touring entertainers in the Carnivals or Traveling Shows. Travelers are wanderers…something “other than”; and here something “other than”… is almost always a frightening concept. The Entertainers play music, sing, dance, do acrobatics, tell stories, and put on plays in their shows. The Entertainers when they come are welcomed with open arms, open hearts, and eager minds…but also with caution. They help distract us from the horrible endless boredom, but they are different….made up of the travelers and so there is some sense of danger when they are around…like even if you avoid visiting a graveyard, it has come to visit you. Sometimes the traveling shows recruit people to join them, and once in a great while that person goes. You can never tell when a show is coming until a few days before when that show sends messengers ahead.

No matter who you ask here…most will admit that this is a strange place. We all wonder if it is stranger than the place we came from. The Grey World …Who among us could have imagined when we were alive that we would wind up here? Where ever HERE is...


Chapter 1:  

The Messengers Come…                                                   

I arrived to work to find the café full and Merideth was waiting. Merideth was a kind gentle woman who stood straight as a board most of the time. She was average in size, she was thin but not overly so, and she had long dark beautiful hair. Her smile was like sunlight…bright and translucent. Her dark eyes were always thoughtful and understanding…filled with compassion. Merideth was here in this world long before I was. Not long after I got here she took me under her wing and explained how most things worked here. She started using me at the café, and was always happy to see me. If you could have a mom in this place, Merideth is what she would be like even though she didn’t seem much older than me. As I approached her, I watched her short sun dress flow around her knees in thin, sheer layers. The café was modeled after a french Parisian sidewalk style. Merideth loved the French culture and traveled there quite often. Sometimes she brought back artwork for her house and the business. She loved to greet customers in french. She constantly smiled....in fact, I am not aware of a single incident of her not smiling. She always seemed happy. Though conversation outside of working hours had quickly died off after she had explained the workings of the grey world to me. We usually only spoke at work now. Suddenly I had to wonder if it was my fault. I wasn't exactly outgoing or overly friendly. For the most part I kept quiet and to myself except at work, or when I went to each lunch in china at my favorite raman shop.

                                                     (Merideth as I see her)

 “Look how busy we are today” she said. It was true…there were several people more than usual and I grabbed trays and asked where, and started waiting tables. “Merideth why are there so many people today? Did something happen”? “Oh yes we got word that messengers were coming”. “Messengers….terrific ….I can’t wait for the show to get here. I have only seen one since I have been here”. She just smiled at me and handed me another trey. The day went by and before evening she decided to close early as did most every other shop in the neighborhood. I had gone to the art store and got a painting for my house. It was very realistic looking. It had never been in the shop before but something about it just called to me. It depicted two nude young men walking on a beach; and even though they weren’t touching there was something so intimate about it, that it threatened to entrance me for hours on end. Something about it wouldn’t let go of my attention when I had passed the window. I went in and they gave it to me after what seemed to be a few minutes of exchanging very interesting conversation about the nature of art. I left the art store and was headed back to the house when I saw them.

I became aware of her first; a young woman with dark hair, and a coat with a hood that looked like a dress all on its own; she reminded me in some ways of Merideth. Then I saw him. It was like the world went into slow motion. First I was looking at her smile and her laugh and then…His face was there and the rest of the world seemed to disappear for a moment. He looked up at me and we locked eyes and he stopped. Beside him the girl froze in place and she whispered something to him. I saw him mouth say something but couldn’t hear anything. A look of recognition crossed her face and then she pulled him across the street and to me. “Hello I am Molly and this…this here is Jack”. “Jack and Molly…nice to meet you. Are you the messengers that we have been hearing about”? “Yes” She replied. “So the show will be here soon”? “In just two days…Tell us what your name is; fair is fair after all”? “Oh sorry…I am Cori”. 

(Molly as I see her)

(Jack as I see him)

(Cori as I see him)

“So Cori…do you know of any place we could stay till the show arrives”? In truth I didn’t, but then a thought occurred to me. “Well the only thing I can tell you, is that you are welcome to come home with me”…I couldn’t believe how fast the words had left my mouth! I had never had anyone in my house before since coming here. There wasn’t any houses here though that acted like inn’s so I had to help them. “That would be amazing… thank you” She said. I explained I was on my way home and told them to follow me and they walked a few paces behind. When we were almost to my house the sun started to set and I picked up the pace. I hadn’t realized how long I had stayed in the art store talking, but it must have been more than just a few minutes. We finally rounded a corner and came to my place. I opened the door and invited them in. There was another room, a guest room upstairs but I realized the only thing it was a bed. “Wait here, I will go get your room ready” I said and headed up. The door was closed and I placed my hand on it and told the house that I needed two beds with pillows and blankets, a light, and a night stand, as well as a bathroom and a closet. I closed my eyes and imagined it and then I took a breath and opened the door and the room was exactly like I had pictured it to be.

