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Confessions of a Stage Daddi... short story series;

Warning these stories will be xxx rated sometimes, they are not suitable for children and probably not for work lol!

Introduction to my short story series:

Alright so I started out to write this romanticized history of the men of burlesque but then decided that was too limiting. Then I got inspired by this slight fascination of have had for a few years now with the steampunk subculture. Steampunk is a subculture based on the idea of what would have happened if the Victorian industrial era never ended and continued on until this day. I love steam punk things. This idea of an alternate history stirred my imagination. So I have decided to write my short story series “Confessions of a Stage Daddi” as an alternate history of what would have happened if the prudes and censorship people had been ran out of office and power as quickly as they had gotten in. The idea of everyday citizens overturning prudes in office and taking back the power of we the people was too appealing to resist. So a new world began to be created in my mind. A world like ours, but different than ours in several ways. In this alternate timeline ww2, the alcohol prohibition, The era of Hollywood censorship boards, the McCarthy witch-hunt trials, the eradication of the world of burlesque, an entire prohibition on most of the arts, all happened in one time period very close together. This period was a dark age that I will usually refer to as The Great Prohibition or just The Prohibition. This period last about 15 years of american history. The civil rights movement began and ended during this time as well, at least for people of color and women. Gay people had to continue to fight for their rights. 

 Gay people finally got their full equal human civil rights around the late 1980’s. Burlesque Shows and Cabaret’s which had been shut down came back into prevalence in a new wonderful way. No longer underground or in the background but as a force to be reckoned with. Cabaret’s became a mainstay in business, bringing tourism and money to cities. Large burlesque houses began to thrive and competition was so stiff that only a cabaret with really good acts and performers can survive. Gay Cabaret’s bring in just as much, if not more money than the regular hetero-centered places. Cabaret shows were and are a mix of many things and in this alternate timeline it has absorbed even more art forms into itself; Brothels, Burlesque shows, Exotic and Nude dance shows (Chippendales, Magic Mike lol, The Full Monty, Vegas girly shows and hetero strip clubs, etc…), Cirque du soleil, traveling side show acts, and many other performance arts all rolled into one, and legal almost everywhere. Currently in Europe there are seven great Cabaret’s houses. In America there are twelve though only three as great as the ones in Europe; and that is because the people who run them either came from Europe or were part of the elite few who were invited to be trained in Europe and then came back after a long stint over there. Logan's club makes it thirteen Great houses in America. The so called decency laws and censorship boards were overthrown about fifteen years after they came into power. Hollywood was allowed to produce a wide variety of truly great things; however the old Hollywood legends especially those with certain ties to the cabaret world are held in very high regard and continue to be; also many famous people died in our reality did not die in this alternate reality and may appear occasionally in these story's and also may have alternate lives and histories of their own. 

Cabaret workers and gay people alike are not looked down on, but rather they are equal citizens and, Biz-ie's (Cabaret workers) are looked at with a type of reverence that we currently give athletes, movie stars, and rock stars in our reality. The Highest type of Performer which is called a Performance Host (M.C.) in my alternate world not only own a club or manage one, but are performers themselves in many regards, and often high class escorts as well. To land a Cabaret performer in marriage is a huge boon to a common person. Much in the same way women chase after doctors in our current reality. Cabaret workers go to church and pay taxes, they own houses, are married, have children, go to school, and do the things that most people do very often. Military Men who become Cabaret performers are highly treasured. Every major city wants and needs to host Cabaret houses and so offer deals all the time for people to start them, though only a few houses can sustain. Performers want to work for the prestigious houses. 

To have its doors stay open a cabaret house needs something special. Something more than just great acts and hot, skilled performers. It needs something to make it stand out. really poor people go to plain old stripper bars because they can’t afford to go to houses and a type of rivalry attitude has sprung up between common strippers and Cabaret performers. Common prostitutes have the same rivalry with Cabaret sex workers. A high class famous Cabaret escort is called a Cabaret Courtesan if they are a woman and a Stage-Beau if male, Though a Stage-Beau who becomes really famous is often called a Stage-King or King-Beau.

In this alternate reality …everything becomes legal and permissible at 16, though not everyone takes full advantage of this, many choosing to go to college before pursuing their interests. At 16 you are an adult with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities there of.

Young people vie for the chance to become part of the world of Burlesque though few make it and end up doing other things. They go out into the world and work... and during their free time visit Cabaret’s; the way we visit bars in our reality. In this alternate reality courting cabaret performers is very common and often dangerous for the performers. Poor people court performers just to take advantage of their wealth and live an opulent lifestyle. Many performers end up marrying each other even temporarily just to protect themselves. Though often, they are true marriages, as Cabaret performers usually only socialize with each other. It is not even uncommon for say two straight male performers to get married as a business arrangement to protect their interests. They are business partners and lead separate lives but are protected so it works for everyone’s mutual advantage.


Biz-ie; this is anyone who works in the entertainment industry (Show-biz) in any, way ,form or fashion.

Mundane; anyone not in the entertainment industry.  

Stage Daddy: In general this is any man who is involved in the world of Cabaret and or Burlesque, who is not just part of the audience but who helps Burlesque to be performed or is a performer himself. This includes but is not limited to Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Comics, Bar-keeps, Bouncers, etc. Also this is used as a term for Male Burlesque Dancers who perform for women, usually these men are straight.

Common terms for a musician are Bard, Minstral, Soundmaker, or Music man. In case of females they are usually called a bardess.

Common terms for singers are Crooners, Wailers,  Diva's or Divo's, Banshee's, or Songmakers.

Common term for a male comedian is Jester, and for a female Comedi-ann a common term is Harlequin. for example when being introduced a man might be referred to as The Jester so and so, and a woman would be introduced as the Harlequin so and so. 

There isn't a common term for dancer. In my stories which are based in this alternate reality if someone says I am a dancer than it is assumed they mean they are a cabaret dancer unless indicated otherwise; the way we usually assume in our reality that if someone says I am dancer they are a ballet, hip hop, or ballroom dancer in our reality.

Stage Daddi: this is a gay stage daddy or a stage daddy who performs for a gay male audience. Sometimes this is shortened to Stage-Dadi. very often in these shorts you will see something written as so... "Logan is a stage-daddi-i" (Pronounced stage daddi-eye); words are often said with an I ...often I outloud at the end of the word or phrase to indicate a Gay male as opposed to a straight male. 

Stage Dandi: Also called a Stage John, or Johnny... is a stage daddy who works usually as a private lap dancer but also, often as a gigolo. A Stage Johni is a gay Gigolo and private dancer or who performs his services for a gay clientele; they are often referred to and Dandi Boi’s. A high class famous Cabaret escort is called a Cabaret Courtesan if they are a woman and a Stage-Beau if male, Though a Stage-Beau who becomes really famous is often called a Stage-King or King-Beau. 

Stage-Hunter; this is an agent and talent scout.

Cabaret: is a form of entertainment featuring music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama. It is mainly distinguished by the performance venue (also called a cabaret), such as in a restaurant, pub or nightclub with a stage for performances. The audience usually sits at tables, often dining or drinking (Dinner theater). Performances are usually introduced by a Host (Performance Master) or Master of Ceremonies (M.C., or Emcee). The entertainment is often (but not always) oriented towards adult audiences. In my story a young person might be taken to a Cabaret as a secular rite of passage at 16.
Cabaret also sometimes refers to a Mediterranean-style brothel – a bar with tables and women who mingle with and entertain the clientele. Traditionally these establishments can also feature some form of stage entertainment, often singers and dancers or burlesque entertainers. In my story Cabaret Performers who famous are commonly called Stage-Star’s.
Burlesque: an art form involving a wide variety of entertainment ranging from Musicians, singers, comics, stage plays including classical theater, and dancing which is usually though not always Bawdy, risqué, sensual, or sexual in nature. It is meant to tease the audience though it can fulfill the aroused desires of an audience by leading to full nudity. This is Vaudeville with an x-rating. Those who perform it call it …“committing Burlesque” (which they pronounce Bur-leh-que). Male Burlesque dancers often call it Burlyque... prounounced “Burley-que”. Often in modern speech it has become “Boylesque” due to both a famous drag queen performer and a certain dance troupe. Another well known male dance troupe in modern times call themselves Back-Stage Johnny’s. Since the golden era version of burlesque which started in the late 1930’s there have always been famous Burlesque Queens. In our modern era the reining queen of burlesque is Dita VonTeese. While much is known of the women who committed Burlesque in the golden era, little to no information exists about the Stage Daddy’s or Burlesque Kings except for the comedians of the period. The musicians and dancers never got famous like the women did for the most part. Though we can safely assume certain things from back then, little if any evidence survives that can prove what we can assume to be the unknown history of the men of the world of Burlesque. Burlesque has it origins in French renaissance songs performed on stages in Britain during the 1800’s hundreds. This evolved slowly and steadily until it became the burlesque of the early 1900’s which were a type of poor man’s raunchy Vaudeville. During its decidable decline due to puritanical attitudes it became the seedy and wonderful golden era burlesque that we think of when we hear the word today; the Burlesque many of us know and love. Due to modern evolutions, performers and  recently released films; there has been a tremendous resurgence of the art form, and now it can survive the puritans of our age due to freedoms we now hold most dear. Some of these short stories are just my fictional attempt to put a name and face with the unknown hundreds we will never know, who were involved in that shadowy world of the past. It is a highly romanticized look into the lives of the burlesque men who danced for the delight and enjoyment of other men. Most of these short’s however are a way to have a back drop to write about Male Performers bringing pleasure into the lives of other men. These stories will be highly sexual often and very graphic when they are. These stories are not recommended for anyone under the legal age. 

