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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My issues with accepted modern grammar rules;

Things that I as a writer would like to say about grammar. At the risk of angering a lot of people….teachers, and editors especially; I want to say that I honestly believe most grammar text books should be thrown in the trash or used for kindling. Most of what is accepted in modern American educational standards is truly troubling to me. The modern so called rules of grammar are not proper according to classical English as most claim. What’s more is that even if they were they would still be outdated notions as so many of these rules are now. Language and culture is not static but ever evolving and changing. I find the failing to recognize this simple truth to be absolutely ignorant and irritating.  Another thing I would like to mention is that to have a bases in reality something needs to at least attempt to make sense and many of these so called rules do not and need to be done away with once and for all.

I will give you some examples of this. It is very common these days to write forty dollars by putting a dollar sign in front of the number instead of behind it. Why would anyone do this? It makes no sense. We do not walk around saying dollars forty…no, we say forty dollars. The sign should come after the number because that is the way we speak it. Another issue that I am bothered by is this modern practice of putting punctuation marks inside of quotations marks instead of after them, when the end of the quote is the end of the sentence. Why would anyone do this, it makes no sense. Ask yourself these questions; “what do quotation marks end”? “What do punctuation marks end”? Here are the answers. Quotations mark someone speaking. The marks at the end of the quote mark the end of said person speaking. Punctuation marks however mark the end of a sentence. How can the sentence be over before a person stops talking? I like the Judge Judy quote… “If it doesn’t make sense it isn’t true”. I have asked many people to explain to me why these so called rules are considered right and proper and no one has ever given me a satisfying or what I call legitimate answer to my inquiries. These rules need to be truthfully and honestly examined and then we can throw them out and put rules in their place that not only make sense, but that are in touch with our actually contemporary language and culture that has evolved past the old paradigms. Another issue I am having as of late is with people who believe me to be yelling at them online because I use exclamation points freely. They truly seem to believe that an exclamation point indicates a raised voice. While it could indicate that on occasion, where people got the notion that it only means that is beyond me. A declarative sentence gets a period. A declarative sentence is merely a stated fact. An example of this would be “Jane kicked the ball”. An exclamatory sentence exclaims OR speaks to a strong or intense emotion or feeling. An example would be “Dick kicked the ball hard and high, so that it flew like an angry bird”! As you see the exclamatory sentence is more descriptive and imparts a feeling. I don’t know about the rest of the world but I have many strong emotions which I can verbalize without screaming. I can have emotional thoughts without ever vocalizing them at all, as a matter of fact. So why people believe that exclamation points mean you are screaming is baffling to me.

Yet another issue that has come up as of late is that I have gotten chastised because according to the person who read my work…. “Your sentences are not structured correctly”. I am currently unaware of any American who speaks in so called correctly structured sentences. We do not speak that way and if we did it would be strangely, overly formal sounding and slightly obnoxious. We speak in fragmented thoughts and run on sentences. So since we all speak this way and understand each other, why do we not write in this way? It makes no sense to do something constantly aloud in real every day life and then turn around and call it incorrect if we write it down in the way in which it happens.

As a reader when I am reading a sentence it is slightly annoying if there are too many commas in a sentence. So there are other options I employ as a matter of regularity that I guess irritates so called grammar nazis. The first is the dot dot dot method. This indicates in modern writ an ongoing thought or run-on sentence. Another method really makes people upset for some unfathomable reason, and that is the use of the semi-colon. For people who are confused as to what a semi-colon does or is supposed to do let me offer this; among other things the semi-colon is used when one wants to join a fragmented, run-on, or additional thought to a previous sentence before one ends the sentence.