I went back downstairs and escorted them up. “You must be tired, do you want to go ahead and lay down…do you need me to get you anything…water…some other beverage…food”? “You are a very attentive host aren’t you…Water would be great, we just ate a little while ago though…Jack you need anything” She said? “I could use some water…and I really could rest for a while” he said. “Alright…I will be right back” I said and went and got two glasses of water. I headed back up and handed them the glasses. When I handed Jack’s to him our fingers grazed each other and as our skin touched I felt like electric currents shot into my hand and I inhaled in a small gasp. “Are you alright” Jack asked? “Yes I am fine thank you…well if you need me I will either be downstairs or in my room just across the hall. Please don’t hesitate to come find me” I said, shutting their door behind me as I left. I think I heard the girl giggling inside the room. I headed downstairs again and hung my painting on the wall, on a nail that must have appeared as soon as I entered the house with an art piece.  I got some water and then I headed upstairs to my room after checking on my plants. I wanted to sleep for a while and as soon as he touched me, my vision blurred every few minutes. It was the first sign I have had since waking up in this strange world that I might still be alive somehow; really alive...not just a flat residual self image in this grey world.

I took my shirt off and then my pants and laid down between the sheets. Great …I was hard…his touch made me hard. I was never going to get any peace in that condition so I went and got a hand towel from the restroom and then I sat down on the edge of the bed and began to stroke my engorging member. I had only done that a few times since I had woken up in the grey world. The first time was just to try and feel normal. The other times were out sheer boredom and it took me longer than it should have. Right at that moment it felt so good to be jacking off. I hurried to try and climax and I couldn’t stop thinking about Jack. I thought about what it might be like to kiss him…hold him…the taste of his soft moist lips…the feel of his skin against mine. I tried to imagine what he looked like naked and how his ass looked, and how it would feel beneath my fingers. I thought about what he might feel like beneath me, and what his lips would feel like around my cock, and then what his ass would feel like around my dick. That thought did it and sent me over the edge and I came hard.  I let out a moan and then remembered that I was not alone. I cleaned up the after math of my orgasm with the hand towel and then let it drop to the floor beside my bed. Cumming in the grey world is different than where we came from. I remember this white thick oozy stuff. Here cum was pure clear liquid, though still thick, it wasn’t as salty as in the other world; it was more sweet. It was something you might want to drink from a wine glass all day. I licked my fingers clean of the excess spray that I missed with the towel. I laid down then…and finally I was able to go to sleep, for a while at least. I dreamed in vibrant colors, I dreamed of her and her pretty coat …a red coat…I dreamed of him and his vibrant red copper hair. When I awoke I could almost remember the colors; as it was I remembered dreaming of them and that was already something rare and wonderful. To be able to really remember any part of a dream was something very different and something very precious. I relished the memory, even if the colors had faded from the memory.

I woke sometime later and put my pants on and took the hand towel to the shower so it could get clean the next time I washed up. Then I heard them…the night dogs. I went to the window and knelt there on the stool beside it with one leg while keeping the other on the ground and I looked out of the window while leisurely stroking my chest with one hand. There they were…this pack was made up of jackals. I looked down as the sickly beasts made their way through the empty streets looking for someone to rip apart. One stopped moving just outside my house and looked up straight at me and bared his teeth. It was almost a smile…but really it was a sickly grimace that made my skin crawl. Eeew...it was really disgusting looking, and I felt a strong urge to run down and kick it right in its ugly face. Jackals in the grey world are large and sleek, and most of them are all black. 

I grabbed my shirt and headed downstairs. I hadn’t put it on yet, and was busy watering my plants when I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Jack staring at me. 