This information will be updated as time goes by.


and now the stories...

Volume 1;

Part 1:
The Rise of Father Logan;

( Cam g. is how I see Logan)

(Logan speaks...)

Mmmmm...Hey there! My name is Logan…Logan Langly,  but people know me as Father Logan, and for as long as I can remember I have loved two things;  The Art of Burlyque..... and using that art to bring Men to their knees. I’m not particularly religious, though I consider myself deeply spiritual. I grew up Episcopalian. Now I have a different kind of church…one where I worship and I am worshiped in return. My Holy of holies is a dark room with a stage… illuminated by a spotlight. People come to my church, and when they leave... they feel different. Perhaps they haven’t changed; but they always leave feeling different than when they came in. I can’t save peoples souls and send them to heaven, but I can make them taste a little bit of heaven on earth. They come to me and confess their sins and beg for mercy…beg me for another taste of heaven, and I give it to them. My Church is the Church of the Cabaret; people call me The Cardinal of The Cabaret, and these are my confessions…

I am usually taking other peoples "confessions" so I thought it was time to give some of my own. What I tell you isn't intended to shock you...though that may happen, especially if you are mudane; What I tell you, I do so for my own enjoyment and amusement, and to unburden my soul, like I help people do to theirs.

I remember the first time I became aware of Guy’s sexually. I was 10 and the boy two houses down from me was over playing at my house while I was home alone one afternoon. I was a latch key kid. Both my parents worked. We were the definition of a blue collar family. His name was Bradley, and he was 13. The weather was getting really hot. He took off his shirt and we were running around my house playing with our fake weapons. I remember staring at his chest. His skin was sweaty and slick. He had already gotten patches of hair underneath his arms. His muscles, though undeveloped had begun to shape themselves. He was beautiful to me. His curly brown hair was a mess of sweaty tangles. We were in my bedroom at one point. As boys often do, we started to talk about bodies and what we knew of sex back then, which wasn’t a lot. Though he knew far more than I did. He told me that he knew how to make himself feel good by playing with his stick. I asked him if he would show me how. Before long we were both naked and sitting on my bed. I copied whatever he did. I think it was seeing him naked that made me hard more than what I was doing to myself. He commented at one point that he liked playing this game with me, but that we should never tell anyone about our secret game. I watched in fascination as he came. I was so entranced that I couldn't help but to stare even more. He told me that he tasted it before and that it was strange but good. He asked me if I wanted to taste. I said “I guess so”. “If you want to taste it, you have to lick it from the hole”. I smiled at him and bent over and licked the white gooey stuff from his stick. He made a noise that told me he liked what I was doing and he patted my head. So I kept licking for a long time. After that, we played that way all the time. He did stuff to me, and I did stuff to him. As we got older we learned to enjoy doing stuff to each other, together at the same time. When he was 17 and I was 14 he took my virginity. I will never forget him, or how good he made me feel. He moved away to go to college, and we wrote letters for a while. Latter on I heard that he had fulfilled his ambition to become a Stage Daddi. I remember that he used to like me to dance for him. I loved performing for him. I loved all forms of performing. When I was 12... I had joined the drama club at school and was performing in play’s whenever I could. I loved the feeling of being up on stage with the lights shining on me. I loved knowing that there were people watching me from the darkness. 

When I was 13, I was visiting my Great Aunt on my fathers side. It was during that two week trip that I really learned about the fascinating world of Cabaret. I was getting my Great Aunt Pauline who I just referred to as Aunt Poly something out of her bedroom for her. We were all going out to a fancy restaurant that night and she wanted her gloves and purse. She was very old fashion in some ways, and yet most of the older members of the family regarded her as scandalous. I had always liked her, despite their attitudes. She was always kind and funny, but she didn't take guff from anyone and she always spoke her mind. She told me the gloves were on her dresser in her room and would I please get them and bring them downstairs and lay them on her coat since we were leaving in an hour and she wanted to be ready to go. I asked once why she was considered such a black sheep, and she laughed and told me that when she had been younger she had worked for some people that her family didn't approve of but said no more about it. I was in her room grabbing her things when I saw them. The Photo’s; One on her nightstand who I knew to be my Great Uncle Charlie. Then two on her wall, one of a man in a hat with a white shirt on. He wasn't wearing a tie and his collar was unbuttoned. He was strikingly handsome. Far more handsome than even Charlie was. Next to his picture there was another picture of a woman reclining on a lounge. She was dressed in a very revealing dress. Her hair was up high in wonderful cascading curls on her head. Her eyes were made up very dramatically. She was holding onto a large feathered fan that covered a small part of her exposed thigh. I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I must have stood there staring at the photographs for a long time because Aunt Poly came to find me. She saw me staring at the pictures and smiled. “They are beautiful… aren't they”? “Oh yes Aunt Poly, I have never seen any two people who were so beautiful….who are they”? “Friends of mine, come down stairs now and I promise that I will tell you all about them tomorrow when your parents go to see your grandmother. As long as you keep it our little secret that I told you about them”! “Oh I promise! I can’t wait till tomorrow” I said! I was distracted at dinner, lost in thought. That night I remember going to sleep and dreaming about the people. I played secret games with the man in the hat while the woman watched smiling and fanning herself. The next day after my parents left to go have lunch and dinner with Grandmother my Aunt told me to sit down and wait on the sofa in the den. She brought out a large box and sat it down on the ground in front of me. She retrieved a large photo album and opened it and began telling me all about the people inside and the once nefarious world of Burlesque which most people now considered a normal part of life. “It wasn't always tolerated though. There was a dark period of about fifteen years or so that all of us who were involved in the Cabaret’s were arrested, beaten, spat upon, and occasionally even lynched” she said. She told me all about the art form of Burlesque and how she had gone to work as a cigarette girl at a burlesque club when she was in her senior year of high school. She told me about the people in the picture. She called the Man a Stage Daddy and explained that he performed at the club. He began as a Jester but later became one of the Bards in the house band. She then went on to tell me that he had also slept with rich women for money. She told me that the woman was a dancer, and that she and man were business partners after he bought the club from the original owner. Later they got married. She worked for them all the years they owned the club and she told me how kind they always were to her. They helped her out whenever she needed it and were like second parents to her. Later on, the man introduced her to another Bard who was his cousin Charlie. One thing led to another and they got married. Then apparently The Law came down hard on all the burlesque clubs and performers and the owners got arrested and the clubs shut down; this was The Great Prohibition era. Everyone was out of work and even Vaudeville was dead… it looked like show business was dead except for the movie industry and dinner club singers; though they had heavy restrictions placed on them. The Man eventually joined a band in one of the dinner theaters, and the woman tried to become an actress. She had some minor roles in some films and stage plays but was never well known like she was in the burlesque world. War came, and the man went off to serve and got killed. When the war ended abroad it began here at home; that was when the uprising happened and all the censorship boards and state ran groups that banned Cabarets, Alchohol, and most other arts were overthrown; and the new era of the Great Cabaret Houses started. The woman lived alone for the rest of her life and traveled to Europe where it was rumored that she began performing in clubs again. In Europe they had all sorts of things we weren’t allowed to have here, till the uprising. There was still thriving cabaret communities there. Aunt Poly went on to say that she would always love them and never forget them. There names were Gerald and Alice. 

I was forever changed that day. After that I learned everything I could about the world of burlesque. I learned that there were underground gay clubs where there were Stage Daddi’s who danced for men back before The Prohibition. It was then I began dancing for Bradley, and he loved it when I teased him in that way, as I said before.

Later on when I went off to college and got out into the gay community I learned how common the love of old Hollywood and also the older worlds of vaudeville and burlesque were. I started going to gay strip clubs and eventually I became a go-go boy and later a stripper. Then I decided that my life’s dream was to own my own Cabaret. I wanted to fuse the old world and the new. I wanted the best of both. I began saving until I had enough to start. During those years I also learned everything I could about the history of burlesque. I traveled and visited some burlesque clubs in other states and performed when they were brave enough to let a no name try. It was then I was first seen by a Stage-Hunter named Calvin. He was visiting from one of the Great houses of Europe and looking for fresh faces to be trained and exploited. 

A few months after he had apparently seen me I received an Invitation to come to Lady Mesoline’s Cabaret which was a Great house simply called Club Lace. I had done what so few people in America had done. I was suddenly doing what almost every young man and woman dreams of doing; most who never will. I had earned a shot at the big time. I went to Europe and learned a lot from the performers at the club. I was there for almost two years. When I came back I was being Club Courted by many houses in the states. I worked at a few different places as a free performer but never stayed long. My name was already well known and I had my ambition to start my own club. Money alone wasn’t enough. Each house had to have something that made it unique. I was trained in almost every area of performing and also running a club. Cabaret’s began calling me a Stage-King, and because of the naughty priest persona I had adopted on stage “Father Logan"…"I will hear your confessions now” I would say; people began calling me The Cardinal of The Cabaret world. I capitalized on that and played it up hard core. I actually began hearing peoples confessions when I gave them private shows. Men unburdened their souls, the wallets, and then their nuts. I got a reputation for making people feel wonderful every single time.