That is all I have to say for now, but I am sure there will be more to follow eventually as anyone who knows me will attest, I love to complain about that things that irritate the fuck out of me!!! Oh more then one exclamation point…I can feel the grammar nazi’s getting pissed off right now. Hahahahahaha

A Message from L. C. Bellami about what you can expect when reading his stories;

What you can expect from me as a writer. Well right away there are several things that might upset more than a few people. I say these things to warn people ahead of time. I think a lot of accepted modern grammar rules are stupid and outdated and need to be done away with. Not all of them, but there are several. Next, Just like Hollywood imagines the same actors for different roles, I get inspired by a lot of the same models, musicians, and movie stars and see them in different stories in my head. So you will see me use the same people as listed inspirations more than once most likely. I am majorly attracted to men with muscles, long hair, tattoos, and piercings so you can expect lots of me with that type of look in my books. Also and this will really irritate many people, I am a religious person. So you will see a lot of religious and spiritual themes and morals in my works. You can also expect many of the stories will include the concepts of eternal love, and insta-love. You can expect that most of my stories will involve things that can get them labeled as Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal, and even Sci-fi. Even the stories set in the so called “real world” will have metaphysical elements to them. Again I am a very religious person. This is not meant to come off as preachy or anything, I am simply being honest about who I am and what inspires me. You can expect that my books will many times be considered easy reads lol. Also you can expect all endings to be happy. I do not write freaking tragedies. I am so sick and tired of people’s obsession with tragedies. I don’t care if they do teach great life lessons at this point. I am just tired of them and do not find them entertaining any more. I think life should reflect art not the other way around. I think Art should inform Life. I think it is the duty of art not only to teach and communicate, but to inspire, and uplift. I also think the same thing about religious services and institutions by the way. The spirits of Oppression, and depression, Sadness, and apathy have taken hold of this world and I believe that it is the duty of both art and religion to fight this darkness. Most of the time my endings are so sugary sweet they will rot teeth. I am not ashamed of this, I proudly proclaim it. Also I do not like a lot of loose ends, so you will find very little of them in my work.

Part of why I wanted to be a writer was to help provide stories to all the young queer guys out there with the stories I never got to have growing up and always wanted. I wanted the fairy tales or any story really to reflect me somehow; to have characters that resembled me. It just never happened until I was much older. I hope that somewhere out there, there are young queer guys who like spirituality and also modern day fairy tales, and that they enjoy my stories. I am very aware I am writing to a very niche Market. My stories are not going to appeal to most people. My stories have graphic and very explicit sexual scenes in them. So they are not for the faint of heart, as far as sex goes. I fully hope that my sex scenes inspire masturbatory fantasies and activities. It will shock and anger many that I can talk so freely and openly about sexual things and in the next sentence speak of religious matters. Why this shocks anyone I can’t fathom. Even the bible has an entire book of utterly graphic sexual romantic poetry. Sex and Spirituality should have never been forced so far apart way back when, but they were. I do not believe it is a good or healthy thing and my writing is in part an attempt to correct that grievous mistake. Sex is many things to many people. It is an expression of love, lust, passion, and affection for some. It is a means of healing for others. Still for some it is a way of finding connection in a world where we are far too often isolated. For many people sex is also a sacred spiritual and often a ritualistic act. Sex to me is beautiful, and sacred and should be treated as such. Why not treat it with dignity and reverence, and also humor and irreverence all at once? What sex is not, is un-spiritual or filthy. Though it can sometimes be dirty lol. Kinky fuckery is something I am all for lol. I just wish people would stop acting like it is utterly secular with no spiritual components to it what so ever. I also would like churches to stop teaching people that sex is wrong or dirty, or that two people who happen to be of the same gender are wrong or living in sin simply for whom they love. I hope that my work inspires people to look at religion, spirituality, and sexuality differently. I also hope they will just be enjoyable to read. If you don’t like my work, well the answer is simple…don’t read it. Problem solved. If anything I have mentioned here is likely to irritate of offend you…well you can put a book down at any time after all, and find something else to read. Thank you ahead of time for giving my work a chance. Blessed Be! 

Something I believe about writing;

Writing should for the most part sound like you talking and telling your story to your friends. Part of what made the classics great and turn them into classics, was that they so wonderfully embodied the time and place from which they originated. In most circumstances we do ourselves no favor when our own voices are not to truly be found in our work, somewhere. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but when I read a book I like to hear the author's voice and feel like I am being told a story by an old friend. Of course this is just me and my opinion. To each their own.