He was looking at me with wide eyes and a gawking smile. I grew very self conscious and put my shirt on very quickly. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just restless and Molly is still sleeping. So I thought I would come down here and look for books or something” he said. “Oh think nothing of it…you are my guest. I actually have many books. Um…I keep them upstairs in my bedroom, on a shelf”. “Oh, well would you mind if I took a look at your collection…I love to read and it helps pass the time? You know how it is”. “No, I don’t mind… follow me” I said and walked back up the stairs with Jack trailing behind me. “Ok, Jack is going to be in your bedroom…stay calm…keep your cool…don’t act stupid” I kept telling myself in my head. We entered my bedroom and I showed him the book shelf. He wandered over and I sat down on the shays lounge I had next to the shelf and began to read the titles. “You like poetry too…you like Shakespeare” Jack asked? “I love Shakespeare, though I don’t understand all of it” I admitted. “Yes well there are some references that are unknown to us here in this world, but the way he puts words together is still so magnificent” Jack responded. “Hey…you want to read some out lout together” Jack continued? “Oh… I have never done that before…sounds fun, let’s give it a try…only don’t make fun of me if I get something wrong…like I said, I don’t get all of it” I answered. “No worries, I would never make fun of someone, especially you” Jack said and his words swiftly trailed off as he realized he had gave something away…said something out loud that he felt he shouldn’t. I ignored it in order to put him at ease. Jack read a piece called Prospero’s speech from my book. His voice lifted and lilted when he spoke, carrying me away into a daydream. When he spoke it was measured and practiced. No doubt it was a result of his involvement with the traveling show.

 I didn’t have to read the words when it was my turn. I knew many of the writings by heart. I chose to recite the last portion of Romeo’s death soliloquy. “O, here will I set up my everlasting rest and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world wearied flesh. Eyes look your last, and arms take your last embrace, and lips oh you the doors of breath seal with a righteous kiss, a dateless bargain to engrossing death” I waxed poetic while looking into his eyes and speaking the words right at him, all the while pretending he was my love and visualizing kissing him.
I must have gotten far too immersed in my recitation because I found a tear rolling down my cheek, while he had several rolling down his. “That was one of the most perfect performances I have ever seen. You are truly...amazing, do you even realize. You should think about leaving this place and coming with us…joining the show. If they could even see what you just did…well I know Jon would love to have you” Jack said with fervent sincerity. “Oh well thank you…who is Jon”? “Oh, well he is sort of the leader of our performance troop” Jack explained. Jack picked another speech from Romeo and Juliet to read; Come, night, come, Romeo, come, thou day in night; For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night. Whiter than new snow on a raven's back. Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-brow'd night, give me my Romeo. And, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine…that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun”. 

I looked at him and I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted him. I decided that my new mission in life was to pursue him. The time where I felt shy…well it needed to end. I needed to go after him, like he was a prize…because he was a prize. Watching his lips move as he spoke was intoxicating; “Oh those Lips” I kept thinking. When his speech ended I leaned forward and said “Are you flirting with me” with the cockiest smirk I could manage. He became quite flustered, “Yes No…what”? “I think you are…I think you are flirting with me” I said and leaned in further. “Would it bother you if I did” He said in a shy breathy voice and I could see him gulp in his throat. “Yes…it would get me all hot and bothered” I said… “Since the moment I locked eyes with you, all seem to want to do is kiss you” I said making him squirm where he sat. “I uh…I uh” Jack tried to say something but couldn’t. I took advantage of the opportunity and pulled the book out of his hands and laid it on the other end of the Lounge as I knelt between his knees and leaned in and kissed him. “Hmmm” the moan escaped him. As our lips touched electricity shot through my Torso and then flooded into my cock. I was so hard it hurt. I parted his lips with a caress of my tongue and they opened for me. When our tongues collided it was like Lava was pouring through me and in my head I saw bright vivid colors. Then he took control of the kissing like I had unleashed something in him. Now the moan was escaping from me. I rose and picked him up in my arms and carried him to my bed. I sat close to the head board and touched the wall and sent out a thought. The house heard my unspoken request and my room door shut. I sat on the edge and he sat on my lap with his legs wrapped around my waist. I broke the kiss and looked at him and we both caught our breath. “I …I dreamed about you…for so long I dreamed. I never thought you were real” Jack said. “Dreamed...you dreamed about me? What…why” I asked confused? “The Dreams started about a week after I woke up here in this world. I have always dreamed about you, like I knew you before…like a memory. I wake up every morning wanting you to be there and when you’re not sometimes I can’t stop myself from crying. I just want you to be there holding me, kissing me” Jack couldn’t seem to stop his truths from spilling out. For some reason the information did not bother or surprise me. It made a kind of sense to me even though I didn’t understand how or why. “I’m here now and I am real…and you are in my arms…I’ve got you now; that is all that matters to me” I told him honestly, “You are the most real thing I have seen or felt since I woke up here. It feels like I have been waiting for you to find me” I finished. He kissed me again hard and passionately as if he was afraid that I would disappear and he would never be kissed again. I could feel his hard on against my stomach and smiled. He looked embarrassed, but since he was sitting on my hard on which was painfully throbbing I didn’t see any reason why he should be embarrassed about that. It was more than obvious that I wanted him, as much as he wanted me. It was then I realized that I saw him in Color and the realization hit me like an explosion and flooded every aspect of my awareness. Everything else was still the same, but he was bright and colorful. “Oh fuck…Jack…you are in color…I see you in color” I said. He looked amazed… “I know, you too” he said and then smiled his dazzling smile.