 Two years ago when I was 22 I got a phone call from my dad telling me that Aunt Poly had finally passed away. She lived longer than anyone thought she would. I was surprised, though only mildly so... that she left me everything. The rest of the family was a little miffed but they didn't figure she had anything too valuable. However, they were wrong about that. To me her house was a treasure trove of untold wonders. I was heart broken for a while that she was gone. I had just seen her the week before, but there I sat in her little house with all of her things piled around me. I had a week to get everything I wanted out and then the bank was going to take the house as we had arranged. While looking through her things I got sad thinking about how all of these wonderful performers she used to know were going to be forgotten.That night I conceived of a new plan. 

It was the next day that a woman came by to see if there was anyone home that she could give her condolences too. It turned out that she was the daughter of one of the performers Poly had known. I spoke with her and told her who I was. She knew my name already. She told me all about the old things her parents had left her when they died. I asked her if she would be willing to part with any of it. She said that she would part with most of it to the right person. I explained to her the idea I had formulated the night before. I was going to first open up a burlesque club and get it established, and then I was going to open a museum about the history of Burlesque right next to it. The woman jumped at the chance to have her parents remembered... and so I told her I would dedicate an entire wall to them. I also planned on dedicating an entire wall to Poly. The woman  whose name was Ellen, then gave me a website she said I would be interested in. she said that if I advertised who I was and what I wanted to do on there, that older people with memorabilia might see it and donate more things for the cause. She then volunteered her time to give museum tours once a month after I got it up and running. We exchanged all the info we could. Later on she gave me several boxes of burlesque memorabilia her parents had saved. She kept a few very personal sentimental things for herself. I opened the club shortly after; I called it The Sacred Hearts Club. We had been open for a year when the building space next door to us finally became unoccupied and available. I jumped on the opportunity and bought the building. I called Ellen and informed her plans were underway. She was almost as excited as I was. She had visited the club many times in that first year. I had made my club known for both stage dramas and also as a house of oddities, with side show carnival themes. I loved the stories about this performer from the golden age who had been shot during a truly horrific raid. He was an oddity at the time because he had tattoos. He was known as Sideshow Dan The Tattooed man. He was supposed to have been very funny, very mischievous, very generous and kind, and very good at seduction. It was rumored that he had taken five young men back to his room one night all at the same time and had his way with all of them which at the time was a terrible scandal. He was one of my burlesque hero’s. Little if anything was known about the club he worked at. It was an underground club after all. The one thing that was known about, was the massacre that took place there. Which meant that it must have been truly horrific to behold in order to even be talked about in the papers at that time. Often in our shows at my club we had aerial dancers and fire breathers. We catered to a crowd with slightly darker tastes on those nights, and to a more usual crowd on other nights. 

We had several different levels open as it was a six story building. Each floor housed a different crowd and not all floors were open on the same nights. The Carnival shows as they came to be called were on the ground floor. On the third floor was where we had our hetero-nights. The regular gay nights were on the second floor. The fourth floor was a floor we kept for private shows. That floor’s back rooms were always open for business and we had Dandi's and Courtesan's working there. 

The fifth floor was where I gave my private shows and conducted my personal affairs. I also had my private quarters located there. The floor was called the sanctuary. The room I used to give private dances was called the confessional. I put on my cassock, and underneath I ware black slacks with suspenders. I usually don't bother with any underwear. After they tell me their deepest darkest secrets and are relaxed on libations I begin my dance. The private dances aren't burlesque. They are straight up seduction and sex with cloths on…for the most part anyway. I remove my hat. I take their hands and place them on my chest and force their hands slowly down my body, making sure to just let them barely graze over my cock at the end. They can feel my manhood through the fabric of my slacks. That is usually when their eyes become dilated and their breathing increases. I love making them want me.... and want me they did. I slowly remove my robe one button at a time on each side, making them frantic with anticipation. I open it slowly, first one side and then the other. when I let the robe drop to the floor and stand there in my pants, their heart rates accelerate.  I dance around them and on them. I take their hands and run them down my body, then I place their hands on my ass and grind against them letting them feel the muscles in my ass move. I remove my suspenders from my shoulders and let them hang down. I spread the legs. Now a days I only do shows for men. They would be so hard as I rubbed my body up and down theirs. It felt almost as good to me as it did to them. My regulars knew to wear loose fitting cloths with no underwear if they wanted a truly erotic experience. One man who comes all the times named Grady wants so badly to top me that I straddle him and slide all over him making him so wet that he always stains his pants. I sometimes turn around so that he can feel my ass slide up and down on his cock. The bottoms that come to me all wishing that I was a dandi, want me to fuck them so badly they can hardly even breath. Sometimes I lay them down on the sofa and get in between their legs and grind them into orgasm as they scream out my name. Oou... I love it when they scream out my name. Sometimes I release with them and when that happens, I will give them a swift kiss as a special thank you. Once a client made me orgasm so hard that I gave the man a discount. I still danced on certain nights during the main floor show but usually I left this up to all of my dancers that I employ. I love the shows, that most closely resemble classic burlesque, however I also enjoy the carnival like performances as well as the nights we have themes. Once a month I have a kilt night and all the male Cabaret workers wear kilts. Clients come, then cum again, and leave satisfied.

 I had begun to amass a lot of things for the museum but I wasn't ready to open the doors yet. As with all things in the world of Cabaret it needed a gimmick. It was then I was contact by a man on the internet claiming to be a performer from the golden age with lots of memorabilia for me. I tried to remain skeptical but the truth is that I was jumping out of skin with excitement about who he might be and what he might have for me. When the Day came, I loaded up a small van with equipment, Money, and several Catered Lunch baskets for him to choose from. I went alone not even taking my boyfriend with me. I didn't know if the man was legit or not, but if he was I wanted to selfishly savior each moment I had with him. I also made sure to ask if it was alright that I tape the interview with him and he assured me that it was. I pulled up to a nice little house and could barely contain my excitement walking to the door.


Part 2: 

The Legend of Billy Baroo;

(Told in the voice of Billy Baroo and then by narrator)

                                                    (James J. is how I see Billy)


“My story takes place in 1943” the old man told the young dancer. The current date was November the 16th 2012. “…I had just turned 20. I worked in an underground secret club reserved for a certain type of Gentleman ”. The young man wanted to start bombarding the aging gentleman with an arsenal of questions but he kept silent knowing that if he let the man talk long enough and tell his story he might have all his questions answered. The young man sat hanging on the older man’s every word. The old man regarded the young man for a moment, first in examination and then admiration. The young man was slightly taller than average and had short dark golden hair and blue eyes. Except for his size and the shade of his hair, he looked very much like the late husband of the older gentleman did when he was young. He almost forgot to breathe at the realization, but managed to recover his coherent thoughts and continued; “…I was working in New York, and the club was a club for men who loved the company of men. It was called The Black Bowler club. All the employees wore these black glittering Bowler hats. Here is mine hanging right here” he said and pointed to the hat sitting on the post of his bed as the young man looked at it as if it was a priceless treasure. It seemed to the young man at least to be in good condition, though it was worn and delicate. “For the barkeeps and bouncers it was Black Under shirts…what you call tanks or wife beaters now, though I don’t understand the second term; and black slacks with white glittering suspenders. The owner, a young, attractive, affluent Italian guy named Lucciano Cabraia; though most people just called him lucky as a nick name… he insisted they wear black and white wing tip shoes with their uniform. Most of us took to wearing eye liner to hi-light our eyes. It was so easy to seduce other men back then with just a certain look of the eye. The dancers wore white tanks and sometimes black neckties with white stripes, and they often wore tare away black slacks and military knee high boots, though usually they went barefoot unless of course they had a routine which required a costume. The dandies on the other hand wore open shirts, their under shorts, and black knee high socks with black sparkling garters, but all of us wore our black glittering bowler hats”. The young man sat enraptured at the story which to him had taken on a dream like quality and he began to see pictures in his head as he listened to the old man paint a picture of the past with words. The video camera in the corner was recording everything and the man on the bed was 
clean, well groomed, still slightly attractive, and surrounded with a multitude of pictures and artifacts.

                                                          (How I see Lucky)


In the dark of the night, I would take the stage and began my seduction of the audience. The Men would go wild, Lust Rousing in them as I teased them with my risqué routines. I almost always used a chair in some part of my routines, though for those special nights when we wanted to put on an expensive show for wealthy frequenters on holidays we would get a fake lamp post or a bed on stage to use. We were only allowed to get fully nude in private shows in the back room. Other wise our skivvies were as far as we ever went, though often we would just get shirtless. We practiced the art of Burly-que and we did it quite well. I was hand picked by Lucky after going to the club one night and he had me trained by the lead dancer himself. The Stage-Daddi’s show name was King Louis, they used to call him the dark stallion because of his beautiful thick curly black hair. His eyes were a bright green and his smile could stop traffic or make people forget to breathe. I remember the first time I saw his body when he performed a private show for me before my training began. I sat with my mouth hanging open at how well shaped his muscles were. He laughed as he looked at me and told me that I needed to learn how to have a poker face so that I would never get taken advantage of. He said he saw a lot of himself in me. I was what your generation calls a versatile. King Louis however was one hundred percent a top... and a very domineering and aggressive one at that. We became lovers after my training was over. It was a wonderful affair that lasted for the first two years that I worked at the club. King Louis eventually retired and became partners with Lucky. Eventually they became involved romantically and it lasted the rest of their lives or so I was told.

