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Immortal Beloved; A Short Story By L.C. Bellami

 a short story told in parts;

Never stand in-between an Angel and his Mate... 

                                 IMMORTAL BELOVED  
                                            A Short Story by L.C. Bellami    

                                                                 ~Part 1~
                                             ~The Gift~

He hadn’t had any time off in over a thousand years, and now just like that…there it was…vacation time! He would have the span of 89 years to live like a human. He couldn’t believe it, and to live in such an age would be strange indeed. He would get to create a body and start off at 19 years of age physically, though his legal status amongst the humans would be different. His identification cards and documents would all read that he was 23 years old. He would still have most of the basics… and certain perks, but he would also loose a lot living in a human vessel as well. Still…he would never get sick naturally, his body would be considered beautiful and would be more than strong. He was also allowed to take a mate. Best of all though, was that he was coming several months before the best time of the human’s year as far as he was concerned; which was Christmas, and things always seemed better on the earth at Christmas. Not that he got the chance to visit all that often anymore, outside of doing work. The Power of the Christmas Spirit was still alive and active, and he might actually run into the spirit of St. Nickolas himself sometime, or Maybe The Herald of Christmas present; perhaps he might just run into the wintry elemental he liked so much, Emrin The Jack Frost. For a moment he let himself remember the first Christmas that had ever been. He remembered looking down at The Logos made manifest in physical human form upon the earth. How strange that something so small, so tiny and… helpless; could have housed The Light of all Lights. He recalled what it had been like to look down upon the human form of The Logos, and see The Light that was concealed inside of a babe, and how it felt to hover over the earth under the light of the great star and sing with all the multitudes of the choirs. It had been quite a celebration that was only to be outdone when the same small child grew up and fulfilled his mission and then finally rose and ascended back, to stand amongst them once again. Many of his siblings were currently preparing for a feast that no other feast would ever rival, one that promised to… out do the other two feasts. That feast would be in celebration for the new world to come and The Divine Wedding. He was to be given contact information for a community of his siblings that were also on vacation or assignment, just in case of emergency or loneliness; though he really looked forward to attending temple services with them. He thought about what it would be like to have a mate once again. His last few mates had been lovely, and occasionally he still saw them from time to time. It would also be fun to get the chance to save a human soul from the foe. Things were bound to be different however, given the nature of human reality at present time. Time…it was so strange to have to think about time now. He was so used to not having to exist in linear time. He would still have all of his knowledge and memory, and basic Meta-abilities so these things would definitely help him. He would also be registered as a teacher in the human world, as there were only certain jobs they were allowed to take. They could teach, enter private security, become doctors even. They were forbidden to work certain other jobs though. He could not enter the military, or certain branches of the law. He could for example be a lawyer or a judge but never a prosecutor or sit on a jury. He could have chosen to be a farmer or something, but he had almost always alternated between a healer and a teacher and there was no reason to break with tradition now. Among his own kind he was a basic. He had never regretted not having been formed to fit a higher rank. Most of his kind were basic. His job was just as important as everyone else’s. He delivered messages, sometimes he guarded people, sometimes he fought in the army, sometimes he healed; though more often than not, he worked as a scribe in hall of records which made him particularly qualified to be a teacher in the human world.

His mind wondered back to taking a mate and he found himself excited. Humans would be shocked if they only knew the truth. When one of his kind trans-substantiated or incarnated, they had to form bodies that were male the vast majority of the time, and they had to wire them to be attracted to members of the same sex. Ever since the incident with the Halflings they were no longer allowed to breed children on the earth. To do so would bring horrific consequences no one wanted to conceive of; expulsion being the worst. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so tragically sad… that so many humans hated The Violets as his kind called Homosexual and Bisexual people, on account of their auras appearing most of the time, to look like Violet flames. If humans only understood the valuable contributions The Violets could and did make to Humanity… they would become utterly ashamed of how they treated them. That is why several of siblings were involved in politics behind the scenes trying to change things. He knew it wouldn’t always be easy, but he hoped it would all be worth it.

He was finally at his destination. His Brother Keeper would meet him there. In the middle of forest…Yellowstone to be exact in this case, he would create a body for himself and then his keeper would take him and his things to a prepared location. He understood that he would be living in Seattle in the beginning which suited him fine. He liked what he heard about the music scene there, and it rained a lot which would be good. He would also be the youngest professor at the university he was going to teach at. He would be allowed if he so wished to take as many lovers as he chose until he found a kindred, but he knew he would probably just wait for a kindred. He concentrated as he was coming down. When his feet finally touched the earth, a small whirlwind that carried leaves in a circle flew up before settling back down.

“Oh good you’re here. I thought I might have to call a seeker” Said a very handsome gentleman as he stepped out from behind a tree. The man was tall and anyone could tell he was well built. He was beautiful with great soulful eyes, a kind angular face, flawless skin, and Dark hair. “My name is Nigellus Routh Jorden but people just call me Nial given it is an old nickname for Nigellus; My true name is Nialiel. I will be your case worker and guide while you are in my jurisdiction”. 

                                        (I see Nial as looking like Brandon Routh) 

“Hello Brother Nial, how are you”? “I am very well thank you, blessed as always. What is your name…I need to know so we can come up with an earth name for you”? “Sereniel…Sir”! “And what is your rank”? “I am a Lay Angel”. “What are your usual duties Sereniel”? “Well I have done most everything, but I usually work as a scribe in The Hall of Akasha. When I have been here before I worked as either a farmer, a healer, or a teacher. I excel at teaching the most I think”. “Well good…good. We have you set up to teach at a university in Seattle I understand, and your apartment is near me. It is a loft warehouse so you don’t have to worry about noise or neighbors so close that they will… pry into your business. It is a lovely place and it was furnished according to your personal tastes as you will see, thanks to information provided during your interview and preparation class. The whole building is yours and you can make any changes you want later. For now though only a small part of the building has been made into a livable dwelling”. “Oh that sounds terrific, I can’t wait to get started”. “How long has it been since your last time of …relaxation”? “Over a thousand years sir, as humans count them”. “Wow...well past time then” Nial said.

Nial continued… “Alright, well first we have to do something about your name…um let’s see. It would make my life easier if we could stick to something celestial in nature for your surname. Is that alright with you”? “Sure…how about Angelis”? “Fine, fine…now for a first name….um. in the modern human world Sereniel would be considered a little feminine, so let’s alter it….how about…. Soren”? “Oh… I like it...” he stopped and thought about it and then began to laugh. “What is so funny”? “Soren Angelis… Soren angel…the angel that soars. You have to admit… it is a funny private joke”. This caused the other man to laugh loudly… “Oh that is funny…good, you have a sense of humor. Believe me you will need it. Being down here is not like what it used to be. Life is a lot more complicated down here these days”. “I have heard…All any of us can do is our best to serve”. “You are right, and I am sure you will be fine. So now that we have a name…how do you want to look? We can make a body any way you like”! “Well seeing as I am always around so many fair people, I find looks like yours to be very nice…dark hair and how about golden eyes like topaz and amber. Can I have my hair longer than yours though; I have always like longer hair, and my body needs to be well formed like yours to get around easier”. “Fine, fine…well let’s get started…do you have the necklace”? “Yes” Soren said and handed his necklace over to Nial. 

                                                                 (The Celestone)

“Now remember you mustn’t loose this and the less you take it off the better for you. Start visualizing how you want the body to look. Remember your real physical age will start out at around nineteen years old but the world will think you are 23. Now start visualizing and forming the body from the earth, I have all the water we need over there and it has been infused with the blessed water and both the things you need and the other things you requested. I will work on your documents while you work on the vessel and then I will help you once it is formed”. “Alright” Soren said and began to imagine in his thoughts how he wanted to look. The soil which had been gathered from the banks of a sacred river was waiting for him in a large mound just a few yards away. He took off the scepter at his waist and began to channel his energies through it. Nial was busy getting the documents ready, except for the pictures.

Soren fashioned a man out of soil and clay in a matter of minutes. “Nial…do you think he looks like my essential nature”? “Nial stopped what he was doing and looked. He walked around the sculpture standing there. He looked in admiration at the beauty of the work. Then he looked down and cracked a smile. “Wow you certainly… endowed him well, just like I did” he said with a naughty grin. “Good….yes I think that will do quite nicely…he does remind me of the feel of your presence. Alright… now I will add the water and you unleash the fire of solari and bake him after he has been in the water. Then we will add more water and then we will call the winds from the four corners to finish him off. Then you can use the stone and paint him…and lastly, you can enter him and I will breathe the nefesh into you”.

 “Right” Soren said and he used his scepter and levitated the sculpture. Nial waved his hand and two huge tanks of water appeared. He took out his own Scepter and made a motion and the water from the first tank gathered itself and then levitated out of the tank and moved to the statue, completely encompassing it when it was close enough to touch it. Nial made another motion and the excess water fell to the earth. Soren closed his eyes and summoned the heavenly fire of the sun and in the blink of an eye; it baked the statue and was gone from his sight and his thoughts. Nial raised the water from the second tank and encapsulated the sculpture once again, and once again let the excess water fall to the ground. “The second gathering of water has the human D.N.A. codes all earth bound angels share” Nial said. Soren nodded understanding, then used his scepter and did all the rest of the work on the vessel from internal organs to wiring the brain. Nail used his scepter and took care of the bone structure and the musculature.

Then before the final outside work began they summoned the sacred winds. The winds came and blew around them. For a few moments it must have seemed to all the animals like a hurricane had just hit. Then the vessel was cooled down and solidified. “Alright, I will take care of the skin and you use the stone to paint it” Nial instructed. Soren nodded and took the stone out of the necklace and put it in the holder on his scepter. While Nial formed the skin, Soren painted his new body. The color of the skin was a mix of pale cream with a tint of golden bronze and a shade of peach. Then the hair was painted the darkest shade of brown with highlights of gold, red, and copper to bring the brown to life and give it warmth. Then he painted the eyes in several layers. First black, then brown, then red, then copper, then amber, and then finally Gold with microscopic flecks of emerald green. They were beautiful but still appeared lifeless to Soren however, who seemed to get a little frustrated. Nial having finished his work explained to Soren that the light of life wouldn’t shine in them till he entered the vessel. “Of course….how silly of me…I guess I am just too nervous and excited” he said and laughed at himself. Soren lowered the now well made body to the ground. It was a true masterpiece and Soren said a quiet prayer thanking the Creator for the inspiration. He made a motion, and the body laid itself on its back on the ground and then he took the stone and put it back in his necklace and then put the necklace on the vessel. He handed his tools and weapons to Nial who put them in a bag to give back to him later. “Alright, you get in and then I will breathe you, and if the marks appear on your back everything will be good. The other marks will appear when they are needed or if you draw them on yourself…understand”? Soren nodded that he did. “Oh also… a few last notes. I didn’t stock your closet. There is a credit card to tide you over till you start getting paid in two months time. Also there are certain rules…the handbook with the rules is in this bag with your other angelic implements. Keep them in the walk in safe in your closet at home. No flying except at night unless it is a dire emergency and always make yourself invisible when you do fly got it…things are very different down here these days”! Soren again nodded that he understood and then he closed his eyes and willed his being into the empty vessel. Once inside, it was a strange sensation. Then it was as if he went to sleep and began to dream, the way he understood the concept at least from human descriptions; and vague memories from his previous vacations.