 “Fuck baby…I am so hard right now…I want you” I said. “I want you too but I am just not ready for…I can’t go all the way yet”. “Ok, so we will do anything but that” I said and he smiled, this time seductively. I stood up with him in my arms and his legs still round my waist and he held on to my neck as I used my hands and took down my pants. I let him down then and he took off his and we stood looking at each others naked bodies with awe and reverence; it was then that the word beauty finally made sense to me. Jack was muscular and soft. His hair on his head and his body was a dark coppery red. His eyes were bright, intense, and full of lust. He didn’t want to take his eyes away from me and his eyes lingered on my dick for too long making it twitch in anticipation. I smirked and raised my hand making a slight motion for him to turn around in place. He understood what I wanted and turned around to show me his incredibly firm cute bubble butt. Not being able to stop myself, I went up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and let my hands wander all over his beautiful body. He was just a little shorter than me. I pressed my advantage though and teased him by rubbing my swollen shaft against his ass hoping that he might change his mind. I kissed his neck and then let my hand reach further down and wrap around his cock. It throbbed in my hand. He gasped and then unthinking ground back against me and it was my turn to gasp. “I pulled him back towards the bed. When we reached the bed I laid us down and he faced me and we kissed laying on our sides. Then his cock found its way to touch mine. He was a decent size but no where near mine, and he was cut. I wasn’t cut…and liquid was beginning to pour out of my foreskin. When his cock touched mine it was like another explosion went off inside. I moaned into his mouth. I rolled him onto his back and was kissing him looking down at him. God he was so sexy. I trailed kisses all over him, I played with his nipples biting down on them, and sucking them which made him moan and pant hard. I found my way to his dick and kissed it. Then I reached my tongue out to lick it and the taste was so amazing. His cock was almost as wet as mine with precum. I took him in my mouth and began to suck him off slowly. He moaned loudly and bucked his hips up towards my face. I kept up this oral adoring for a long while and then I pushed his legs up and moved my tongue lower. I took his balls into my mouth one at a time; rolling them around and sucking them, pleasuring them. After that, I continued lower…until I was gently nipping his perineum. I found my way down further and inhaled his rich masculine scent and nipped and kissed his cheeks. I let my tongue find his most private spot then and drove my tongue straight into him. He let out a sound I had never heard someone make before and the thought that I had caused him to make that sound made me throb even harder. He was whimpering, moaning, and purring as I worked his hole over with my tongue…he tried to catch his breath. He grabbed my hair and I pushed his legs up and then down spreading them further and higher and tilted his ass up to meet my mouth. He was panting out so hard he couldn’t even speak. Each pant though was like begging for me to never stop. His taste had me heady and so hard that I literally grew bigger than I knew I could get as more blood or whatever we have here… drained into my swollen meat. I finally lowered his legs and he tried hard to catch his breath. He pulled my hair so that I was pulled upward over him. I was now on top of him between his legs and we writhing together in orgasmic bliss. Jack rolled me over and then began to work his way down my body. When his smooth hand wrapped around me I wanted to cry out loud and laugh simultaneously the feeling was so wonderful. Like he had been bent to my will just shortly before, I was bent to his now… as his smooth beautiful lips wrapped themselves around my cock just like his hand was. When I felt his warm wet tongue licking me I almost sprang up and rapped him then and there. As it was I grabbed the sheets for a while and turned my head and bit down on the pillow corner to keep from screaming. I fisted two handfuls of hair and began directing his head, and then it wasn’t enough so I held his head in place and began to fuck his gorgeous mouth. He gagged for a moment but in a short time he was taking all eight and a half inches down his throat. The strange thought occurred to me that he might be a sword swallower in the traveling show and the thought made me smile and pound his face harder. He finally released me and came up for air. Before long though he was back in my arms and kissing me. I sat on my keens and turned him around and rubbed my dick up and down inside his cheeks, still hoping he would change his mind. I massaged the front of his body and worked his nipples over while I kissed him and bit him on that sweet young neck of his. I grabbed his seven inches of wet steel flesh and jacked off jack slowly and firmly. Then I needed some attention again so I turned him around to face me. We were both still on our knees looking at each other and kissing… and we began to stroke each other. He was too far away from me though, for my liking… so I took my first and middle finger and sucked them to lube them up; and then I reached under him and began to play with and then finger fuck his tight hole. After a minute of this my fingers were inside of him and I pulled him closer to me this way; and the sensation was something between pain and pleasure for him, and caused him to gasp in surprise as he came closer. He came shortly after and my hand was coated with his juices. I came then and couldn’t help the very loud grunt. I came even more than Jack did. We were both panting and then I decided I wasn’t through with him yet and I looked straight at him… deeply into eyes and I brought my hand up and licked it clean. There was a large amount of it on my thumb and so I sucked my thumb clean all without looking away from him and then I closed my eyes to relish the taste and gave a small moan of pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw him staring wide eyed at me and gulping. Jack brought his hand up and licked my jizz off his hand, sucking each one of his fingers clean in turn. He also closed his eyes as if I had given him some unexpected delicacy which he was savoring. Fuck he was so sexy. I grabbed him and held both of his wrists behind his ass as I furiously kissed him. Then I pulled his arms around my neck as I wrapped my arms around his waist holding him tightly against me. I laid us down side by side and we continued to cling to each other while we enjoyed the warm contentment of afterglow. “Who are you? Why do I know you? What are we to each other….I just can’t figure out, why I have been dreaming about you for so long” Jack mused? “I don’t know if we knew each other before or not, but I know that I don’t want you to go anywhere; if I have to leave to be with you…I will” I said and he could hear the stressed sincerity in my voice! I pulled his leg over mine and held him closer as if I was trying to fuse us together permanently. Then I kissed him again, trying to put all of myself into that kiss so he would never forget it. We woke later on just before the sliver grey dawn and looked into each other; into the mystery of each other… for a long while as the sun rose and brought light to lay on top of our naked tangled bodies. I just stared in amazement at the light reflecting off his brilliant coloring. I breathed him in and traced his lips with my tongue making him dizzy, and we kissed for another length of time… until it was time to leave our place of passion and face a new day. The messengers had a message to deliver and I would help them deliver it. I never wanted to let Jack leave my sight, it was painful enough that he was leaving my bed. It was like his color was now the thing keeping me alive. His beautiful… bright… rich… deep… color; it was like I was dreaming again…and he was the best dream I ever had.