(How I see King Louis)

Chapter one;

 I was a seasoned performer at that point and had taken to mainly being a top, when… He came into the club seeking work as a Dandi. I looked like King Louis body wise by then since he taught me how to build my muscles up, But I had Red hair and Amber eyes which seemed to get me a lot of fans. This young man however was so different than me with his Arian sun-god look. He had fair skin, Golden locks, and bright blue eyes. He was smaller than me but still had a nice body. I fell instantly in love with him and began spending most of my spending allowance on his services. In the beginning it didn’t bother me that he took on johns. I did it myself for a brief time after the first year I was at the club. I saved the enormous amount of cash I earned and then stopped working as a dandi. Eventually I grew jealous and he had fallen for me as well, so he stopped working as a dandi and I began training him as a dancer just like King Louis had done for me. My Stage name was Billy Baroo the Irish Prince…Oh my real name is Connell O’Donnely by the way…for the record.  

I was trying to come up with a shtick for Tristin while I was training him and I decided on Thor the lightening flasher as a gimmick for him.

                                                         (Tristin as I see him)

Two other red haired guys were working in the club and the three of us formed a trio dance act. Their stage names were Scotch and Lochlan…Lochlan you see was a type of whiskey we imported from the old country back then. We called our act Lucky’s Lads though many just called us the Irish brothers. The first act we ever did often ended with each us naked, covered only by pots of gold on pedestals in front of us. 

                                                        (Scotch as I see him)

                                                        (Lochlan as I see him)

Tristin was finally ready to take the stage one night after trying his routine out on the boi’s at the club and letting his hair grow longer so that it hung below his shoulders and tied back in a pony tale. He was allowed to have props of a hammer and shield. His black glittering bowler had white lightening painted on each side. The guy who ran the spot light worked with us and we came up with a way to make the lights flash like lightening. Another stage hand rattled a piece of metal sheeting so that it sounded like thunder when he first took the stage and it was very effective. He was wearing the usual white tank and black tare away slacks. His feet were bare, and he wore fingerless gloves. His suspenders were a novelty. Blue sparkling suspenders that matched his eyes. He began to dance, and as time went by he slowly began to undress. Instead of undershorts he had a loin cloth when he was almost at the end and he teased the men who had gone crazy with lust using his hammer and rubbing it all over them. Then at the very end he put the shield in front of him and dropped the loin cloth and turned around showing off his beautiful ass and sauntered slowly off the stage. When he was finished the applause was louder than I had ever heard it and I knew that for a while The Black Bowler had found its newest main attraction. Tristin however still wasn’t the lead dancer and his popularity caused a little tension between him and the lead dancer who at the time was a slightly older Daddi with Brown hair and copper eyes. His name was Adonis Angelus the beautiful angel. He wore black angel wings and usually wet his hair down. He lined his eyes and painted his lips black so he could leave his mark on the guys faces when he kissed them. He wore a halo on his bowler and half way through his act he lost the halo and the wings before loosing most of the rest of his cloths. He had a great body though it was never as good as King Louis’s had been. 

Lucky’s lads were the third most popular attraction and unlike the other two who had more copper colored short hair, I always took the lead in the act because my hair was even more red and hung to my chin. We had a few years of peaceful bliss. I loved being up on that stage and seducing men with my moves. Eventually Lucky’s Lads stopped the older routines and we started doing new routines like Scottish warriors and stuff like that. The kilts were always a big hit. We knew it couldn’t last forever but none of us wanted to think about that. We still don’t know who tipped off the law that we had our secret all male paradise. Most of the regular burlesque clubs had already began shutting down. I always had a theory that it was one of those self righteous, self hating guys who decided he needed religion to forgive him and sold us down the river in order to try and make himself feel more redeemed. You know the ones; they try and get themselves converted to faux-heterosexuality in order to become one of the so called normal so called Christian folk. I could have told them that there is nothing wrong with us. We are part of the natural order and God created us the way he saw fit to. We can’t be cured of our sexuality because there is nothing wrong with our sexuality. Listen Boy …what was your name again”? “Oh my name is Logan sir”. “Oh great name…well Logan you listen to me won’t you? Don’t ever let anyone try to change something so fundamental to your nature. Just be whoever and whatever you are”! “I will sir. Thanks to the men of your generation enduring the things you did and fighting, my generation is starting to get real opportunities to change things and we do have all our rights now. So thank you”. “Oh that is alright…thanks for remembering our sacrifices”. “So will you please go on with your story and tell me what happened” the young man said fascinated and worried that the video tape might run out. “Oh certainly, well like I said, we knew it couldn't last forever. We had a few really great months at the end. Lucky and Louis had raked in a lot of Dough. We were all getting paid very well and I know they took a large bundle of cash and hid it away in various places in case anything ever happened. Most of us took our ques from them and started putting some large sums of cash away ourselves. Tristin and I were so happy. We had a small house together. It was under my name but it belonged to both of us. I loved him so dearly. We were together for almost sixty years years, till My Loving Husband passed away back in 04. Life just hasn't been the same since he left me. I am looking forward to meeting God and being reunited with my Tristin. I have to tell you though, I am having more fun than I have had in ages reliving my youth with you. Anyway…onto what happened. I remember the last few months really well. The Dandi’s were as busy as ever, the barkeeps couldn't keep enough liquor in the joint. We were all getting very regular requests for private dances. There was this one up and coming performer. He was sure to be the next lead because of his looks. He called himself Waren Piece spelled P-I-E-C-E. He did a soldier routine. He was a beautiful sight to behold. He always got everyone hot and bothered including me and tristin and I remember this one time we actually paid him for a private dance. After work that night he came home with us and gave us one of the best nights of love making we ever had. Anyway…he had just gotten off stage and Tristin was in the back giving a private dance to customer. That was when the raid happened….”. At hearing this Logan sat up and prepared himself for shock…could he be talking about the massacre…no it was just a raid…it must have been; Logan told himself. “… There was total chaos. Gun’s were fired and bullets raced through the air. A few people went down. Several customers and one of the dancers. His name was Jeffry... but he was known as Side Show Dan The Tattooed man because of all the beautiful tattoos he had on his body. He was one of my best friends. I remember being on the ground and watching the lights go out of his eyes. I knew the exact moment he had gone”. “Hold it…you knew Sideshow Dan” Logan asked excitedly and with doubt on his face? “Oh yes, I knew him intimately. We had been lovers briefly before Tristin came along, but with Jeff, I was the bottom. Open that second drawer Logan and you will see a black box. Get it for me and I will show you something” Connell said pointing at the dresser on the far wall. “Yes Mr. O’Donnely…right away”. Logan walked over  almost so excited he wanted to scream; to the dresser and opened the second drawer and retrieved the black box that was about the size of a bible; much like the bible that sat on the old man’s night stand along with a picture of his late husband. Logan walked back to Connell as if he was holding s sacred relic with great care, not knowing what fragile treasure maybe lying inside. He handed the box to the gentleman and sat back down in his chair. “Call me Connell by the way please Logan” he said as he opened the box. He withdrew a set of photo’s and looked at them shuffling through them till he found the ones he wanted. “…And this is Jeff, who you know as Sideshow Dan” he said and handed a photograph to the young man. “…This one here shows him fully naked with his tattoos,, this one is a headshot, and this one shows the two of us together” Connell said and handed the other two over to Logan as well. Logan looked at the three photographs amazed. There were plenty of paper documents that allowed people to know of Sideshow Dan’s existence but there were no known pictures of him except one, till that moment. Logan starred at the bright young man in the photograph. He was strikingly handsome. Though the photos were sepia looking Logan could tell from the second photo that not only did Dan have a terrific body in every way, but that his tattoos must have been a wonderful shock to the system all their own back in those days. They looked like they must have been colorful and they covered several large portions of his body. In the third photo, there was a young Connell cheek to cheek with Dan looking as if Dan had just kissed Connell’s cheek.

                                                          (Jeff as I see him)

 “Wow, these are a treasure” Logan said. “So please go on…you watched Dan die”? “Oh yes,  my heart didn't even have time to break in that moment because I was in shock. I ran towards the back rooms of the club to see about Tristin. On the way I saw Lucky get clubbed in the head and go down right next to a handcuffed King Louis on the ground. They both had to do time but Lucky got out sooner because his family …who had certain connections to organized crime posted his bail, and then bought the judge to let Lucky off. I heard that when King Louis finally got out a year later, that Lucky shocked all the guards because he was waiting in a big new fancy car for Louis when he got out. When Louis had walked through the gates, Lucky got out of the car and went right up to Louis and kissed him full on the mouth right there in front of everyone. Afterwards I heard they turned to the horrified guards and both laughed and waved before getting in and driving off. I heard that after that they left the states and went to Italy.