 Nial approached the vessel and opened the mouth. He looked up to the sky and said a prayer and breathed in the light and life around him from the divine presence. He bent over and kissed Soren and breathed Life into him. The Body began to rise into the air a few inches and then it began to glow, illuminated with angelic light and the Nefesh. Finally the process seemed to be over and he lowed back down. Nial placed his hand over Soren’s heart and then with another naughty grin bent and kissed him again. He kissed him passionately the way humans do in the throws of passion. Soren opened his eyes and began to kiss back. Nial finally broke the kiss so that Soren could breath. “Sorry but you made yourself too damn beautiful and I couldn’t resist trying out our work” Nial said and laughed. “Wow that was nice…thanks”. “Anytime” Nial said wickedly. “Well shall we get going? It will take a lot of energy to walk through a temporal door right now, but I want to get there quickly and quietly inside the apartment”? “Oh yes…what about all this mess”? “Oh that’s no problem” Nial said and waved his hand and the mud, tanks, and other remnants of their work seemed to disappear into thin air. “I must say, the things you had me add to the water were creative, ingenious, and a little wicked…it is sort of cheating you know, to make yourself attractive in so many ways”. “Hey…I haven’t been down here in so long I wanted to make things as easy as possible” Soren answered with a smirk. Then he continued… “did the marks appear on my back”? Nial walked around behind the naked man and saw that the marks looked very nice. “Oh yes, they came out delightful…very well done…pick up the bag and get ready. The first thing you will need to do once we arrive is shower and then you can get dressed and we will take care of most of the other important details tomorrow. You have two months of having total fun and then you start work”. “Right…well let’s go” Soren said and picked up the large bag and flung it over his shoulder. Where the tanks had been before disappearing, Nial pointed his scepter and drew a door way made of blue light with symbols all around it. Nial went to the door and knocked three times and the door opened, ripping a pathway through the fabric of time and space. Nial and Soren walked in, then Nial made another motion and the door shut behind them. They appeared to be in a hallway, but after only a few short steps they came out in a large room and Nial waved his scepter and the door was closed and gone. “Oh …this is so nice” Soren said, “This can’t all be for me”. “Yes it is. The orders want you to know how happy the High King is with your service. He personally ordered this to be done well. I am glad you like it. I personally oversaw the set up”. “Thank you so much Nial”! “You are more than welcome”. “You can look at it later and go exploring but for now take a shower, put on some night cloths, eat some of the food we stocked, stay in tonight and go to bed early. Tomorrow will be a long day of shopping and getting ready. I did manage to get a set of night cloths, some underwear, and three outfits. That is all I had time to do”. “I am sure it will be fine thank you…could you show me how the shower works really quick”? “Oh yes… drop the bag and follow me” Nial said and led the way. He took him to a bed room in the back of the loft and then to then to the shower.

“Do you want me to stay and help you rinse off” Nail said with what Soren was figuring out was his naughty smirk. “That would be nice” Soren said blushing. “Excellent” Nial said and made a motion, and his cloths and fell to the floor; his shoes were behind him. Nial got in the shower and turned the water on. He held out his hand to Soren who stepped in and then Nial shut the door. All the sensations were wonderful and overwhelming. The feeling of warm water running down the skin of his new body was so wonderful he wanted to cry out the pleasure of it. Nial began to rub Sorens new body…his new muscles. Soren was lost in the feelings of pleasure. A soft moan escaped his lips and Nial smiled, “That’s what I like to hear”. “I had forgotten how overwhelming it can be in the beginning” Soren replied. Nial let his hands roam all over Soren’s new body bringing it to life. Soren’s Cock began to engorge. “Wow…that looks like a good eight and half inches, and almost as thick as a femur bone” Nial said and laughed. “Don’t give me grief…look at yours…it is even bigger than mine” Soren said and laughed while reaching to touch Nial’s hardening length. “Oh that feels nice. I don’t think we should have sex though…I would wear you out too fast. Let’s just massage each other into climax” Nial said panting. “Alright…will you kiss me again though” Soren asked all hot and breathy? Nial smiled and responded with his lips on Soren’s lips, and his tongue dueling with Soren’s.

(I see Soren as looking like Sean Farris)

Both men were too turned on to last for long and after only a few moments they both came hard onto each others bodies. They clung to each other and both groaned in ecstasy as they came. When they came down from the high, Nial kissed Soren hard and then said “Welcome to earth” with his great smirk. “Thank you” Soren said with a smile, “I hope we can do this again some time”. “Oh don’t worry, we will” Nial said. “Now let’s get you cleaned up. I will soap you down and you let the water soak your hair but don’t wash it yet. It is still too new. Wait about two days before you wash it with shampoo”. “Oh shampoo, I learned about that in class” Soren said excited. Nial laughed and washed the traces of dirt off of Soren’s body. When they were finished Nial got a white hoodie t-shirt and a pair of black loose fitting night pants made of the same t-shirt material and put them on Soren. “This fabric feels good” Soren commented. “Ya, it is great” Nial said.

Now get some food and then rest. You need to sleep for a few hours. Wait till tomorrow to go out. If you get bored there are lots of shows on television now, there is a guide there, and there is a library of movies by the player with an easy to understand manual underneath the television cabinet. The t.v. is that flat thing on the wall over there. If books are your thing I will take you shopping for some tomorrow. There are shelves for a full library over there, but there are only a few books on it now. You should read that book that the humans have for their most popular version of the bible. It is sort of funny but it borders on blasphemy too. If they only had a clue how much they got wrong and didn’t understand they would quake” Nial said, and then went on… “Oh there is a really neat series I left for you to read. Most teen girl and many young gay men really like it. It is a fantasy romance about a girl who falls for a vampire. They are a fun read, give them a shot if you get bored like said” Nial explained. Angels even in human form could read faster than the human mind can comprehend. They merely have to hold a book and let their fingers scan the pages with their eyes closed and the words get absorbed into their minds very quickly. They are voracious readers and can devour whole libraries in a matter of weeks. “Alright …thanks that sounds fun” Soren said. Soren went to the kitchen and found a bag containing what Nial explained was a hamburger and fries. There was a cup with a straw beside it containing soda and when Soren tasted it, he smiled and sucked the cup dry in a matter of minutes and then began to devour the burger and fries. Nial just watched and laughed. Newly incarnated angels all seemed the same, but this one was special somehow…more excited than others, full of more life.

“Oh before I go …what about a middle name…I need to add one to the documents”? “Oh, um…well…I always liked Lost Causes so how about Jude… Soren Jude Angelis”? “Great…give me just a moment to add the middle name to your documents and your picture”. Nial held the documents looked at Soren really intensely and then closed his eyes. A light encapsulated the documents and then it was done. “Take a look Soren and see what you think”. He handed the documents to Soren and Soren took them and looked. There were medical records, a birth certificate, a passport, a driver’s license and state I.D., as well as a large stack of other official papers that he guessed he would need for other things. He was listed as having been adopted by loving parents who had died a few years prior in an accident. Soren stared at his own new face in the pictures and couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks Nial everything looks so wonderful”. “Alright well get some rest and tomorrow I will be back and take you out. We will go see some sites, go shopping, run by your new job so you can see the campus, and then I will take you to dinner Nial said and then turned to leave. “Nial before you go…”? “Yes” Nial said. “Will you kiss me one more time” Soren asked blushing? Nial smiled and kissed Soren and then kissed his head… “Get some sleep now beautiful”. “Thanks” Soren said and went to the bedroom to lay down. Before he got into bed he heard the door shut and he wondered into the bath room. He looked at his new face in the mirror and smiled and touched it. Then he went to the very large bed and laid down. In no time at all he drifted off into dreams of flying through the air and then tasting food and soda, and then having fun in the shower with Nial… and being kissed.

Five hours later he awoke and began to wonder around his new abode. Everything was decorated in a manner he did indeed like very well. The place seemed minimalist to a degree, but warm and welcoming. He would get more things later, which he figured was the idea. The curtains were done in jewel tones of teal blue and emerald. The outside walls were a gray and white brick. The inside walls were painted a metallic glossy silver. The large wrap around sofa in the living area was black and the wood floors were black as well. There were brightly colored pillows all over the sofa in fabrics with sheen, and several colorful throws as well. There was a table made inside of the center of the ottoman of the same black wood as the floors and the shelves, but the table was painted with silver crackling paint making lightening like patterns on it. There was little to no pictures on any wall, and large natural colored wood beams across the ceiling creating a type of contrast against the black wood floor and shelves. The kitchen was very modern looking to Soren, filled with stainless steel appliances, but according to his preferences there was a lot of wood as well. The huge island in the center had a surface made of bright blue lapis. The counter tops in the rest of the kitchen were copper and all the back splashes were made of iridescent blue shell mini tiles. The little dinning area had some plants, and huge French doors that led out onto a large balcony, which had a stair way that led to a roof top garden and entertainment area. His dining area housed a cute antique looking table and chairs made of black wood and carved with simple gothic arch designs. The bar which separated the kitchen from the dining space had very modern looking stools that were bright blue like the surface of the island and the backsplashes. The entry way was simple with a mirror, a coat rack and another one which was a wall rack, along with an umbrella holder and a small table against the wall. The front door led to a small foyer with the lift. Inside the foyer was also a door which had stairs that led down and another set leading up to the roof area. All the lighting was modern except for the chandelier over the living room sofa. The dinning area was separated from the living room by a small little section of a wall. The t.v. was on the far wall, and the fire place and mantle were on the wall with the balcony doors. The fireplace was iridescent mini-tiles done in abalone looking shell which was overwhelmingly teal in color. There was a short hallway on the opposite wall to the bedroom. The bedroom had no door but he could but up a curtain or something he supposed. The Bed in the bedroom was raised just slightly off the floor in a built in pedestal. The comforter was a deep fuchsia with black filigree print on it. The pillows matched, but the sheets were made of black and silver satin. The dresser was made of mirror. There was an area of the bed room which had a small alter and meditation space set up. He would get the things he wanted for that later, but for now there was a small alter table and a round meditation pillow covered in teal fabric with a sheen to it. His walk in closet was empty but huge, a room all to itself; and the walk in safe was inside of it, in the back corner. He grabbed his bag and entered his special code and the safe opened. He put the bag inside of it and closed the safe back up. The bathroom was large with a walk in shower large enough to hold five adults and a long bench on one side. There was a bath tub against the other wall built into a romantic alcove. The sink was thin and held a large lapis bowel on top. On the far wall by the tub and the small room which held the toilet was a closet; which held towels and space for other things. A small cabinet on a wall next to the wall which had the sink, held toiletries and other basics he would need. Soren was really pleased with this abode. “They are good at what they do” Soren said aloud to his empty apartment.

He smiled, and then wondered over to the book shelves in the living room. He took the stack of books off and went to the sofa to sit down and read. He looked at the bible and read the print. “The King James version”… he began to scan the book and after he was half way through with the new testament he gave a loud confused guffaw and threw the book behind him on the floor in a most irreverent manner. “Ridiculous …Nial is right, that bordered on blasphemy…it was just silly” He thought and began to scan the stack of Four fantasy books. He settled in and began to read the story. He had scanned all four books in a matter of hours and then went the kitchen to eat again and think about the story he just read. “I liked that story but some of those people have real issues. I wonder if the author knows any real crazy people she based the troubled characters on? Perhaps I might find a way to get them into a facility for help if she does” he thought to himself and smiled. He went back to the living room after getting an apple, a banana, and some sort of chocolate pastry out of the kitchen with a glass of water and then he went back and got a glass of orange juice.