We showered and dressed and he woke Molly and helped her get ready before we were off. As we walked Molly could tell something was strange. We had decided not to tell anyone about seeing each other in color. We wanted to understand it ourselves before we involved others. Molly however knew her friend too well. “What is going on with you two” she asked in a delighted and confused tone? Jack and I just smiled and linked hands as we walked but said nothing in response. “Oh ….Oh I see…you two have been intimate…you told him about the dreams” she said. “Yes, I told him…and maybe… to the other question” Jack said. “You weren’t surprised about the dreams Cori” she asked? “Sure I was…but I feel like…I feel like I have been waiting on Jack to find me…I know that sounds crazy” I replied. “Only as crazy as premonition dreams….you’d be surprised how high our crazy meter is after what we have seen in our travels” Molly said and grinned. I ascertained what they needed and they only seemed to need a place to set their bags and perform a few things on the street. I decided to take them to Merideth’s café and let them use the section of street in front. Merideth had never seen me with friends before besides the people I spoke with at the café and on the street; so when I showed up walking hand in hand with Jack and Molly trailing along behind us she couldn’t stop from smiling and giggling. “Hello, I am Merideth…welcome to our little corner of the world. We are so glad you could come, I know everyone is anxious for the show to arrive” Meirdeth said. “So nice to meet you…My name is Molly and this is Jack. As you can see…he and Cori have taken and instant shine to each to each other” Molly replied. “So I see” Merideth said smiling, “So is there anything I can get for you? Is there anything you need to make the announcement”? “No just a table…I think that is it…a table and a crowd” Molly replied. “I don’t think the crowd will be a problem once you start” Merideth said laughing. Molly laughed as well and her and Jack each took out these special thin metal sticks out of their bags. Then Jack kissed me quickly on the lips and he and Molly removed their shoes and socks and Jack took off his shirt revealing his elegant build and then they stood in the middle of the street. They raised their metal sticks and before I knew it silver glitter, sparks, and bubbles were flying everywhere. A strange large ring that Molly wore on her finger began to produce music that could be heard for a least a hundred yard radius after she turned the ornament on top. People began to come out of their shops and houses and watch. “Come one come all, Come one come all and listen to felicitations we pray of thee” Molly said. “In one day’s time The God’s Eye traveling carnival troupe will be here and Our Grand Ring Leader Jon has sent us to invite you all” Jack said. “Come here music in many forms, come see the sights and watch the actors play. Come and see dancers and acrobats, come see the magic of the God’s Eye travelers” Molly said. “Come and see the performers… exotic all, feel the heat of the fire dancers enthrall” Jack said and he put his metal stick against his lips and blew hard and a huge stream of fire shot out and up and the crowd gasped and shrank back in shocked awe and terror. Then they all laughed. Jack blew several more blasts of silver fire. Then Molly used her metal stick and created a spinning silver Eye in mid air and the crowd both cheered with applause and then shrank back in unquiet discomfort at the sight of the eye. 

