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O'Raven House Publishing and Author L.C. Bellami

 Author L.C. Bellami; 

About The Author: 

L.C. Bellami’s Official Author Bio.;

A Mystic Born into the wrong century and on the wrong continent, L.C. Bellami somehow ended up being born and raised in Texas. He was Born into a family which Has long been in The Ministry. Religion and Spirituality play a part in all that he is, though as a proud Queer he has a far different perspective about life than most people. He was raised loving Literature and The Arts. After Deciding traditional education was not serving him all that well, he enrolled in vocational school and became an Alternative Health Practitioner; and later went on to become an Ordained Minister. He had many interests growing up and many dreams that never came to fruition; however one dream never left him. The desire to be a published author has been a life long aspiration. As a Survivor of abuse and bullying he loved to escape into books, movies, and music. Stories were and still are a lifeline that takes him to a brighter place. His goals as a writer are as follows; to write the stories he always wanted to read as a young queer man and never had, to bring the awareness of God and Spirit to people with a new perspective, and to help people understand that sexuality is neither wrong or without sacredness and beauty!

T.T.C. Publishing;

This Publishing House was Established and created in 2013 by Author T.M. Smith to put forth her works as well as to try and give a name for other Indie Authors to publish under if they so wish. The Authors who have chosen to use this publishing house have done so because the current climate in the world of publishing does not warmly and readily welcome new authors as it should. We reject this close minded attitude and we will fight to change it.

Other Divisions of T.T.C. Publishing include;

Chlidrens Division; Name to be determined.

O’Raven House Publishing;

O’Raven House Publishing Established in the year of Our Lord 2013,  is a division of T.T.C. started by Author L.C. Bellami. 

It is the division of T.T.C. that will put forth much of the Non-Fiction works on subjects like spirituality; which are to be published within this division under the supervision of Lucien O’Corvi. 

Original Logo Created, Rendered, Owned, and Copyrighted by L.C. Bellami;

O’Raven House Publishing Mission Statement;
The purpose of this division is to bring forth literary works of art, meant to entertain, enrich; and occasionally to educate, and evolve our audience. We will be handling both fiction, and in the days to come non-fiction books. Our publications will cover everything from erotica to romance, especially dealing with but not limited to the paranormal genre; in so far as the fiction is concerned. Our non-fiction productions will include subjects ranging from religion and spirituality, metaphysics, holistic medicine, sexuality, and life enrichment. Our target demographic audience will include both specialized rare readers and also the more general populous who enjoy reading the kind of work we intend to publish. The O’Raven House will specialize in putting forth Romance Erotica in the  male / male genre, many of which have a paranormal, fantasy, and or sci-fi emphasis.

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