He went to the television cabinet and picked up the manual and the remote and then went and set down and began to read the manual. After two minutes he set it down and then scanned the guide of programs and after he was finished he used the remote to turn on the television. He found a movie about an alien invasion. He laughed to himself again wondering why the humans still didn’t realize that aliens had already been living among them and breeding with them for hundreds of years already. He flipped channels supremely uninterested about the alien movie. He found a show about cops and continued to flip. He found another one about the environment and climate change and almost wanted to cry. He knew the troubles well. “Why can’t they just see how wrong it is to do what they are doing to their home? It is a sin… true, but more than that…..it is a travesty. Don’t they understand at all, what fate they will bring on themselves? Well I guess that is part of the way I can help while I am here. Humans have it so easy, an angel’s vacation is always a working one…well, at least there are perks and so far Nial is definitely one of the perks. I can’t wait to find my own mate though, I hope it doesn’t take me eight years like last time” he thought as he continued going through the channels. He came across a movie that was about to start. The description said that it was about two sisters who were witches. Being an angel and having a natural fascination with people who are enamored of the occult, he had to watch. He sat fascinated by these things called movies and how far they had come since the last time he had visited the inside of a movie theater. The last movie theater he had gone to was when he was assigned to watch a woman named Martha who was being followed by a possessive and disturbed ex-husband. It was many years ago and the movie had been in black and white. The colors now however were more gorgeous than he would have imagined. When the movie was finished he turned off the television. He had very much enjoyed the movie; then again he liked any story where Love was the main virtue and where it overcame all obstacles in the end. The juice was good and the fruit was as well. The water had quenched his thirst, but the chocolate pastry really made his taste-buds happy. He got some more water and then went back to bed to get some sleep.

Nial woke him up at eleven o’clock the next day. Nial let himself in and woke him with a kiss making Soren smile and rise happy. He discovered waking up that he was hard. “Don’t worry it happens almost every morning….in case you didn’t remember” Nial said amused. “Oh yes…I had forgotten…well excuse me while I go relive my body”. “Certainly…but while you are in there go ahead and shower but no shampoo yet remember, and I will lay your cloths out for you. There are clean towels on the shelves in the bathroom cupboard” Nial said. As Soren showered, Nial set out an outfit for Soren to wear, then he went to the bathroom to lay out the tooth brush and tooth paste so he could teach Soren what he would need to do. Soren emerged from the shower naked with out any shame of his body and began to dry off in front of Nial; not that there was any reason to be ashamed of any part of his body… Nial smiled. Nial explained how the tooth cleaning supplies worked and then told him that an outfit was laying on the bed waiting for him.

Soren cleaned his teeth and used the other cosmetic products that Nial had set out for him and explained. The deodorant was something Soren thought clever, not that he needed it, but he used a little anyway just to feel more human. Afterwards he found some grey pants laying out for him that Nial called jeans and a blue form fitting Hoodie, with a black and blue jacket of some kind. There were some form of black loin coverings called boxer briefs that Soren found most amusing, and he had to admit a little convenient, but the thought of having something so binding on his manhood was not something he liked. Again to feel more human he put them on followed by something called socks and some strange form of foot coverings called boots. Soren had seen things like them before on soldiers in the human militaries that he had gone to; in order to help protect or to escort their souls home. The only time angels wore anything like them was during large battles. Nial gave him a wallet and explained the purpose. It contained money and identification. It had a chain attached and Soren didn’t like the thought of sitting on it so he put it in is right side pocket and the chain hung down. Nial gave him a pair of sunglasses and then they locked up and headed out.

Nial took Soren to breakfast near by. They had scrambled eggs and toast with jam. Nial told Soren all about a substance humans consumed by the gallons especially in the morning called coffee. Soren tried it and spit it out. “That was horrible, how can they drink that” Soren asked confused? “I don’t know, they seem to relish it. I would rather have almost anything else myself. It must be one of the ways we are different from them even in this form. Now if you want something good… chocolate milk, or even better …hot chocolate. That is how a drink is supposed to taste. But you can go with water, orange juice or tea for breakfast as well; and of course there is always plain milk. When Going out at night you can order wine. That stuff is still good and though the taste is stronger now than it used to be, the affects are weaker. You can order soda or something. Liquors are alright, but take my advice and stay away from beer. It is truly awful and you will hate it. We all do, that I have ever known anyway. Ale and mead are still good if you can find them, but they are rare nowadays” Nial explained and then went and got some large cups of hot coco for them. Soren had drunk the entire cup in less than two minutes. “Wow that is really good” Soren said with the smile of a child in wonder, causing Nial to laugh. When breakfast was over they headed to the stores to go shopping.

 Nial explained the best order to shop for things in. cloths first, under cloths and accessories after wards, and foot wear last. They shopped for four hours straight and by the time they were done the entire back seat and trunk were full of a new wardrobe for Soren. Then they went back to Soren’s place and dropped everything off. They headed out again after Nial showed Soren how to do laundry, and this time went shopping for food and again went back and stocked up Soren’s place with groceries and supplies. Again they went out and this time they went to a book store. “Did you read those books I left for you”? “Oh yes, it didn’t take long. I liked the book series about the girl who falls in love with a vampire but some of those characters need real help and if they are based on real people I think it is our duty to make sure they get some help” Soren said with true sincerity causing Nial to laugh so hard he almost lost control of his vehicle for the first time. Soren just looked at him questioningly, not understanding what was so funny but deciding not to ask. “First though I tried to read that James Bible and I threw it down. It is just ridiculous. Don’t they have any real versions here”? “Oh sure…but they have to seek them out in order to find them, and most don’t even know to bother. I have a few versions that are far better… though as human devices they are still imperfect. I will show them to you so you can help distribute them when you can” Nial replied. At the book store Nial loaded Soren up with lots of different series. Something called the Harry Potter series, and then The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and something called the hobbit; along with other books apparently written around the series. Then Nial bought several books he said were called erotica for Soren. He bought some history books and some non fictions as well. Then some audio books for Soren to listen to. Then they left and went to a store that sold both movies and music and Nial loaded Soren’s library up with lots and lots of movies and cd’s. Once they were in the car again half the day was gone. “Alright …I also brought you a few Porno movies so you can see what is expected sexually now from men who have relationships with men. After we drop this stuff at your place let’s go out and see some sites and go to the movies and dinner before we call it quits for the night. Tomorrow I can take you to see some more sites if you want” Nial said. “Oh yes please! So what do these porno movies show exactly”? “Men having sex, but I also put a bisexual porno in the pack and a few straight ones as well so that you can know and understand things better here”. “Thanks…that will be most helpful” Soren said!

After they left the apartment again they went around Seattle and Nial showed Soren the Major sites and then showed him the university campus he would be teaching at. Soren’s golden eyes were wide with awe the entire time. “Humans have learned how to do so much, but they seem to have forgotten more than they have learned” Soren noted. “Yes that is very true and very sad, but many people are starting to remember vital things, so there is still hope for them to get it right before the end” Nial responded. Nial took Soren to see a movie called Snow White and the Huntsman. Nial smiled as throughout the entire movie Soren was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. He had to keep shifting because of the raging hard-on he had due to looking at Chris Hemsworth.

Soren had to carry his jacket in front of him to hide his boner as they walked back to the car after the movie. “So I take it you liked the movie, or at least part of you did. Was it the prince or the huntsman”? “Both” Soren said ruefully. Soren then noticed the difference between Nial’s vehicle and everyone else’s. Every window was tinted. 

When they were inside, Nial reached over and gave Soren’s hard cock a squeeze through his pants causing Soren’s to gasp. Nial didn’t say a word to Soren, he just reached over him and reclined his seat. Then he unzipped his pants and took Soren’s steely length out and began to stroke it. Nial bent over and took it into his mouth. In hardly any time at all he was deep throating Soren, and Soren let out a deep loud moan and braced himself and the car shook for a moment. After only a few moments Soren came hard and Nial sucked Soren’s release till every drop of it was gone. Nial grabbed a kleenex from the box he kept stashed in the glove department for such emergencies and reclined his own seat and took his own hard-on out and began to stroke himself. Soren leaned over him and kissed him and then began to suck Nial off just the way Nial had done it for him. Nial was panting and moaning in his deep husky clear voice. After several more minutes than it had taken Soren, Nial came hard and Soren drank down Nial’s juices. Soren sucked and sucked until there was no more to suck. Nial just let him suck until he wanted to stop even though the sensations were so powerful they were almost painful. Nial pulled Soren up when he was finished and kissed him again. “That was so good” Soren said! “That was good” Nial agreed with a smile, then he stuffed the unused kleenex’s back into the glove-box. “So now where to for dinner”? “You would know better than me” Soren said with a dazed smirk. “I think I will take you to this little Mexican restaurant called Tineo. “Alright” Soren said. Dinner went by slowly and Soren enjoyed every moment of it. He learned that he really enjoyed Mexican food as well. He loved talking with Nial. Nial finally took him home for the night and kissed him again before he left. Soren went in and began to unpack and put away all of his buys. He watched a movie and breezed through a couple of books and then took off all his cloths and went to sleep for the night.

When he woke he took a shower and got dressed in some new cloths and then ate breakfast. He didn’t hear from Nial till half way through the day. When the phone did ring it was 3:30 in the afternoon. “Hey I’m at my Art Gallery about two blocks from your apartment. Why don’t you come down, I would like to show you where I work and the new exhibit I just opened for a new young local artist”.

“Sure” Soren said.

 The studio is called The Patrellis Gallery. You just go out your front door and walk across the street and around the corner on the left and then walk for about hmmm… five minutes and take two rights and you can’t miss my sign. Oh dress in some nicer looking cloths because this is an upscale establishment” Nial instructed and laughed.

“See you in a little while” Soren said and hung up his new cell phone. Soren knew the differences between casual, semi-casual, and formal because Nial had explained them all to him while shopping for cloths. By Nicer Nial was implying that Soren should wear semi-casual. He went to his closet and pulled out some sleek ankle high boots, a pair of dark colored slacks, and then found a long sleeve dark teal v-neck Shirt that was so tight it showed almost every line of every muscle, and then a form fitting black vest. His necklace hung above the collar of the shirt and he put on one of the accessories that Nial had bought him; which was a metal cuff bracelet set with one of the earth stones that was nearest in appearance to his Celestone; the angelic star stone in his necklace. The cuff had a large Labradorite. The leather cuff he wanted to wear seemed too casual for the aesthetic of the outfit to him. He grabbed a nice black dress coat out his closet and put it on along with a teal colored scarf. Then he chained the wallet to his pants and put his house key on the ring with his wallet and then pocketed it. He grabbed the umbrella device as Nial had called it, locked up and headed out. It was a little confusing at first, but Soren finally found the street and saw the sign. When he got to the door it was locked and closed so he knocked. After a moment a young man opened it and let him in. “Soren is it”? Soren nodded and said “Hello” and shook the young man’s hand. “I’m Derek…Nial’s assistant. Nial is upstairs and said he would be down in a moment. He said you should look around at the art while you are waiting”. Soren Nodded and then Derek took his coat, scarf, and umbrella and stashed them behind the front desk. Derek was of average height and had medium brown hair with only a hint of some natural golden highlights, and hazel eyes over which he wore glasses. His skin was for the most part smooth and without much facial hair; he was truly an attractive person. 