 Anyway, I ran to the backroom and found the customer who was obviously an undercover copper standing over the body of Tristin. He had obviously knocked Tristin out cold. I went into a rage and picked up the man’s bottle of Jack Daniels and bashed it right over his head. The man went down, and I never knew or cared if he was dead or not. I got Tristin up and hurled him over my shoulder as I headed for the back door of the club that led to the alleyway. I almost collided with Waren on my way out. We got out all three together and Scotch and Lochlan were right behind us. I ran one with Tristin once I got onto the street, Scotch and Lochaln ran another way and I think Waren was with them for a little ways before he turned and went in his own direction. I can’t say for sure though as I lost sight of them after rounding a corner of a building. We were lucky, we had escaped alive and we weren't locked up. several of the men were murdered in prison, the ones who didn't die in the club that is. The ones who escaped and the ones who made it out of jail alive …none of us were ever the same again. Our world was over and we each had to find a way to build a new one, individually. I did run into others from those days now and again. Some of the bar-keeps, some of the dancers, one or two dandi’s and even a few customers. Most of us were scattered and alone until the uprising, but even then it was new performers who took to the stage; we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it after the  Black Bowler Massacre. Most of us longed for the good ole days at the club. There really was nothing like being up on that stage. 

Hey Logan.... would mind taking me down to your club one night and letting me see some of the routines just for old time’s sake”? “Of course, we would be honored to have you there! I just want to get this museum next door opened so that none of you are ever forgotten” Logan said. “I look forward to that as well” Connell replied with a wide smile. Anyway Tristin and I were far more blessed than most. At least we had each other. I collected Jeff’s remains as his only listed next of kin, he had lied and said I was his brother. I had him buried in a nice plot, I bought the two next to him for Tristin and I. Tristin lies on one side of my plot and Jeff on the other. I find great peace and comfort in knowing that. Tristin and I had a great life together. When he died….when he died..” Connell was crying at this point. Logan handed him a handkerchief, “Oh thank you….when Tristin died the world seemed to loose most of its luster and color for me. I have been sad for so long. I saw your add on the internet for your club and for information for the museum you are starting about us Burlesque Kings as you put it. I guessed I might qualify and I have so many things saved from those days I thought maybe you could find something to put into the museum”. “Oh I want all of it for the museum. Yours is perhaps the biggest collection of memorabilia I have come across and I want you to have your own room, and I want you to come and cut the ribbon at the opening celebration for the museum”. “Oh that would be wonderful. I met with lawyer two days ago in preparation for this and did my will. Those items you don’t take now for the museum because of my sentimental reasons will all be given to you Logan at the time of my death. I want you to have almost all of it. I want that time to be remembered. It was a good time, a fun time, an exciting time…..but most of all it was a happier time, a time of Love, and endless possibilities. I ask only this since you are the major beneficiary of my estate. I buried Jeff and Tristin in their black glittering bowlers and I want to be buried in mine. I also have a box there with two of me and Tristin’s extras so that you can have them for the museum and as a personal favor I would like them displayed side by side if you would”? “Of course…thank you so much Connell for these wonderful treasures…and yes I will make sure this hat goes with you when it’s time” Logan promised. “Alright then” Connell said with a smile, “Well today go ahead and take that box and there are 12 boxes full of things on the floor. I have bagged everything and labeled it so you know what it is, where it came from, and who it belonged to. For years I managed to find and collect things that had belonged to those of us at the club. I think it is a nice collection and it will at least tell the world that we were here, and that we were not ashamed, that we lived and loved and were real. That is all I hope for now besides one day seeing My Tristin again”. “Can you look right at the camera and give any final thoughts to those of us today, not just those of us that are Neo-Burlyque performers …but for all young gay people”? “Yes…certainly...” Connell said and looked right into the camera wishing with all the strength he had left that he could reach right through the camera and touch the young people who would be watching him speak one day; “…Never be ashamed of who or what you are! Never let anyone make you less than. Always do what you know to be right even if it is hard. Always march to the beat of your own drum. Always remember that if God took time to make you, than he loves you just the way you are regardless of what others think or say. Lastly remember to always Love with all that you are, put your Love out into the world and I promise good things will happen. Let Love into your life and never shut it out….oh and…” Connell got a wicked little smile on his face…. “Never forget to Live your life like we committed Burlyque always did, Dance as if no one was watching….Naked and with swagger”. With this declaration both men began to laugh and Tristin shut off the camera.

Chapter 2;

When the camera was off Logan was filled with a sense of awe for the beauty of this Old man in front of him, but he was also sad that soon the man might be gone and until then he would just be left alone. He went to Connell and sat down on the side of the bed. Connell was in surprise and then shock as Logan leaned down and kissed him on the lips. It was a long lingering sweet kiss. “Sorry but I just had to find a better way to say thank you” Logan told him. “Well that was the best thank you I have gotten in a great many years…so thank you” Connell replied. Logan went about loading up his vehicle with all the boxes and pictures, and his bag of paper work. What he didn't know was that Connell had not just made him his major beneficiary but the sole heir to his estate. All his material goods were to go to Logan, but the money was to be split in half. Half it was to go to a charity that helped house Homeless gay youths, and to another charity that helped set up churches for Gay Christians; but the other half of his holdings were to go towards the upkeep of the museum. That night Connell went to sleep smiling in a way he had not done in many years. As promised Logan took him to see the show at the club he owned one night, and the museum was going to be named in honor of Connell “The Black Bowler museum, Home of the history of Burlyque”.. The show was so well done and beautiful that Connell considered it a fitting tribute to the past and tears streamed down his face. When the time came, Connell officiated the opening ceremonies at the museum. He was pleased at how wonderful Logan did the job of setting it up. When he came to the room that was Dedicated to him under his stage name he cried again. “The Billy Baroo tribute room”. In the center of the large room surrounded with all of his treasures was a case that held pictures of him and Tristin as both old men, and then in the middle… young beautiful men. Above the pictures were their two black bowler hats sitting side by side. When he saw this a sense joy filled his soul. He walked around the room and looked at the photos of all his friends and of his life. There was a whole wall dedicated to Sideshow Dan and it had the whole story of the massacre. Then in the corner of the room was a large flat television screen. He stepped in front of it and he was suddenly on the screen. It was the interview he did with Logan, and he was telling his story. It was like the television at the end of the museum tour which played a lengthy documentary in the little theater room. As he watched himself on camera he was filled with sense of completion. He went home, went back to his usual routine and two weeks later Connell expired of natural causes.


Logan had him laid to rest in the black bowler hat, lying between his good friend Jeff, and his true love Tristin. Then Logan met with the Lawyer who informed him of all the changes Connell had made in his will. When Logan learned all of what Connell had left him, it was he who had tears running down his face then. Logan sent the money out to the charities, along with invitations to the two charities for free trips to the museum and club. Then he put the rest of the money into a special fund for the running and up-keep of the museum. Many nights after the show was over the club was closed Logan would linger for a while before leaving for home and he would go into The Billy Baroo room and gaze at the pictures and hats that had belonged to Connell and Tristin and he would smile sadly in remembrance. He would go in later years to write a book a book about not only the world of Burlyque but with a special focus on the life of Connell, and he called the book… “The times, Life, and Love of Billy Baroo King of Burlyque”.  One whole chapter told the story of the night of the murderous raid and told how Dan went down, He dedicated the book to Connell and Tristin. Among all of the things left to him were several large journals. They were the private diaries of Connell, and Logan began to read them. What he read shocked him and made me smile… with a wicked smile he usually reserved for the stage. Connell had explicitly logged every sexual escapade of his burlesque days. The words left Logan aroused and he pulled Nathen close to him; and for the next several months when they weren't on stage, they were fucking like mad men in every place they could find to ravage each other. 


Volume 2

Part 1;

(The Betrothal of Father Logan)

It had been two months since the death of Billy Baroo. Both The Black Bowler Museum and The Sacred Hearts Club were doing great. I was brining in a small fortune. I knew that they would start coming out the wood works soon to court me. The only way to protect myself from headaches was to get married, but I knew neither Nathen, nor I was ready for that step. I had Met Nathen a little over a year ago. I was doing a visitation, which is what we call it when a performer visits and performs at a club they have no obligations to. He was dancing there as a free performer. He went and still goes by the stage persona “Philipe… The Prince of Paris” or Prince Philipe. He usually starts out with a hat on, then later takes it off to reveal a circlet. He slowly takes his cloths off on stage and teases the audience like any good dancer. He is strictly burlesque on the main stage and only shows his package to clients during private dance shows. His ass is well known though. He has one of the nicest asses in the business and I love taping it. He stands at about 5/7 to my 6/3. He has a complexion a little darker than mine. His mother had been a real Parisian Stage Queen. She was tragically killed in a car accident. His hair was a shade of brown so dark it was almost black. His dark eyes were soulful and sometimes sad. His smile was bright and pleasant, and his lips were full and made think very bad thoughts. His body was perfectly sculpted as if he was a statue come to life. His face was boyish and angelic almost, though there was no mistaking he was a man in every way. It had been a long time since I had been so attracted to anyone. Working in Cabaret can make one a little jaded at times.

