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Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Indiegogo Campaign;

This is the link to my friends Indiegogo Campaign. The campaign is over and raised no money to help us with our business cause for our publishing house. You can still donate there though. We plan on opening the campaign again soon, probably on another crowdfunding site. Please check this out and give if you can, and at least share if you can't! Thanks!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Love wins out!!!

Today I have received permission from my Friend and Brother in Arms to steal his post to put up on my blog. I felt he put things in a way that best says it all about today!!! So here is a post from Rev. Lucien of The O’Raven Chronicles Blog…

Citizen 3 is finally Free!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victory!!!! Love wins today!!!!!!! Marriage Equality in all states of America!!!!! Today is a great day in history!!!!!!

No more is it "We shall be citizens", now "We are citizens"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is here, It has happened...Oh my Queer brothers and sisters....we are finally true citizens!!! Marriage Equality is now the law of the land, and federally mandated in all states of The United States of America!!! Today is a great day!!! Thank you God for helping the supreme court of our nation see what was right and then do it!

Well today we found out what the supreme court of America thinks of we who are Queer citizens, we are actual fellow human beings and actual citizens! Let us pray a prayer of gratitude to God that He has delivered us and given us the great gift of marriage equality here in America. It is not the last hurdle we must over come, but it is the biggest. The fight doesn't end here but hopefully this battle will decide who wins the war. Those who stand with us on the side of justice and freedom, and that which is right; or those who oppose us and stand with the enemies of America and her ideals!

Today we have seen that The Right will win out!!!

Today History is made. Today in history we will remember that equality came! Today Love declared Victory and Light dispersed darkness!

Today I am a Citizen!