                              (random guy I found on the net, this is how I see Derek)

Soren walked around thinking about how big the gallery was. He looked at the different paintings, apparently all done by a man named Ethen Nicklaus Johanus. The paintings were far different from what used to exist on the planet. Soren had seen such things in books but never in person that he could recall, except the briefest of moments during his assignments. The last time he was on earth for an extended stay was during a time when some of the best art was on cavern walls. Soren was fascinated with the colors and the statements he supposed the artist was trying to make. He came across one of that particularly stood out among all the rest. The rest seemed to be city-scapes, landscapes, or some beautiful naked woman laying in different positions. There were also a few of various types of couples. The landscapes and city-scapes were very different looking compared to the ones of people. The scapes were more impressionistic, more fanciful and dreamlike. The people were more realistic despite some being endowed with mythical elements. It was almost as if the artist saw the world like a hazy dream until he saw humanity which brought things into a type of focus for him. 

(The original title of this piece is unknown to me
 but the real artist is Marek Langowski)

                                            (I don't know the real title or the real 
                                              artist of this piece, I found it online)

Then there it was…a large painting depicting a very naked solitary man, who Soren recognized as Nial. The painting depicted Nial standing and flexing with an erection; almost as if he were not only proud of his body but defiant in a way…like he was not only flaunting but out right boasting that he could make anyone fall for him and simultaneously conquer the world. He was surrounding by very modern abstract bars, boxes, circles, and wavy lines of color as if he was the only reality in the painting. It was as if for the artist Nial was the only real thing and everything else was nothing but inconsequential shapes and forms; Nial was an organic reality compared to the contrived chaos of the world around him which would be lesser somehow without him there. Though for all the color in the picture Nial was almost black and white in comparison…making Soren wonder what the artist was really trying to say about him…did he see Nial as someone who saw the world in black and white? Was he trying to say that despite his beauty Nail was flat and shallow but that he was still the only real thing for the artist? Soren couldn’t decide what that detail meant, but this painting was vastly different in style to all the others making it seem not only to stand out, but very odd hanging there among the others.

 “See something you like” came a deep familiar voice behind him. Soren turned around blushing and said, “You posed for an artist”? “Oh yes, I have to do that sometimes; and if you saw the artist you would know that it wasn’t work on my part. Hands off though when you see him. He is all mine...well that is to say, I am the only man he sleeps with. Not that we sleep a lot when we do lay down together. Usually he prefers women but apparently I am irresistible” Nial said with a haughty smirk and a giggle! “You Sir are incorrigible I think” Soren replied. “The show opens in an hour. You can stay here, or you can go around to some of the bars on the block and come back later. Derek knows what you look like now so he won’t charge you when you come back”. “Alright” Soren said, “Are these paintings for sale”? “Of course” Nial said! “Good I will take that one” Soren said pointing to the painting of Nial and smiling. “Consider it sold” Nial said with a proud smirk and then showed Soren to the door after he retrieved his coat and umbrella. “Nice out fit by the way. Very nice actually. I approve” Nial said. “Oh, good” Soren said with a smile and walked out to see the near by establishments.

He visited a few different bars which he always called taverns making people give him strange looks. This amused him terribly and so he did it at each one. He got back to gallery just a little ahead of time, and so was in there before anyone else, making some of the people waiting to get in a little miffed. The artist came to meet him and Soren gladly took the man’s hand. The man was tall though no where near Nial’s height. He had dark golden hair and smokey blue-grey eyes. His face was very good looking with both angular and square features, and golden scruff.

                                                   (Crhis C.  is how I see Ethen)

 “I understand you have purchased one of my pieces…Thank you” Ethen said in a manly but also bright and elegant voice. “Yes, I love the one of Nial, he is a friend of mine as you know. I just thought it would be terrific on my wall” Soren replied. “Well I hope you like it once you get it home. Things can look different in different places you know”. “Oh I am sure that it will be fine thank you. Your work is amazing. I especially love how you ….well, how the colors and brush strokes look. Your technique is quite wonderful”. At hearing this the artist smiled, blushed, and said his thanks. “So Ethen, this painting is so different from all the others…why is that, and what do you call it” Soren asked? “Yes it is radically different from my other two styles that I do. I am sure you noticed the difference between them. I have never done pop art before. This was a first for me”. “Yes it is almost like you see the world as a dream …hazy and confused but beautiful none the less; and that humanity …and sexuality bring things into focus for you” Soren commented. “I am truly honored that you bought my painting. You are the first person besides Nial to ever understand that about me. The one of Nial is so different because he is different than anything else in my entire life. He brings even the focus into focus for me, but he seems to block out everything else…distracting me. I think of this piece as a statement on the power of his masculine beauty and sexuality, but also on his …well, his cockiness and haughtiness as I am sure you know he has. He changed my world…my life, forever. Until I met him I was an agnostic. It isn’t that I disbelieved that there was something more out there…but I just never thought about it or cared. You’re his friend so I am sure you know that we are occasional lovers by now? To the people he knows, he isn’t very restrained with what goes on in his life”. “Yes…he did mention that to me”. “Well the first time we made love was what changed everything for me. I had never even thought about being with a man or wanted to. When I was painting him though... for whatever reason, I became so …so impassioned that I threw myself at him and he didn’t resist me. We took turns being the top I guess you would say. I went first and then he went. When he caused me to orgasm and he released into me…I swear I saw glimpses of the universe and it was very different than how I had always thought of it. It is sort of like I had always seen the world in black and white and didn't know it, but being with him forced me suddenly to see all the color of life around me. I call this painting Defiance because he defied everything I thought I knew” Ethen said. Soren was fascinated by the young artist and the way he saw the world…and the way he saw Nial. “I know you have to go, but thanks for taking the time to speak with me” Soren said. Ethen smiled and shook his hand again.

 Then he wondered over to stand by Nial as the doors were opened and a large gathering of people came in to see the show. After an hour of looking at the work again and grabbing a small snack from the table of food and beverages that were being offered Soren decided it was time to go home. Nial said goodbye and told him that once the show was over in two weeks the painting would be brought to him and then he would be billed. Soren nodded his head and laughed before leaving.


That is when it happened! Angels can’t see someone in need and not help if they know the person truly wants help; even if the angel is on vacation. On his way home he passed an ally-way and saw a young man sitting on the cold ground shivering in his coat. The young man was extremely handsome with rounded features, the slightest hint of a cleft in his chin, and kind sad eyes. His eyes like his hair were dark, and his hair was cut into an attractive type of Mohawk. By looking at the young man he could tell that if he were standing they would be almost matched in height, with the young man slightly shorter than himself. The youth looked tired and as if he had survived some horrific tragedy. It was almost as if he could hear the boy’s soul crying out…not to him in-particular but to anyone in spirit who would listen. 

(Farris as I see him looks like Jason V. from All American Guys)

Soren approached the young man who looked utterly startled and backed as hard as he could up against the wall.

“It’s ok, I am not here to hurt you. I thought you might need help” Soren said!

“No thanks, I’m just fine” The young man said in a deep gruff voice that sounded far older than it should.

“Do you need someplace to stay. I have a place near by. You can eat and take a shower if you want”.

“I don’t do shelters sir. I have had my fill of them”.

“I was actually referring to my apartment” Soren said with a smile.

 “Look Mr. if you are after sex, well no offense but you won’t get it from me. I don’t do that”!

“You don’t what”?

 “Have sex” the young man said.

 “Well that is sad. However I was not trying to pick you up. I can go out and get beded if that is what I want. I’m not exactly a mutant am I, and I have a terrific new job starting in a little while so…do you want a place to stay”?

 “No… you are not a mutant. I am sorry if I offended you. I have just been propositioned so many times by both men and women that I just expect…well you know”.

“Well I am sure that is true, looking the way you do. I promise though I won’t try anything. I just don’t think anyone should sleep on the streets and since you were put in my path; well I have to assume that it is for a reason and I am supposed to help you”!

“So you believe in fate”?

“Let’s say that I believe in Destiny and Divine Will”!

“You’re not some religious nut who is going to try and save me are you? Frankly I have been supposedly saved…for a meal…one too many times and I can’t go through that one again either”.

“Well let’s say I do have religious beliefs, but I would never try to convert anyone to my way of looking at things. To each their own. Come home with me, or are you going to make me sleep out here in the street watching over you; because I will you know. If I see someone who looks like their in trouble I will not be able to sleep for being concerned about them”.

“Alright…if you really wouldn’t mind. It is getting a little cold now and I don’t want to get sick again”!

“Alright then, let’s go… follow me” Soren said and reached out his hand to the young man and helped him to his feet. The young man put his coat on the right way and threw a bag over his shoulder. If he had to get away from another nut-job he had a gun and he would use it; not to mention the knife he had in his pocket.

Soren led the way back to his place and they went in. The young man looked around and his eyes got wide. “I guess you do alright for yourself sir” he said. “I do alright, and you can call me Soren. The sir is making me feel really old, though I appreciate the manners. And your name is”?

“Soren…that’s a name I haven’t heard before. My name is Farris Anthony but my friends usually call me fair”.

“What a great name. Mind if I call you Fair when we have known each other a while…I like that” Soren responded.

“Soren call me whatever you want. It really doesn’t make a difference to me”.

“Alright, well why don’t you go have a nice shower and get warmed up. If you need to do laundry there is a room downstairs. The whole building is mine such that it is. If you don’t have night cloths I can get some laid out for you. Then we can eat, and afterwards I am going to watch some movies”!

“That sounds great thanks. I don’t have any cloths. Just the ones I am wearing right now. Thanks for this Soren. It has been a long time since…someone was so nice to me”.

Soren wanted to shed a tear but restrained himself not wanting to make the boy feel worse. “Well think nothing of it. The shower is right through there and around the corner. Tomorrow we will go shopping and I will get a you a few things”.

Farris looked at him and smiled, “Are you trying to establish sainthood”?

“No, just doing my part to help humanity. Now go on, go get warmed up”.

Farris walked into the bedroom and then found the bathroom. He found the closet of towels and shut the door behind him. Soren went into the bedroom and got some sleeping cloths and then went and knocked on the door and told Farris that he was hanging cloths on the back of the door for him. Farris shouted that he heard him and then Soren went to prepare dinner for them.

When Farris was done in the shower, he got out and toweled off feeling like a new person to a degree. He wrapped up all of his dirty cloths in the towel and then put his weapons into his bag. He opened the door slightly and found the cloths. He retrieved them and shut the door quickly to get dressed. The night cloths were light blue, and the nicest thing he had worn in several years. He felt a little vulnerable though with no underwear on, but he decided it wouldn’t make a difference. For some reason he couldn’t understand, he believed that Soren was being honest when he said he wouldn’t try anything. He grabbed the bag and his shoes, along with the towel holding his cloths and he went out to the living room. When he arrived out in the living room he found Soren making a small feast for dinner in the kitchen. He found a platter of fruits and cheeses. He smelled something wonderful in the air and his stomach began to turn and growl, as his mouth watered. “I hope you like Pot Pie. It seemed an appropriate dish for the occasion. Your not a vegetarian are you”?

“No, it smells so good”.

“Good…feeling better”?

“Words can’t express how much. Where can I put my stuff? Oh and also…I have this laundry I need to do”.