                                                     (Nate as I see him)

 I paid for a private dance later on in the night when I had finished my act the club he was dancing at. He came in and gave me one the best lap dances I have ever gotten in the states. I desired him…No… I had to have him to be honest, and so I began to Club Court him and after only two weeks of chasing him, he finally agreed to be bound to my club when I opened one. That is also when we became lovers. I will never forget the cute noises he made or the wonderful expressions of pure vulnerability on his face the first time I fucked him. I started to fall for him the first time I heard him moan my name. I knew he was S.T.D. free, all dancers who gave private shows had to be. I took him home with me and took him bareback. When it is just the two of us we don’t wear condoms. We only use those if other people are involved. Though soon the new super shot would eradicate all S.T.D’s. forever the medical boards told us and condoms would be rendered unnecessary. They would become a mere novelty instead of a necessity. After five months of dating I convinced Nathen who I called Nate, to move in with me. It was so nice going to sleep every night having him there whenever I wanted him, and waking up in the morning to his beauty, his soft breathing, and that warm morning man smell. Sometimes we would do duo private shows and people started referring to them as Priest and Prince performances. When a client paid for a duo show from us, they never lasted long before nut-ting. We knew how to seduce people and play off of each other. Still though… I needed to have protection so I had to convince Nate, that even if didn’t want to marry right away, we needed to have a publicly known, legally binding betrothal. I bought him a ring and planned my performance. Valentines day was close, only a few days away. The Ring was silver like his Diadem and it had a hot pink stone set in it as was customary. Hot pink stood for passion; for romantic and sexual love together. He would pick a stone later to replace it with if he wanted to. On the inside was a biblical engraving I had chosen… “I am my Beloveds and He is mine”. I felt it really suited the nature of our relationship, and what I wanted our relationship to become. Formal betrothals could last for years before one had to get married. This would allow us protection and freedom at the same time. Now all I had to do was convince him. Betrothal rings always come in pairs. If he accepted my proposal than he would have to take the second ring and place it on my finger with a declaration of love and intent. The Night came and the club was packed. It had been a stressful few days for me trying to contain my secret. I made sure that the night before, to make unforgettable love to him. Slightly underhanded I know, but this was the best thing for the both of us after all, so a little manipulation wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

I was announcing each performer as they came on stage with my hired Emcee… Lord Reginald or Regi as I call him. Regi stood tall at around 6/4. He had golden brown hair and dark hazel eyes with a goatee and a light sprinkling of chest hair on his well sculpted pecs. His voice was masculine and deep, but also warm and lively making him a terrific emcee. After the first five acts went on, it was time. I told everyone that I had a special announcement to make… and all of my bizie’s froze not expecting it. I had arranged with my lighting attendants to dim the lights and turn everything into pink. Rose petals of all different colors began to rain down on the stage from on high. Incense filled the room and I called Prince Philipe to the stage. He came up nervous and shocked. I think he thought I was going to call on him to do a spontaneous routine which would have been bad since he was wearing nothing but his pants and his diadem at that point. He looked at me with this terrible apprehension on his face. He knew something big was about to happen when he looked into my eyes. The box with the rings were in my hand. Regi was holding a small microphone and was ready to move it, and hold it anywhere I needed him to. He was the only person who knew what was coming. “Prince Philipe, You are found guilty of stealing” I said with a wry smile. “Stealing….what did I steal” he asked looking as if he might bust out into tears? “My heart” I said and got down on one knee, at this point his face went blank for a moment and a single tear rolled out of his eye before his face broke out in one of his dazzling smiles. “Ease the condition you caused in me and be my betrothed….Make an honest man, an honest Bizie Priest out of me” I said. He simply nodded for a moment and then I rose up and he kissed me so passionately I almost fell backwards. I placed the ring on his finger trying to holding his shaking hand still in the process. He took the other ring out of the box and before slipping it on my finger he said, “I avow myself to you my love, now and always”. This took me by surprise. He had stated not only his love and acceptance of my proposal, but his intention that he actually wanted to be married to me. I didn’t expect that, or how much it would mean to me. I kissed him back and the noise exploded in the room. First it was the loudest whispers on the planet. Than I heard hisses…presumably from people who had planned to start courting me. Then the applause and the cheers broke out. People love a good show, and there is no better show than love it seems.

I shocked everyone further when I picked him up in my arms and carried him off the stage and upstairs. It was hard moving once we got to the top of the first landing because we were kissing so hard. I set him down and he ran the rest of the way to my quarters with me chasing him. Once inside we were completely nude almost immediately. I didn’t think we were going to make it to my bed but we did. I fell on him and we began to make out feverishly. He knew I was too far gone for pleasantries, so he didn’t try to stop me as I pushed him up and began to rim him; like I was a starving man in the desert who had not had a meal in weeks. He was moaning so loud that I was convinced that the clients could hear him over my performers and I didn’t care. I began to finger him in order to loosen him up. I wanted…no I needed to be inside of him. I crawled up his body and kissed him as he wrapped his legs around my waist. Then he licked his hand and began to stroke me off making me slick for the invasion. I began to insert myself inside of him once he had me lubed. I could only stand to go slow for a minute before I thrust myself fully inside of him making his cry out! I fucked him like that, for what must have been the better part of an hour before I began to take him in a frenzied series of positions…. every position I could put him in. At one point I almost did both of us in, because I was laying on top him as he laid on his stomach and I used my legs to spread his and hold them down as I began to rotate in circular patterns. I wasn’t ready to be done with him yet though. I brought us to where we were both sitting up and he was between my legs facing away from me. I trailed kisses and love bites up and down his neck as my hands began to work over his nipples. Soon I began to kiss him and stroke him off at the same time. It wasn’t long before he came all over the bed and my hand. I came hard after he did, because when he came, his ass clenched my dick so hard that I was sure I had reached some new level of orgasm that I had never experienced before. After our breathing had finally started to slow he pulled off of me and turned around and went down on my cock lapping up the last of my cum. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked his spunk till my hand was clean. I love how he tastes even more than he loves my taste. He came up and pushed me back on the bed and we began kissing again, exchanging each others tastes in our mouths. His lips were swollen from kissing and he looked even more amazing. “I love you” he said. “I love you” I said in return. We drifted off to sleep and I wasn’t worried about the club. I knew Regi would take care of everything. 

                                                        (Regi as I see him) 


Part 2;
(An act of painted song and magic)

We woke just a little while later and decided to clean up and head back downstairs for the main event. That night The Inklings were performing. Shortly before I opened the club I wanted to pay homage to Sideshow Dan. So I decided that I would create an act for our “circus” nights as they are sometimes called. It would consist of several hot guys who not only had great bodies and talents but were covered in Ink. They would be The Painted Men of The Sideshow on our Carnival of Delights night; as was the official name we gave those nights. The Troupe is so popular, that on the nights when they are not working for me but still want to dance, I hire them out to other clubs. I call them my Inklings. They are legally bound to me however. I created the act and trained most of them, so they are officially mine. One club wanted to lay claim to my property but I quickly took care of them. There were several Ink Dadi’s and not all of them preformed every single time. There is Silas Sideshow who was my personal favorite, a hot little bottom who I love to take quite often; the tricks he can do with his tongue and his hips make me squirm just thinking about it. There is Jensen the best top in town, who I have let take me… more than a few times.

                                                             (Jensen as I see him)

There is the oldest and most talented of all the Inklings, Theo Joe or more commonly Sideshow Joe who is an aerial dancer and a very talented magician. There are several others as well. All the men who are involved in this troupe had their last names legally changed to Sideshow… so for the rest of their lives people would know they are one of my Sideshow bois. There are about twenty guys in The Sideshow Troupe.  I have many dance troupes bound to me. I made sure that I have total claim to them, so no one could steal my talent. I let them all work other places though when they want to, on nights I don’t use them. It isn’t enough for an Inkling to have marks, most dancers have tats these days. A Sideshow Inkling has to have something that makes them an oddity somehow or they have to have extra talents. Silas could not only dance better than most, he was a gymnast, and a Crooner. Jensen could make almost any man, even an aggressive top want to get on their knees and serve him or bend over and present, on top of his being rather strong. Jensen could pick most any man straight up in the air and take him from any direction while holding him. Joe whose real name is Elias, is as I said before a Magician and an aerial dancer besides being a stage daddi. Some of the members of the Inklings are married or betrothed which makes for some interesting shows I can tell you. There is just no substitute for real life sexual attraction being acted out on stage in front of a hungry audience.

Anyway…back to my story….

We were waiting for the show to start and I decided I wanted to do the introduction that night. So I went to the side of the stage and told Regi. He handed me the Microphone from earlier. He himself was wearing a head-mic so he didn’t need one. After Steven, one of my Knights of Lyonesse was done with his act, I got on stage to a round of applause and loud cheers.

                                                        (Steven as I see him)

“Alright you sinners…I’m not here to take our confessions right now. Though I know several of you need it…I can tell, just having committed several sins myself in the past hour. I am sorry for my totally excusable absence for most of the night, but I had a fiancé to do and business to attend to”. laughter broke out but I hushed them down quickly again so I could continue. “Now the next act of the night….the main attraction of this evening of…. Romantic Oddities, at our carnival of delights… are part of a group of my boi’s that satisfy your most fervent desires every single time. No Father could be more proud of his sons…that is right, I am a proud papa because of these great men….From the painted men of the sideshow in our carnival of delights I give you my Inklings…..please give it up for Joe, Oliver, Riley, and Jack Flash, performing with our little resident Crooner… Silas Sideshow” the house erupted with anticipation and applause.