The eye’s were in many places all over the grey world and people seemed to avoid them like they did the graveyards. By the troupe of travelers using this symbol it was a message everyone seemed to think they understood. The eye told people “We travelers are unafraid of anything and everything…having no fear makes one dangerous…come to our show or wish you had…do not mess with us or you will pay the price” whatever price that may be. The symbol said “The eye is watching you…the eye of God is watching you…so show up…show up and watch our performance or else you will be judged”. The crowd was delighted and thrilled, excited and terrified all at the same time. No one would dare miss the show. Jack and Molly began to dance around each other with lashes of light and lashes of flame; sparkles and glitter all emerging out of their tools. Smoke of a medium density began to sneak silently out of the metal sticks making the air thick with wonder and exotic perfume. Then Jack handed his stick off to Molly who began making ribbons of flame lash out and Jack was weaving through them, the most skilled of dancers. He was swirling, leaping, landing, and then finally he began a series of back flips and summersaults that took him several yards away making everyone oou and aah. Then Molly raised the metal sticks above her head and created a large ring of fire high in the air. She smiled at Jack who smiled back and then as the crowd watched almost as transfixed as I was, Jack ran towards Molly and leapt gracefully into the air. Things began to move in slow motion as I watched my brilliant colorful new and familiar lover, fly through the air as if he was the spirit of the wind itself and travel through the ring of silver fire without touching the sides or being burned. He flipped just as he passed through the ring and landed artfully on his feet, on the other side of Molly and then she quickly passed his stick to him dissolving the ring and together they made a huge eye in the air and each knelt beside it till it began to fade and then they stood arms raised with large smiles and after the crowd finally began to calm down from the massive cheering that had broken out, they bowed and when they stood upright he looked at me and smiled. Then again in slow motion he walked towards me and there in front of everyone I had come to know in the grey world, he threw himself at me and I caught him in my arms and he kissed me with more passion than I could begin to understand. “Thank you” he said as he pulled away. “I think I am the one who owes you the thanks for that kiss…why are you thinking me”? “Because now I understand what Jon meant….Love gives us wings and allows us to fly…Today I wasn’t just leaping as usual…today I was able to fly” Jack said and I couldn’t stop from smiling and kissing him again. He said the word Love and it hung there in the air between us like the floating symbol, Like a slow motion Jack flying through the ring of flame. The word Love left me exhilarated and bemused; baffled in bewilderment and desperately hoping I would hear it again, even if I had not had the courage to utter it first. Even if I hadn’t had the courage to say it out loud yet or even to myself. How could I Love someone that I had just met? How could I know him so well without knowing anything about him at all? How could I fall in just a day…but I did…I loved him already…I loved him. That was all I knew and all I cared about. We loved each other; I had waited for him, and he had dreamed of me, and now we were together and the grey world was stranger than it had ever seemed before. I wondered if Love would let me learn to Fly as well. Tomorrow the show would arrive and a new life would start for me…wherever Jack was going…I would follow. I promised myself that I would learn to fly, so I could Fly away with him; away to a place where we could live in colorful dreams and did not have to awaken from them. His kiss ended my internal dialogue and all I could do was revel in the mere nearness of him. There was something that I knew though in that last moment before I lost myself in his kiss…somehow …I knew him…I knew him from the world before.


Chapter 2:

Coming in time…

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