“You can put your things over by the wall next to the sofa and have a seat if you want. Drinks are in the refrigerator. I will take your laundry and put it in”.

Farris just looked at Soren as if he were an alien. He thought he might have passed out in the ally and that he might be dreaming. If he was, he didn’t want to wake up any time soon. He handed the cloths to Soren who exited the room and headed to the first level.

Once Soren was gone he grabbed some fruit and cheese and ate it swiftly as if he was doing something wrong. Then he went to the fridge and grabbed a bottled water, and a can of soda. He headed to the couch and grabbed his bag and shoes and put them beside the wall. He found a throw on the couch and covered himself up with it.

Soren was throwing the cloths into the washer downstairs and doing exactly what Nial had taken time to teach him the day before. When he saw the underwear, he picked them up, and not being able to help himself he inhaled their scent. Farris’s odor filled his head and he got dizzy for a moment with lust causing his head to reel. He grew instantly hard smelling the mix of sweat, testosterone, pheromones, cum, and even the acidic traces of urine. He threw in the underwear and then the towel in with the pants, the shirt, and the jacket. He put in some washing liquid and turned on the machine. He got himself under control and then headed back upstairs. He picked up the tray of fruits and cheeses and carried it to the living room. He found Farris looking around. Soren smiled and turned on the television with the volume low. Soren considered Farris very slowly and with great focus. Farris was simply beautiful. “So if you don’t mind me asking… and if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to…how did you…”? “Come to be a street urchin”? “Not the words I would have chosen, but yes”. “I didn’t have the greatest home life and that’s all I want to say about that. I ran away when I was 12 and I have been living in and out the system and on and off the streets ever since. I have been in a lot of really bad situations. I’ve seen so many things in my life…my very long short life” Farris answered. “Wow that is more honesty than I have heard out of someone like you in a while”. “Someone like me” Farris said? Soren had to think fast to cover up terrible lapse. “A young person I mean” Soren said. “You can’t be much older than I am” Farris said with a confused grin. “That’s probably true. I have just gotten used to thinking about people your age as young…I guess it’s because I’m a teacher”. “What do you teach”? “I will teach anything except science and I prefer not to teach math. My specialty is Literature and I am also great with history, philosophy, and religion. And after the terrific show I saw tonight, I think I may go and get credited to teach art appreciation” Soren replied. “Wow, that is a really impressive repertoire” Farris said. “Thanks” Soren replied blushing. “I bet the food is ready, I will go see. I hope you don’t mind me watching some movies”. “No that sounds really nice. I haven’t seen any in a long time except through store windows or when I can sneak into a theater which is a lot harder these days” Farris said. Soren went and prepared the plates and the food which he found was indeed ready. “God that smells good” Farris said. Soren brought the plates along with forks and hands towels. Farris took his plate with a thank you and began to eat his food like he might never get another meal. Soren excused the poor etiquette considering the circumstances and bowed his head and closed his eyes. He made some motions over his food and breathed on it before crossing himself after saying a short prayer. Farris looked at him like he was some sort of strange creature in a magical side show exhibit until Soren opened his eyes making Farris avert his eyes very quickly.

Soren picked up his plate and began to eat slowly as if every bite was the best taste he had ever put into his mouth. After dinner was over Soren took the plates and put them into the sink and then sank back down into his sofa cushions and asked “What kind of movies do you like”? “I like anything really” Farris said. “Well I was given some fantasy d.v.d’s. would you mind if I watched them”? “No not at all”. “Alright, well if you get sleepy go lay down in the bed. I am going to take the sofa tonight”. “No I can’t let you do that after all this” Farris said taken aback. “Nonsense, you are my guest and shall have the best of what I have. Besides how long has it been since you had a proper nights sleep? I want you to have a good rest for tomorrow. Shopping will be tiring” Soren said. “Alright if that is what you want…thank you, but I think it’s too much” Farris said. “How can there ever be enough of doing good things” Soren asked? “Please don’t be too nice to me, I don’t want to get used to it”. “I want you to get used to it. I am going to help you change your life you know. I promise you that when I am through with you, you will never want for anything ever again. You will have a home, a job you love, and a good life” Soren said. Upon hearing this Farris laughed. “How can you go around promising things like that, don’t you know it’s wrong to make people hope and dream for things that will never happen” Farris asked?

 “Believe me or not… as you like, but I vow to you that I am being completely sincere and completely serious”. Somehow even though he didn’t want to think about it, let alone believe it…he knew Soren was telling him the truth which was a frightening concept to him. This man really did want to help him and change his life. “Who thinks that way anymore” Farris thought to himself? He didn’t want to hear anything that would make him hope for more. His heart had been broken far too many times in life already. He couldn’t bare anymore disappointment. “So what do you want out of life Farris”? Farris looked thoughtful and then said before, he could stop the words from coming out of his mouth… “I want …I want what I never had… a family and a home. I want to wake up in the morning and know that I will wake up to love and I want to go to sleep knowing what peace feels like” Farris said with tears stinging his eyes… “what was wrong with him” he wondered? He couldn’t stop being totally honest with this stranger. He never even knew he felt that way….he never realized that is what he truly wanted out of life. “I want to make music”. “A musician huh…well…than I promise you that you will have what you have just asked for”. “Don’t say that please” Farris said. “Alright, I won’t say it again” Soren said. He got up and put in the d.v.d. of Lord of The Rings. As they waited for the movie to start, Soren asked “So what instrument do you play”? “I can sing a little and play the guitar. I learned in one of the homes I was in before….before I had to leave. I always wanted to learn to play the piano as well. I only had a few lessons when I was young but I always thought I could be good at that” Farris answered. “Well I can make that happen…now before the movie starts…tell me something”. “What do you want to know now” Farris said with a rueful smile? “Before we get to a job you love, we need to start you out with a job that you can have right now…I have to hire an assistant for when I teach, I don’t do teachers assistants. I always hire outside help” Soren said making things up as he went along; then he continued “How would you feel about coming to work for me when I start teaching at the end of next month? Until then, you can help out around here”. Farris was again taken by surprise, at the kindness of the offer. “What would I do for you as an assistant…how do I even know if I am qualified”? “Oh you are more than qualified. You will help me grade papers and run errands for me, and you will take calls for me and prepare my schedule”? “I think… I think I can do that” Farris said with a smile, “but are you sure you want to hire me? I mean you don’t even know me. I am just some random guy off the streets” Farris asked afraid of the answer?

“Absolutely! And you are not just some random guy off the street. You are a human being who deserves as much dignity as every other human being” Soren said and then the previews were over and the movie began. Farris didn’t know what to make of Soren, who had to be one of the strangest people he had ever encountered; and he didn’t care what Soren said…he was totally trying to make saint status. They watched the entire directors cut of the movie and then Farris had fallen asleep. Soren had enjoyed the movie thoroughly and looked over to see that Farris had fallen asleep. He got up and made a motion over Farris; a sleeping influence, so that he wouldn’t wake up till the next day. He picked Farris up and carried him to the bed. He covered him up and then bent and kissed his forehead.

Then he walked back out to the living room and picked up his phone and dialed Nial. “You know it is really late right” Nial asked both annoyed and amused? “Nial I need your help, I need you to do something for me”. “Alright, how can I help you”? Soren launched into the story of Farris. “Wow…your first assignment already…it’s just day two. That has to be some sort of record. Ok I will make the arrangements. You get him out of the apartment tomorrow and I will take care of the rest” Nial said… “Now go to sleep”. “Alright” said Soren with a grin… “It would be so much better if you were here to kiss me and tuck me in” Soren said wryly. “Don’t tempt me…I am tired and I have company” Nial said laughing and then hung up. Soren chuckled and then went to the bedroom and got a pillow, then went to the sofa and prepared a place to sleep with the throws. He went to Farris’s bag began to go through the contents. He was surprised to find the gun, but not really surprised at the knife. He found a large notebook and opened it. It was full of writing and drawings. He read the words… they were song lyrics and poems and he began to weep inside at how beautiful some of them were and how horrible Farris’s life experiences must have been. He didn’t feel bad about the snooping but he did feel a little guilty at using a Truth Influence on the boy earlier. The drawings were quite good as well. Several of them were almost gothic in nature, and many of them had Celtic looking knotwork around them. Soren put everything back in the bag. Then he went to sleep that night planning the next day.

Soren woke up to the smell of toast and bacon. He got off the sofa, stretched and wondered over to the kitchen. “Well what’s all this”? “I though making breakfast was the least I could after everything you’ve done for me. I slept in a way I can’t remember ever sleeping. I don’t have the words to….I just wanted to thank you” Farris said. Soren sat down, “You don’t owe me a thank you…if you want to thank someone you can thank God. Now that smells really, really good. How about we eat and get ready. We need to head out early today”. “Sure thing” Farris said and brought a plate for Soren along with a glass of orange juice and then got his own breakfast and sat down. “You better be careful, a man could get used to treatment like this” Soren said with a grin. The grin on his face was so ridiculous that Farris had to smile, he couldn’t stop himself. It was sometime later that he realized that he hadn’t smiled a real smile in a long time. Most of the time when he smiled it was with an agenda. “You know…I get this feeling that you are very dangerous” Farris said. “Oh I am, and make no mistake about that. I have this way of getting what I want” Soren said. Farris tried not to smile but couldn’t help himself and blushed. After breakfast Soren got him to take another shower and laid out some cloths for him. Then he got his own cloths out and waited to take his shower. Farris walked out of the bathroom in nothing but the towel wrapped around his waist. Soren couldn’t help but stare for a moment with wide eyes and a mouth that began to water. “See something you like” Farris said with a calculated smile, and waited for the inevitable response he knew must be coming. He knew that it was all too good to be true. He wondered what this guy would expect him to do. 

“Oh I am…” Soren laughed nervous and embarrassed, “I am sorry. I just um… here are your cloths and I am going to get in the shower now and get ready. Soren walked hurriedly into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He tried to get himself under control but it was difficult after what he had just seen. Farris looked amazing.

 Soren had to beat off swiftly in the shower in order to make himself calm down. Farris in the meantime was wondering how long Soren’s good grace and will would last before he lost control and demanded what he was obviously after. Soren finally came out of the shower wrapped in his towel just long enough to grab his cloths and head back into the bathroom. It was long enough however for Farris to see just how amazing Soren looked, and for him to see the tremendous ink Soren had. 

Then he quickly snapped himself out of it. What was wrong with him. It must be the royal treatment he was receiving. It was enough to make him think anyone was overly attractive. He waited for a while, but soon enough Soren was there, dressed and ready to go. “You won’t need your bag if you want to leave it here, and I will be getting you a new one today in any case” Soren said. “Oh, alright… thanks” Farris said. He followed Soren out and Soren locked the door behind them before they entered the lift and headed down. In no time at all they were on their way, and Soren got his first chance to drive his new car, a sporty silver beauty. 