(Joe as I see him)

(Oliver as I see him)

(Riley as I see him)

(Jack Flash as I see him)

(Silas as I see him)

 The lights went out and I left the stage. I joined Nate at the bar and held him close as we watched. The lights began to brighten very slowly just a bit. Then a spot light hit the front center of the stage as Silas was raised out of the floor on a pedestal with a cane in his hand and a black glittering bowler hat on his head. He began to sing through the cane which was a microphone with his melodic baritone voice, and stepped off the pedestal. The song was some sort of dark soulful modern rendition of an old 90’s tune “King of Wishful thinking”. The lights brightened a little more and there was a backdrop which depicted the silhouette of a black city-scape at night with a dark blue sky above it. Two guys leapt onto the stage doing somersaults behind Silas. It was Jack flash and Riley. Then a man fell through the air rolling out of a ribbon and hung suspended over the stage; and as glitter began to fall and lights began to move he lowered down ever so slightly reveling he was seemingly being held by none other than Joe. The aerial dance began and Joe swirled Oliver round and round before sliding down the ribbon to the ground. With a roll forward, a quick gesture, and a flash of light and smoke; Oliver was gone. Joe got inside of the ribbon and began a dance. Jack and Riley were locked in a sensual dance moving from one side of the stage to the other, back and forth like lovers playing chase. Silas was almost naked at that point. He was walking around some of the men in the audience singing directly to them. Then he went back on stage and he removed his hat to reveal a head mic. His head set came on and he set his cane down. He walked over to Joe still singing and joined him on the ribbon dancing around in the air. The song ended and faded into another song; “Always” by Erasure. Silver glitter blew in front of the blue sky in the back ground, and a dim blue light covered the floor of the stage itself implying a kind of coldness in the air. 

 Silas floated unaided through the air back to the ground and we were all stunned wondering how in the world Joe managed the trick. Oliver reappeared just where Silas had been moments before. Silas began to dance with Riley and Jack. As the song began to near its end Joe dropped to the floor and that is when things really got amazing. Oliver began to ascend into the ceiling. Riley jumped and caught his hand and then flipped and Oliver held him by the ankle as he leaned upside down and backwards and grabbed Jacks hand and the three of them swirled around and around as they ascended out of sight. Then Silas stepped under where they had been and Joe made some motions and Silas began to ascend… again, unaided in mid air and when he was half way up he vanished in a flash of light; and then Joe turned around and faced the audience, who could still hear the last notes of Silas’s song and he made a motion, throwing glitter out at the men in the crowd and with a last flash of light he vanished into thin air. The lights moved again and faded before coming back on. The crowd went nuts and so did I. I had no idea they had planned such a terrific and elaborate performance. I raced to the stage and demanded they come back to the stage for a bow. It took a minute for them to get there but they did and the applause must have lasted for almost five minutes. 

The last act of the night came on after that. It was three nicely dressed men with umbrellas, each with a lamp post dancing to some new version of “singing in the rain”. 

It started out with the original and then melded into some new pop rendition. When they did this… water droplets began to fall from above. We had installed a state of the art special effects stage at the club. If it got wet, a machine inside of it, would cause it to clean itself later on. The men got soaked and began to remove articles of clothing between choreographed steps with their umbrella’s and each other. Then they began to use the lamp posts to do pole dancing. When they had only hats and briefs on, they closed the umbrellas and each of them positioned themselves by their poles. They raised their umbrellas again and they all flew open and floated up and away. The men removed their hats and placed them over their packages and their underwear came off. 

The room exploded with hoots, howls, and cat calls. The men smiled wickedly and began to lower down into the floor disappearing from site. When they could only been seen from the waist up they threw their hats out at the audience. Regi said he would close up that evening. I took Nate by the hand and we headed out to the car and then home.


Part 3;

(an escapade from the diary of Billy Baroo,
King Louis takes Billy on the floor)

When we arrived back at our place, we got out and headed in. We wasted no time in getting to bed…again. In the middle of kissing Nate, he stopped me and said “Read me another story out of Billy’s Diary”. I looked at him and grinned, he looked so cute…how could I refuse him anything at this point? “Alright” I said and reached over to the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out one of Billy’s Diaries. I opened it to somewhere around the 14th page.....

“February 20th 1944,

King Louis told me today that I am finally ready to take the stage by myself. He told me this of course right before he threw me to the ground. It had been a long day of training and we were both covered in sweat. He had been refining my techniques and giving me final instructions. He had helped me perfect my grind and now he told me it was time to test it out. The smell of his sweat was intoxicating. I liked the salt off his slippery skin. He had wasted no time removing both of our cloths and leaving me naked and panting. He stuffed his pants underneath, to cushion my head. The feel of his slick body rubbing all over mine was truly a terrific sensation. The feel of his large cock battling with my hard length was almost enough to send me over the edge but I knew if I came at that moment he would punish me somehow. Then I debated trying to let go, but I didn’t want to have a blood red ass my first time on stage alone. He was kissing me more deeply than I ever remember him doing since we had started having relations. His tongue swirled around mine and his hot breath filled me senses and I was lost in ecstasy. He began trailing kisses down my body until he reached my hard on and took my cock into his mouth. The feel of his five o clock shadow on my thighs was always so erotic and was every bit as pleasurable as the sensations his mouth and the vibrations of his throaty moans, were sending through my cock. He sensed he was bringing me too close to the brink so he stopped and crawled up me and straddled my chest as he began to force feed me his manhood. I choked just a little at first but after a minute or two found the right rhythm. Louis loved to face-fuck me. His moans began to fill the room and then too soon it was over. He couldn’t wait any longer and he got off of me and forced my legs up to my chest… wrapped around his neck, as he buried his huge throbbing meat deep inside of me. There was no slow build up. He buried himself slowly using his spit as lubricant and once he was inside, he began pounding me like there was never going to be another fuck for him. The feeling of him inside of me…the fullness, was overwhelming. It was like drowning in this glorious sex…like drowning in him. He must have fucked me for half an hour at least. He kept hitting that place inside of me and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came so hard and so long that I didn’t know if I was ever going to stop. Louis climaxed shortly after me and I could feel his entire body quaking and shuddering as his hot seed spewed into me. He finally collapsed on top of me. The full weight of him on top of me was a good feeling all by itself, and we stayed like that in after glow for a long while until….”

….Nate didn’t let me finish the entry, he grabbed the book and threw it back in the drawer and then proceeded to make love to me again. He rode me so hard I was convinced that we were going to get skin burn. The whole night had been one of the greatest nights of my entire life. When Nate was completely satiated, he fell asleep in my arms and I watched his beautiful face as he dreamed. The feel of his naked warmth against me was peaceful and comforting. I kissed his lips and a small moan escaped him and then I closed me eyes and drifted off to dreamland hoping to meet him there. I must confess.....I am glad I tricked him just a little....I am completely in love with him after-all. 


Confessions of a Stage Daddi Volume 3;
                  Intrigues and Royal Decrees

Two months had passed since I proposed to Nate. Things were blissfully uneventful. We had several great nights at the club. News papers and websites were starting to pick up the story as more people found out. Betrothal is always a very public affair these days. I did notice certain people being more icy with me. They probably had themselves convinced that they had staked a claim on me. It might have been amusing if it wasn’t so irritating. Another phenomena that was occurring was the rise in confessions I was taking. I had been taking around three a night when the number almost doubled. I tried to restrict myself to four or five. I was getting exhausted. The number of Prince and Priest performances had also increased. Both the club and the museum could not have been doing any better; when I got a call from someone I didn’t really expect to ever talk to again outside of future prestigious cabaret events. I received a call from Benoit G.G. Marcel, the private secretary of Lady Musetta Mesonine. 


Benoit told me that I was about to receive a visitation from The Lady herself. I couldn’t have been more shocked if Billy Baroo rose from the dead and marched into my club. Leaders of the great houses never visited the states publically, it was unheard of. I was stoked to have the publicity, but something about the visit had me on edge. Why was she coming, and why now? Had she heard of my betrothal? Did she disapprove of my choice? What was it really all about I wondered, because I knew it wasn’t a social call. Benoit told me that Lady Mesonine had requested I put together a celebratory show for her visit. I understood that it was no request at all, but a royal command that must be obeyed. I didn’t dare refuse, so I set to work. I had to put together a show to rival all shows. The last performance was set to take place outdoors to accommodate a crowd so large that no club could have housed them; as well as allowing for media coverage. I also thought it was a great time to get as much positive p.r. as possible while doing some good in the world. They don’t call me Father Logan for nothing. I had it set up to where the proceeds from the entire length of the visit were to go to both children’s hospitals, and funding for medical research into the new super shot. This would be one for the history books, especially the final show at which we would take up donations for the causes.

I told Nate and then we told everyone at the club together. We always made formal announcements together now. It was the custom so that everyone understood that Nate was now my right hand and had the authority to speak on my behalf. The only other person who had near that clout in my club was Regi. 