They shopped and Farris tried to talk Soren out of most of the purchases, but Soren wasn’t even pretending to listen. By the end of the day he had a new wardrobe. “So what is your favorite color” Soren asked Farris. “Well actually my very favorite color in the entire world is that blue…like the blue of your kitchen island” Farris answered. “Oh I see…well good. Hey I need to drop you off at the next store and run somewhere really quick. I will be back in a few moments. Don’t leave the store. I don’t want to loose you”. “This is it then isn’t it…you are ditching me…you aren’t coming back. At least I got a free shower out it” Farris said. “No Farris, it isn’t like that at all. I need to go get some things. Now here is my credit card and purchase any cloths you like from this store”. Farris looked at the card in his hand astonished. Soren had made a duplicate before they left the house. Farris got out and went inside the store stunned. Soren went a few streets away. There was an instrument store. He went inside and a man began showing him around. It didn’t take as long as he had thought it would to find the things he wanted. The manager helped him with his purchases which were several. Soren pretended to have to go to the restroom and took his purchases with him. Once inside he locked the door and then opened the boxes. He took out his scepter which he had hidden inside his sleeve before he had left the apartment. He took the stone out of his necklace and placed it inside the holder on the scepter again. He pointed his scepter at each item one at a time and then began giving them a slight makeover. When he was finished he put everything back into their packages and loaded his vehicle up, then he swung by another store and bought a set of keys. When he was inside the car he pulled out his house key and his car key and made the new blank keys into duplicates. Then he went back to the store to find Farris walking around with a very small basket of things. “Well this won’t do at all, what’s a matter do we need to find another store…does this one lack clothes that you like” Soren asked? “No, it’s fine…I just feel really bad about all of this and I don’t want to take advantage of your generosity”. “Forget about that. Find all of the things you like and let’s get them”. Farris wanted to protest but somehow knew he would be fighting a losing battle. They went to lunch afterwards; they ate at an oriental restaurant because Farris had mentioned that he liked Asian food. During lunch Soren got a phone call. “Thank Nial…I uh…I owe you one”. “You owe me a big one…and make no mistake…you will make it up to me” Nial said laughing and hung up on a blushing Soren. Soren and Farris headed back to the apartment and Soren convinced Farris to just grab the bags in the back seat and leave everything in the trunk to him. Farris nodded and took the key and grabbed the bags out of the seat. He got into the lift and headed up. When he arrived inside he sat the bags down and headed to use the bathroom when the sight of something stopped him dead in his tracks. There against the far wall of the apartment was a shiny black piano standing flush against the wall. It wasn’t there the day before he was sure of it. He went to it and opened it and began to lightly brush his fingers across the keys. “I see you found one of your presents” a voice behind him said. He turned to see Soren and he just started crying. He couldn’t help it; the tears just started to flow. “How did you…when did…who”? “One question at a time please” Soren said. “The how is something I don’t know, the when is right after we left, and the who is Nial…a dear friend of mine”. “This is too much…I don’t know what to…I don’t …” he triped over all of the words he wanted to say, “I can’t take this” Farris said. “Yes you can Farris, and you will. Look I have been blessed with an abundance of money; that is to say it was put into my safe keeping to use as I please. The money isn’t really mine though, it belongs to …well let’s say that it belongs to goodness and it is to be used to help make dreams come true and do good things for the right people”. Farris just tried to breathe but was having trouble. “Your music teacher arrives tomorrow for your first lesson. He will teach you anything you want to know about music and singing, and if you listen to him you will learn to be a great musician. You will need these to though” Soren said and pointed at things piled by the couch. There were two guitar cases, an amp, two stands, and a bag. The amp was electric blue. He went to the bag not even wanting to look inside the cases yet for fear that he might start crying again. In the bag there were a couple of straps. One was made of black cloth, and one was made out of black leather. They both had electric blue Celtic knotwork on them. There were also several picks. One electric blue pick, looking like it was made of iridescent stone was connected to a cord, and had a silver metal image on it. When the light caught the pendant, it had faint designs of musical notes on it. The metal image was of a sacred heart, and on the back was a strange symbol. “I wanted you to have music to carry with you wherever you go, and the symbol of the sacred heart represents the light love which I believe to be the most powerful force ever known to creation”. What Soren didn’t tell him was that he had imbued the pendent with certain virtues and blessings. “What is this other symbol” Farris asked? “It is a sigil from an ancient language, it stands for the letter F, and underneath it is the septagram. The seven pointed star means many things…all of them good”. Soren took the necklace and held it up, “May I put it on you? Will you wear it for me” Soren asked Farris? “Yes, I will” Farris replied and Soren walked behind him and put the necklace on him from behind. Farris shivered when he felt Soren’s fingers brush against him and electricity shot through his whole body. “Now open the cases and look at your new instruments” Soren said. Farris bent down and opened the cases carefully. When he saw what was inside he drew a sharp breath that caught in his throat. Inside of the first case was an acoustic guitar. It was electric blue and had Celtic knotwork on it. Running down the neck were designs underneath the strings. Alternating dots and stars. Each star was different. There was a six pointed star, a seven pointed star, and a nine pointed star. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He reached out to touch it. It had been made just for him, like Soren knew him…knew what he dreamed of.

The next case housed an electric guitar, again in electric blue and black like the first. This guitar however had alternating sacred hearts and skulls and cross bones running down the neck. On the actual face of the guitar was a celtic cross surrounded by flaming skulls.

(The blue amp.)

(The leather strap)

(the cloth strap)

(the basic idea of the acoustic guitar)

(the basic idea of the electric guitar)

(The basic idea of the talisman Soren gave Farris)

He took it out and turned it over looking at it. It was even more beautiful than the first. It was then he noticed that it was inscribed. “To Farris, May all your Dreams come true” and it was signed “Love, God and Soren”. In one day Soren had given him the world and changed his life. It was like his own personal miracle; he must have died in the ally way and gone to his own personal heaven, which was funny because he had never let himself believe that heaven could be real for someone like him. It was like Soren was his own fairy God-Father or guardian angel. The tears flowed again, but this time he smiled through them. He set down the Guitar in its case and then went to Soren and threw his arms around him not holding back. “Who are you man…who does something like this for someone”? “Shhh, one day you will be in the same position that I am in and I want you to promise me that you will help whoever needs your help”. Farris backed away from him not letting him go and looked him into his eyes…his very warm beautiful golden eyes and meaning it with every fiber of his being said, “I promise I will”. “Good then. There is one last thing about the guitars…I want you to take a week and pick your favorite quote in the world…something that means something very special to you. Then I will have it inscribed on the back of the acoustic”. Farris smiled and could only say “Alright…thank you Soren”. “No problem, now set up your instruments and amp over there by the piano. Oh I forgot there are also a few art supplies in the entry way closet for you in case you ever want to draw or paint”. “How did you…last night, after I passed out, you put me in the bed and then went through my bag”. “Yes…no offense. I know it was a violation of your privacy but I had to know who I had let into my house. I hope you are not angry at me for wanting to protect myself”? “Normally I would be furious but I can’t be mad at you about that…not after all of this…I” Farris lost the ability to speak. “Alright then, go take all of your cloths and put them away in the closet, then I will get dinner ready…maybe you will play for me while I do that. Then later maybe we can watch another movie”? “Alright” Farris said with a broad goofy smile. He went and began putting his things away, but not before noticing that a new small bed had been put in the far corner of the bedroom. Soren had got him his own bed. Soren wasn’t expecting anything from him.

“Hey Farris, would you mind helping me tomorrow. I need to get the house ready for tomorrow night”? “What’s tomorrow night” Farris asked? “We are going to have some company over for dinner and it is the first time I have ever thrown a dinner party…at least here, that is”! “Oh …well sure” he replied as he finished putting all his new cloths away; of which there were many…and many accessories and shoes as well. When he was finished he went into the living room and got out his new acoustic guitar and began to tune it, finding it was already perfectly tuned. He began to play a song he knew. One of the first songs he ever learned…green sleeves. “Oh nice…good choice” Soren said as he got dinner ready. He listened to Farris play wonderfully. He could tell there was room for improvement, but the teacher would help him with that. Farris’s playing trailed off for a moment as he noticed a new wallet on the table that matched his guitar straps; along with a key chain that matched his necklace, except that the metal image was of a music note. There were a set of keys on the key chain. Soren had made him his own copies for the loft and the car. How could anyone be so stupid or so generous? The tears began to flow again and he started playing again. After dinner was over they settled in to watch the two towers, before turning in and they both drifted to sleep very happy and at peace.

(Farris's new wallet)

(Farris's new key chain)

The next morning Farris woke first again. He wanted to give something to Soren but he didn’t have anything. He set to work on writing him a poem but that wouldn’t be done for a long while and wasn’t enough to say what he wanted to say. Then a thought hit him…one he never dreamed he would ever consider. An old foster brother that had gotten killed and who meant the world to Farris, was the one who taught him to play. Farris had truly loved and been loved by only one person in his life…his late foster brother Luke.

                                     (Random guy from the net, Luke as I see him) 

 Luke had also given Farris a ring. The ring was not all that valuable except to Farris. It was his most cherished possession. It was what gave him his love of Celtic knotwork and design. It was a thick silver men’s ring that was a band of knotwork. He never imagined he would give it up to anyone, but suddenly he wanted to. He fished the ring out of his bag a and brought it to Soren’s bed. Soren was still sleeping peacefully as Farris approached. Farris brushed Soren’s hair off of his face and the touch of Farris's skin woke Soren. “What is it…what’s wrong”? “Nothing's wrong Soren, it’s just that you have done so much for me…I wanted to do something for you. I want you to have something”. “Oh …what’s that”? “I want you to have this ring. It is very special to me, and I want you to have it”. Soren took the ring and looked at it. It was a nice ring. “What does this ring mean to you Farris”? Farris told him, not being able to stop himself again for some strange reason. When he was finished, Soren said “I can’t take this from you”. “Please Soren…please, I want you to have it”. “Alright” Soren said… “Go get me one of the boxes of extra laces we bought you yesterday and the scissors from the kitchen please”. “Sure” Farris said not understanding but doing what Soren asked. When he was back, he handed the items to Soren. Soren took out a shoe string and cut the tips off. He wrapped the string around the side of the ring to where it would hang like a wreath flat against his chest. Then he tied the ends into knots and put the ring on like a necklace. “Well that is one way to wear it I suppose” Farris said laughing his confused laugh. “Luke was special to you…you are special to me. So I will wear the both of you next to my heart”. Farris wanted to cry but didn’t want to appear like a huge cry baby with all the tears he had already shed lately. Soren had changed everything he thought he knew…about the world;  about people. Soren however saw things differently. Farris had given much more to him than he had given to Farris. Farris gave what mattered most to him out what he had… which was nothing. That was a true gift, and he hoped to be worthy of it and said a quiet prayer that he would be. 

                                                            (Luke's Ring)


Terminology for Immortal Beloved;

Malachim; (Pronounced Malek-ee-im, or Malek-keem) the over all race of the angels of light. Though each order and choir of Malachim consider themselves almost as separate nations under one over all nation. In the same way that there are many tribes of people in one country.  

Mazzikul; The race of the fallen ones. Mazzikal, Mazzikim, or mazzikin are alternative names for these beings. In common terms, though common terms in this case are a misnomer…these beings are called demons. Because this is a term humans are familiar with, angels have made a habit of using the term demon.

Celestials; any beings who resides in the heavenly realms. This includes several races.

Terrestrials; off world aliens or extra terrestrials.

Elemental’s; fairies: Nature spirits or nature angels. The malachim consider them cousins rather than siblings which also suits the elementals just fine. Both races are somewhat proud though not negative or hateful. Elementals that turned evil are called the telazikim or in the singular “a Telazi”. The realm of Fairie has many terms and names which might come up in the story and will be added later. One such term is Oz, other terms are the veil, the otherworld, Avalon, and Annwn (pronounced Ah-noon).

Aperion Animium ; angelic power phrase which means “reveal spirits”, used to cause near by spirit beings to become visible. (Pronounced Ap-peer-eon An-ih-my-um).

The Delphi; (the dolphin seer, dolphin rider, the world seer, or oracle of the deep hallow sacred womb). This young looking man is actually very old. His once great race ruled the earth in a forgotten portion of history now known only in popular legends. They were a master race whose D.N.A. was made up of human, elemental, alien, and angelic essence and codes. It was the dolphin people who held Atlantis. Though they did not travel space like their alien predecessors  they did have much of the same technologies they had. They had ways of controlling energy, and they had lots of knowledge of other things like time travel.

Ecclesium Angelorium; (Temple or Church house of the malachim)

Angelicus; angelic

Angelicus datum recordium ; Angelic information / knowledge record(s) : the angelic manual given to Soren at the beginning of the story. A.D.R. for short.

Kavana; spiritual focused meditation as practiced by angels and enlightened beings.

Emunah is utter faith, mature faith; the knowing beyond faith. The faith usually only known to the denizens of heaven.

Dybukkshon; Possession by Dybukk; possession by a lost soul or poltergeist.

Mazishon; possession by a demon.                

Tzaddikim ; 36 righteous souls that must exist at all times for the world to continue to exist. When there are less than thirty six the end will follow. So if one is to die, they must be replaced before death. There must always be thirty six.

(taken from an online article on angels;  There are the lamed vavnikim, the thirty-six, the tzaddikim, the righteous ones. There must be thirty-six tzaddikim at all times for the world to continue to exist. They are so fully good their existence outweighs the evil of others and is enough to save the world. If but one were lost, evil would so overbalance good that the world could not continue. 

These saintly ones are supposed to live, quietly mending the world, subtly improving the lives of those with whom they come in contact -- and to be so humble they don't even realize they are tzaddikim.

But they are not saccharine saints. Sometimes their task is to impose hardships in order to save a person from a terrible fate. Just as God had to destroy the world by flood to save it. They are not malachim. They are human like us. But more than simply human like us.

Or perhaps we can act as tzaddikim - repairing the world - and never knowing it, in small ways, for just seconds at a time, sowing a little light, for a moment creating light and not only dark.

The next thoughts I have are personal ones and hard ones. We all want happiness, long for it, pray for it. But sometimes we are denied it, maybe for periods so long it feels like a lifetime. Long enough we can feel angry with a God who will not answer prayer. Long enough to understand the feeling: Out of the depths I cried to you.

So much in life makes us want to cry out against any God who would allow this to exist.

So what are our choices if beg for happiness - but the answer the universe seems to throw back at us is: No.

Perhaps this is the time to consider that this may be our chance to walk briefly in the path of the tzaddikim, struggling to stay on the right path, having faith - that in doing this we are creating light. Having faith and joy that we take up the challenge to be engaged in repairing the world - even though we may not have the eyes to see it. Even though this light that may never shine on us. 

After Jacob had an encounter with the divine, he said: "And God was in this place - and I, I did not know." 

How can this be? Moses had to hide his eyes when God passed by or be blinded. If God's presence is so overwhelming, how could Jacob have missed God's presence? Perhaps we are more like Jacob than Moses - and the reality of God's presence is hard to sense. Perhaps that is why we are asked to say: Shviti adonai knegdi tamid - I place God before me always.

Perhaps, with time, if we sow light to mend this broken world, we will come to see that we can stand in a place where God always is.)
Mitzvah; a good / righteous deed. A kind action. These good deeds help heal the world one step at a time. The idea of random acts of kindness also stems from this concept. “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings” is an idea that arose from this concept, and action as well. It is believed by some Jewish people that God never stopped creating angels. Some believe that with each good deed done, there is another angel born. During the first war in heaven one third of malachim fell. There were still twice as many good angels as bad. That number doesn’t mean that much anymore because God never stopped creating souls or new angels. So now the armies of light out number the armies of evil many times over. Though fallen angels however are willing to do things that good angels won’t so they get away with much and seem to wield more influence of people much of the time. Every mitzvah done is a great act of light in the world that brings the world one step closer to becoming whole and holy once more. Every mitzvah evolves the souls of those involved and elevates the world. It is also believed by some that the holiness within a righteous human soul supersedes that of an angelic being.

Celestone; celestone is a type of angelic stone from the crystal city of the angels which is the angelic province in heaven outside of the great city of Neo-Jerusalem. In appearance it is much like aqua labradorite. It is a crystal carved out of an AngeliStari (angelic star; an orb of light or energy or small star common in malachainon, often created by angels themselves).

Malachainon; (pronounced Mal-ih-kaynun) the city of the angels: the angelic crystal city where the angels live, and certain other citizens of heaven distinguished among the saints. The biblical city of Canon was named through its influence. 

Enochian (pronounced several ways; ee-no-key-un, in-knock-ee-un are two examples); the over all term for the multiple languages of the malachim. Each order and choir has it’s own alphabet and language dialect. The overall term for angel speak though is enochian. The prophet seer enoch who had been a Delphi was named for the language of the angels. All of the holiest and most powerful of human languages derives from enochian; Aramaic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, greek, and latin all derive from enochian. The exception to this rule is Gaelic. Gaelic was derived from blending both Enochian, and Gaulisha. Gaulisha is the over all word for the language of the elementals. Though much like the malachim, the fairies have many types, tribes, and language dialects.

The Omphalos (Pronounced Om-foul-oce; oce said like ice but with an oh instead of an eye sound); the womb stone: a most sacred celestone held by the Delphi. It holds certain vast powers. One would think that the fallen would be after it, but they must avoid it at all costs. It can fatal to them. By fatal what is meant, is that it will kill their semi-physical forms and send them directly to the abyss.

Rafaiem (pronounced Ra-fy-eem);  common Angelic healing. When angels heal through music and sound it is called Rafailium (Pronounced Ra-fay-liam).

Hallailium; angelic worship music. Common angelic music is called Malimusicium. Pronunciations are as follows; Huh-lay-liam (or huh-lil-lium), Mal-ih-muse-ih-key-um.
The human term Hallel for praise and worship music is derived from the hallailium. The term hymn referring to a religious or spiritual song that teaches the psyche (soul / mind connection) through the telling of a story or parable comes from a mix of both of these angelic terms.

RoiFaiHeim (Pronounced Row-ee-fay-heem); Fairie healing. It means Spirit-Elf-Hand. It implies an act of healing done with the hand. Most fairie healers come from the Fei tribe, or earth tribe. While there are endless types of fairies, there are four main tribes that all subcategories belong to. Fei, Fai, Fea, Fae are all different spellings of the earth tribe. The other tribes are Naids, Niema, or Niem (Water tribe), Jinn or Jinni (Fire Tribe), and Shea (She, shay, shai, shae,; Air tribe); though among humans who know about fairies it is common to refer to all elementals as shea or fei, though this is not a correct use of these terms.

Celestilas; this is an angelic stylus that they use to write sacred enochian script and holy symbols. Often they draw on themselves, in the air, or on buildings and objects. They also write on people. Many angels have personalized stili, in the same way humans personalize their cell phones.

Solari-Steeli; An angelic blade or sword, flaming sword, Sword of heavenly solar light. Many angels have personalized swords.

Angelicistri; also called a mercurialis, this is an angelic scepter, wand, or rod. Usually angels commonly refer to them as scepters. These are also commonly personalized by angels.

The angelic bible is called the emunah recordari; the book of faith, or book of angelic faith, record of faith, or recorded angelic faith. A common term for any other angelic scroll or book; Agelicus Biblioa. The angelic manual passed out is called the angelicus datum recordium. Each angelic bible has one personalization; the name of the angel who owns it is inscribed in the front cover.

The Celide`s are a sect of Christians, celtic Christian mystics to be precise that malachim can turn to for help in almost all cases. One of the only religious sects on the planet that not only know of, but who work with angels on a regular bases.

Siblis Angels; two or more angels created as actual siblings, directly linked not just by race but by much stronger bonds. Though all angels commonly call each other brother and sister, these types of angels actually are brothers and sisters in a very human like way.

Twin Flames; these are ultimate soul mates. Almost every being has many soul mates they have the potential to meets and build happy lives and relationships with. There are souls however that were created as almost two halves of the same whole. These are twin flames.

Twin souls; these are a lot like twin flames but not as strong, and not romantic in nature. They are two souls who were created as siblings much like siblis angels. In cases where this occurred that means there are four souls linked very strongly.

Meta-Essence; is essence of non human beings, often put into human D.N.A. 

Meta-abilities; Metaphysical abilities.

 this list may be added to as the story progresses. 


                                                         ~Part 2~

                       ~ The Power of Music~

Rolli Westlin was not what Farris was expecting in a music teacher. For one thing Rolli was young. He couldn’t have been that much older than Farris. For another thing he was absolutely beautiful. Any normal person would have been instantly enamored of him. He was tall, he had warm golden hair with occasional strands of copper and brown. His eyes were Brown with flecks of red and gold which made them some of the warmest eyes Farris could remember seeing. He had arrived early in the afternoon coming up the lift with a large dolly hauling several bags and instrument cases and a box of books. Also on the dolly was a large white board and several types of stands. Soren who had already risen and showered helped him get set up by the fireplace and Farris excused himself to shower and dress quickly after introductions were over. While Farris was getting ready, Soren got brunch prepared for all of them. Soren filled Rolli in on the things that Nial hadn’t told him yet about the situation. Soren had noticed amongst other things that Farris didn’t like to be touched, especially near the ribs or on the back. The back of the legs was also not a good idea to get too close to. Farris had never said any of it out loud but Soren had noticed subtle body language and motions. How Farris would avoid certain contact. It was alright for him to touch other people, but not for them to touch him. He informed Rolli of as much as he could as fast as he could before Farris was back and dressed.

                                                     (I see Rolli as Taylor K.)

 Soren had learned to not have expectations about most things so he wasn’t surprised by Rolli in quite the same way Farris was. In many superficial ways Rolli was a lot like Ethen. Their hair was close in color, though Rolli’s hair was more vibrant somehow, and a little longer. Their faces were similar; but Rolli had angular married with round instead of square features. While Ethen exuded sensuality, Rolli oozed sex in every movement. There was something earthy and raw about him; something almost flagrantly hedonistic. Whatever that quality was however was balanced with something spiritual and good. If Soren didn’t know any better, he would have sworn that Rolli was an elemental. It was possible that he had Elemental essence mixed with his D.N.A.. The Fairies, just like all the other races including The Malachim as the angels officially called themselves had been adding their essence and energies into humanity for untold centuries. If Rolli was such a person, and he did have Meta-Essence in him; he was living proof that all the ages of effort on the part of the other races to help advance humanity was indeed working. He radiated a beautiful auric light and an authenticity from within. Rolli was wearing loose fitting pants and a jacket with a shirt that opened to the solar plexus when he arrived. He had instructed Farris to put on breezy comfortable loose clothing and to wear nothing on his feet. Soren told Farris to use some clean night cloths. Rolli removed his jacket, his socks and his shoes. When they began Rolli agreed that for the first lesson Soren could stay. 