I had spoken with my various troupes and the units within them and they would all be performing. All levels of the club would be open for each night of the visit and I had to hire extra help and security for the occasion. This meant a little bit of a headache for my legal team as they were in charge of having all the new help sign wavers, temporary contracts, and confidentiality agreements. It was to be a week long visit. My regular dancers would have the first night. My knights of Lyonesse would have the second. My Warriors of Want would take the coveted third night. The fourth night the club would shut down from it’s usual functions and all levels would be open for a special Masquerade ball. The fifth night I would give an invitation only private dinner, followed by private performances. The sixth and last night for shows would end with the grand finale; in which my Angels of Eros and my Painted Men of the Sideshow would come together into one huge stellar performance. Following the performance there would be lots of bands performing an outdoor concert open to the public with free food and dancing until dawn! On the seventh day, Lady Mesonine and I would take a private lunch and then she would head back home. I was already exhausted just from the planning. Regi and Nate were handling all of the managerial details for me so that I could get the troupes and their performances ready. We could not afford any fuck ups during the week of Musetta’s visitation. This would make The Sacred Hearts club the premier Cabaret of America. People would plan vacations to come to my club. They would rent us out for high profile functions. Young adults would come here for their Sweet Sixteen parties to celebrate becoming an adult, and many of them would leave without their innocence. This one visit could set up me and my club up forever. I spoke with my Inklings and told them I wanted another show like the one they gave me the other night but bigger, and that they would have the angels to work with. Elias was thrilled when I told him what I wanted and that he was to be the premiere star of the event. Nate and I would hold a special performance before they went on or perhaps join them in theirs. Their performance would start just before dusk so that when the sun set at the end of their performance we could light up the sky. I didn’t have a clue what my pre-performance would be and I didn’t have long to come up with a plan. So I thought about doing a special show that started things off with a mass.

That is what I had planned until the call that is. At three a.m. a few nights ago I was working late at the club doing the books. I had sent Nate home and the guys had just finished inventory and restocking. The only people that were with me were Regi, and my security team. They were all down stairs however. My private line rang and I got another shock. “Hello”? “Hello Logan, Do you know who this is”? “Oh Hello Musetta…this is a surprise”! “I’m sure it is. I told you that when it is just the two of us talking that you should call me by my real name…remember”? “Yes, sorry…to what do I owe this honor Jessica”? “Is this line secure”? “Yes”. “Are you sure”? “As sure as I can be…why wouldn’t it be”? “I am going to hang up now and call you back in two hours time. When I call back….answer. I am going to hang up now Logan and you are going to get your security team to run a full diagnostic sweep of your office and make sure you don’t have eyes and ears that shouldn’t be there. Two hours …remember that” she said and hung up. 

                                              (Jessica / Lady Musetta Mesonine)

I hung up the phone utterly stupefied and confused. Suddenly the unease that I had from the first phone call rose up and turned into full blown terror; a cold blue hollow terror that ran down my spine and made my world stop for a moment. I grabbed the phone and unscrewed the ends and in the mouth piece I found a strange small chip. I ran out of my office and when I arrived downstairs everyone went completely still knowing that something was very wrong. Perhaps it was the look of total panic on my face. I spoke to Waylind the head of my security, who we all called Wheeler due to his short lived dirt bike racing career after he left the military. Wheeler stood there tall and imposing; his grey blue eyes wide in surprise. “Quickly there is no time to loose. Round up everyone we have. Get whatever devices you use and do a sweep of the entire club starting in my office. I have a very important call coming through very shortly and my phone was tapped. I need to know why and who later on, but for now what I need is to know that my office is clean and clear. I am also going to have you run through the security footage for the past month to see who has been going in and out of my office.

                                                      ( Waylind / Wheeler)


After a full minute of total disbelief Wheeler’s mouth set into a grim line of irritation and I knew in that moment I never wanted to see him really mad. He was a scary bastard, and I hired him because I didn’t know what he might be capable of and I wanted him working for me instead of against me if such a situation ever arose that one of my competitors tried to take me down. His face was the kind of maturing man’s face that while looking it’s age or just a little younger allowed the young boy the man had been to peek through; and his slightly fair hair only added to that look. His face always had five o’clock shadow and the scruff only seemed right there; as if it was shaved off it would have been a tragedy. His body was set in hard muscle. If I didn’t have Nate in my life I might have gone after wheeler and tried to be the well kept bottom of a slightly older man he was so attractive. He wasn’t pretty… he was hot, raw, rough, and totally masculine. Hell... he would make a great performer in my Soldiers of seduction unit if he were so inclined. After the minute of disbelief had passed Wheeler’s team set to work sweeping first the office and then the entire club. They found not only that the phones were tapped but that hidden cameras had been installed into virtually every room in the club. Unfortunately for whoever had put the club under surveillance I had the absolute best security team virtually anywhere in the states. In fact I did not realize how well that security team worked together. The team which included several members who were hackers of tremendous ability, several former F.B.I. intelligence officers, three former private investigators, twelve former cops, seven ex-military officers; three of which had been black ops in their past, and one defected C.I.A. operative. The office was clean within half an hour. The rest of the club took several more hours after that and several more to track the signal which they did…to an unlikely location; an abandoned church a few miles away. I was unaware of all of this however until a week later. I sat in my office after half and hour waiting for the phone to ring. I called Nate to come back to the club and be with me. When I told him everything that has happening he looked far more worried than I did. Perhaps I should have kept him at home and in the dark about everything to protect him, but I wanted him there with me so terribly in that moment. I knew there were more shocks to come.

Eventually the phone did ring and it was Jessica’s voice there again.

“Have you swept your office? Is it safe to converse” she asked?

“What in the world is going on Jessica? My phone was tapped and bugged….there were cameras all over the club? What is happening”?

“It is going on everywhere in all the clubs. Send out the signal...tell them to sweep and find! There are cell groups all over the globe trying to bring about a new age of prohibition where everything is not only a crime but a sin against God and State. Many sanctimonious religious leaders and religious politicians! One politician over here went so far as to put a hit out on me. I would be a prisoner in my own club if it weren’t for the underground tunnels beneath this old building. We want to use my visit to capture the hit-man. May I count on your help to save my life Logan”?

I hesitated for a moment and then said, “Yes of course Jessica…we must stop this before it starts, and you helped give me the wonderful life and partner I have now….so I have to help you….it is only right”!

“Thanks Logan…I knew I could count on you, there are so few I trust…my security leader will contact yours very soon to start arranging everything. I will see you very soon…Goodbye my friend”!

“Good Bye Jessica” I said just as the phone went dead. I sat staring at Nate…I had never felt so terrified as I did in the moment and he came and sat in my lap and curled himself around me to comfort me. We kissed and then I informed him of everything! It occurred to me that I had never really felt terror in my life, there had never been a reason to feel it until that night.

When the part of my security team had returned that had gone to the abandoned church, I informed them of what was happening and instructed them on what I wanted done. After hearing what I knew to be the worlds most edited version of what happened, I ordered them to send out a message to every cabaret and club in the states….even the lowly strip bars. I knew Wheeler wouldn’t tell me anything else until he had a better grasp of the situation which would take several days; until then he would play it close to the vest.

The Team came back to the house with me and Nate and swept our place. It was clean. I guess whoever it was thought we would handle the important things at the club, or else they just hadn’t gotten around to bugging our house yet. I could tell Nate was terribly upset. We undressed, showered and went to bed. I held him in my arms and he was shaking. I held him close to me and kissed him on the forehead.

 I was utterly terrified as well, but I knew if I showed it in that moment his fear would overwhelm him. He wrapped his body around mine and I didn’t stop him as he began to kiss my neck and my mouth. He ground himself into me and we lost ourselves in each other as if the world was going to end. Who knows…perhaps it is ending? This time there was no stories being read out of the past, there was no thought for the future…there was only then and there; and the two of us locked in an eternal moment….we were making love forever. He wanted me on top of him between his legs grinding into him as if he was afraid he might fly off into the sky and be lost to the cold darkness of space. I pressed my full weight into him and we ground ourselves into each other; wanting to be one if only we could. I grabbed the lube by the bed and he massaged it into the flesh of my rock hard length. There would be no foreplay tonight…no fellatio, no other form of oral stimulation… save for the kisses that threatened to suffocate us both. He wanted nothing more than for me to be inside of him at that moment, and that is all I wanted as well. I didn’t go slow or easy as I normally did, I drove myself into him not being able to control myself. There was no time of adjustment given…and none was needed. Our bodies were used to each other now…formed to each other. His body opened to just the right size for him to accept me in. I began to drive in and out of him. I began to fuck him so hard he stopped being able to meet my thrust. He just laid beneath me and moaned as his finger nails dug into the back leaving a trail of bloody scratches. His legs were not even able to wrap around my waist as he normally would have done. I was moving to forcefully for that and we both knew that I might actually cause damage, but both of our needs were too great to care, or to stop. I sensed he was close but I was no wear near ready. He climaxed but I never slowed or stopped.  We rolled and he straddled me, I kept pounding into him from beneath and eventually he began to moan a second time. After another good half hour he climaxed again and I came with him, shooting so hard, so much, and so deep… that I thought my jizzum have actually burned his chest from the inside. When it was over we kissed, but I did not pull out. He wouldn’t have let me in any case. We rolled back over and He locked his legs around me and I just laid there on top of him, inside of him. I think in that moment is when our souls became united and we actually were married. I loved him….more than I loved myself or my own life. It was in that moment I knew I did not want to wait anymore. “Marry Me…Marry Me now…Musetta can perform the ceremony when she is here”; it wasn’t as much of a question as it was an order. “Yes…I love you” was all he said as tears leaked down his temples into his hair. “I love you…for the rest of my life, and hopefully even after that”, and with that I kissed him again. We stayed that way most of the night; him beneath me, me inside of him…joined together as one. Sometime half way through what was left of the twilight hours we slept spooning tightly. I had gotten hard and taken him again. This time I never pulled out and when we woke I was still inside of him…hard, and ready to go again. He just relaxed and enjoyed the ride.


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