They sat up short backless stools in the living room which Rolli had also brought with him but had left in his vehicle earlier. Soren relaxed on the sofa and just listened totally fascinated by what Rolli had to say. Rolli gave the box of books to Farris and told him to keep them. There was a notebook and some pens inside as well. Rolli wanted Farris to take a few notes as they started. Before they really began though Rolli had some things to say. “I teach people about music Farris. To be specific, I help people become masters of the art of music. If all you want is guitar lessons than I am not the teacher for you. What I teach is all encompassing to a degree. I expect nothing less than total devotion to their art from my students. I expect to be treated with respect and you can expect the same treatment from me. If you agree to enter this than we will do these lessons four times a week for three hours a day, as long as it takes for you to learn. I have only two students at a time. At some point you may meet your fellow apprentice if I decide it is in your best interest. I never have more than two students at any given time. In this way I can devote myself to you and give you my full attention. Does this sound like something you really want to enter into”? 

Farris looked at him for a moment and then looked at Soren for approval. Soren smiled and nodded his head in encouragement. Farris looked back at Rolli and said, “Yes I want to learn all I can, I want to be the best musician I can be” Farris responded with such sincerity that Rolli had no room for doubt that Farris meant what he said. “Then let us begin. I want you to take a few notes and then we began with some basic information and exercises after I have given you a rundown of how this course works”. Farris opened his new notebook and prepared to write down whatever Rolli said. “It has been said that Music is the harmonic connection between all living things. This is true! Music is an expression through the vehicle of sound; of feelings, emotions, and ideas experienced by a person at a given moment or a fixed point in time. The feeling or idea expressed may or may not be true afterwards but it will forever be true of that moment. The origin of the word has it’s roots in the word Muse; which in mythos is a “Bringer of Inspiration”. Music is part of the power that upholds and sustains the universe and its flow. All of life has music and is part of music. If you know how to listen and you step outside you can hear the music of life all around you”. Soren sat wondering how a human could understand so completely what music really was. 

Rolli continued, “Your homework after I leave today will be to practice the exercises I teach you and do some reading tonight. Also I like all of my students to view three movies; August Rush, Ink, and Immortal Beloved, the information for these is on a slip of paper in the back of your notebook. So you will need to go purchase those and watch them this weekend before next weeks lessons begin. We will have a discussion about these films and the things they can teach us. Alright, so first we will start with the very basics, breathing and dance. When I say dance I mean basic movement as it relates to the flow. I am not expecting you to learn ballet or tap or anything like that. Then we will work on your voice and I will let you experience sound therapy; and once you have a better understanding of sound and the power of sound I am going to teach you to read music. Once you know how to read music you can do anything musically. After that we will move on to instruments and that is when the fun part for you really begins”. Soren watched Farris who looked beyond nervous but also intensely focused and perhaps even slightly excited. “I don’t know if I am smart enough or capable enough to learn all of that but I will do my best…I promise” Farris said, and this caused Rolli to smile warmly. “Don’t worry…you CAN do this…that is my promise to you” Rolli replied! “Now before we do the breath exercises I want to hear your raw natural talent, and I want you to hear mine. So I am going to play a piece of music and then sing for you and then you will do the same for me so I know what I am working with! Alright”? “Sure” Farris said and then waited as Rolli rose to get his instrument ready. He chose the Violin  and then he took it out of its case along with his bow and stood in a relaxed posture and breathed in before beginning. Sound suddenly filled the air with strange eerie beauty and even a feeling of power. From the first note both Farris and Soren were totally enrapt. The piece started out with Spring by Vivaldi and then went Rolli went seamlessly into Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi as both Farris and Soren would later learn. When Farris heard the way the classical music melded so magically into what he understood to be modern music a vast new universe he had never glimpsed opened before him and he stepped into it unafraid but with a terrible and sublime awe! The life he had led, never gave rise to the opportunity to truly experience the beauty of the world around him. Until Soren found him in the ally, only Luke had ever showed him that something else was even possible other than devastation of the soul in a hell on earth. Luke had showed him the existence of Love only to leave him in misery again after he went away. Farris did not even know that Luke was dead for almost a month after he went missing. Farris had believed until the police showed up at his foster parents door that Luke had grown tired of him and ran away to live a life of adventure; like the stories he always told Farris at nighttime. Tears stung Farris’s eyes at the memory the music brought forth within him but he held them back. Soren just had his eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply with a smile taking it all in. When the piece was finished Rolli didn’t say anything, he just put away his violin and bow. Then he sat down on his stool and after another few breaths he began to sing. The song was All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens or more commonly in the folk hills of the south Little Sparrow, the David Cook Version. When Rolli’s voice filled the air a new and different magic seemed to settle over everything. It was as if history, time, sex, desire, love, and heartbreak all cam colliding together in a single sound; the sound of Rolli. His voice was both beautiful and masculine. There was something almost dark or dangerous about his voice; some undercurrent of shadow. However there was also light; a light casting away fear and inhibitions. Suddenly Farris wanted Rolli to hear him sing, and he wanted to play for him. Rolli had just given him a gift, and he wanted to give something back to him. Soren listened to the story told in the lyrics of the song and tears rolled down his face at the sadness there. Rolli’s song ended and he just sat there for a moment looking at Farris and then at Soren. Rolli smiled at Soren and all he said was, “The power of music”. “Yes” was all Soren could say. “Now let’s here you Farris. First play me something on your guitar and then you will sing for me”. Farris smiled and retrieved his guitar. Then he asked, “May I please play and sing at the same time”? “Sure, you can do them separately for me later! Alright”? “Thanks” Farris said and then took a few breaths before he began. His fingers strummed the guitar and the music he made was ruff and also filled with a lovely feeling of warmth. The song was Sarah Mclachlan’s Drawn to the rhythm. It was one of only a handful of songs that Luke was able to teach him before he disappeared. Farris didn’t have the chance to play all that often after Luke’s death. Luke’s guitar was stolen from him not long after, but nothing would ever make him forget Luke’s lessons.

Soren listened to the strange song and was pulled into a beautiful day dream of being on a beach and listening to Farris sing beside a fire while other people danced around them at the gloaming as the waves crashed and rushed to kiss the waiting shoreline. Rolli listened first with his eyes closed and then with his eyes open so he could observe first the sound of Farris’s voice and then ways in which he could help him improve. When he was finished, Rolli sat there for a moment before giving his opinion. “Farris, that was absolutely amazing. You have never had any formal training to my understanding”? “No I haven’t. The only training I ever had was Luke and he only taught me a few songs before…” Farris trailed off. Rolli could sense Farris’s sudden discomfort and continued, “Well Farris, while I do see room for some improvement I have to say that you have one of the best raw natural talents I have seen in many years. In fact the only person I can think of with that much natural talent is my son”! “Really” Farris asked not believing Rolli’s words? “Really” Rolli said, “Now play me a short piece on the guitar without singing”. Farris played Green-sleeves for Rolli who listened with great focus and watched with great intensity to see how Farris moved when he played, and how he held the guitar. Afterwards he told Farris to sing. “What should I sing”? “Well it doesn’t really matter, did this Luke teach you any songs just for singing a-cappella”? “Well yes…one…but..” Farris said. “But what” Rolli enquired? “Well it is sort of cliché” Farris answered. “Well who cares…. Cliché things became that way for a reason. Sing it out loud and proud Farris”. Farris nodded and then took a breath after setting his guitar back on its stand. Then he began to sing again… “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a soul like me. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind, oh but now I see”! Soren was listening and the beauty of it overwhelmed him and a volley of tears streamed down his face. Rolli watched and listened again and made evaluations in his head. Rolli couldn’t get away from a strange feeling listening to the young man sing. Soren was suddenly filled with a strange sense of wonder as thoughts began to enter his mind. “What power was this boy given. I feel …I feel; I hear the sound of heaven in his voice. There is something almost supernatural about his singing” Soren thought to himself. When he was finished, he sat there waiting for Rolli to say something. “You know there are dozens of words I want to use right now. Your voice is so strange and wonderful. There is this illusive quality in it that pulls you in somehow. When you sing I feel like I am …traveling, without moving. This may sound like a strange word to compliment your voice with, but your voice is …ubiquitous, almost other-worldly! There is something sublime in your voice and I have no doubts that you can build on that”. “Oh, well that is good. Thank you” Farris said! Soren sat in while they began their breathe work, but when Rolli started in with the dance and movement lessons he excused himself and went to the roof. 

Soren looked out over the city and something akin to panic began to grip him. “My God….what I have been thrown into”? Knowledge was beginning to dawn on him. There was far more to this young man than he could have known to consider. “This is supposed to be my time to relax…what mission have you sent me into Great One? All Father, please send me a sign? What am I supposed to do to help this man? How can I serve him…serve you best in this? Who is he…what is he”? Soren’s ears were suddenly filled with a strange almost inaudible music. At that moment a voice from behind him took him by surprise. “Hello Soren”! Soren turned half expecting to see Nial there, but while this man looked a lot like Nial he was not. This man was every bit as handsome, but his grin was even more cocky and ridiculous…or was it dangerous? Soren couldn’t decide. The man was tall like Nial, he was built almost the same…perhaps not quite as defined or broad. His hair was much lighter, and his eyes were steely blue. There was no warmth in his eyes. There was coldness like ice and death; coldness like a barren bitter landscape in a winter tundra. There gaze was so icy it almost seemed to burn. His smile on the other hand was radiant and warm, like sunlight and fresh baked bread. 

                                          (John Barrowman is how I see Baily)

“Who are you” Soren asked confused and on guard? “I am Bailiniel… Nial’s Brother, people usually call me Baily…feel free”! “Feel free to call you baily” Soren inquired? “Feel free to call me”. Soren didn’t have to test the stranger the way a human would to know that he was an angel of light. As an angel of light himself he could automatically tell. “Brother as in actual sibling….Nial is a Siblis Angel”? “That’s right…I can see why he is so chatty about you…look at you…you are down right hot sex on stick” Baily said! “On what stick” Soren asked totally confused? “On mine later hopefully! For now though, I have been sent with a message for you, before I go and see my Brother”. “Oh…what message is that”? “This is your vacation it is true. The All Father wants you to enjoy your stay here. However, The All Power wants you to remember that he does everything for a reason and you must trust to it. There are many very important reasons Farris was put into your path. One such reason is that this young man is far more than what he knows or appears to be! This mission was entrusted to you out of all the angels in heaven and on earth and you must not fail…you must see this through! Nial and I will be around to help if you need us, and furthermore I am supposed to tell you that you are not only given permission to do whatever is necessary to protect him, it is your divine duty to safeguard him against all injury and threat! Nothing must happen to him, and if it does…well then you are to release Divine Wrath on whoever does it if need be... in order to protect him”! Soren listened with wide eyes. He couldn’t begin to comprehend the importance of what he was being told. He was just a basic…he wasn’t even a throne or cherub and he was expected to not only protect this strange boy but dispense divine wrath and judgment if the occasion arose? What in the all the worlds was going on he wondered?  “Who is this boy? Who is he really” Soren asked Baily? “That is not for you to know yet. I don’t even know, but now that my vacation has been altered for this, I need to go find my brother and fill him in”. “Of course” Soren said and then watched as Baily rose a few inches off the roof and disappeared into thin air. All Soren could do was to proceed as he had planned until something big happened, and after the visitation he had just received he knew it eventually would happen. When the lesson was over and Rolli left, they ate dinner and watched the return of the king before going to bed. 

In the early hours of the morning Soren was awakened by a presence in his abode. “Who is it…who is there…show yourself; I demand it by the power of The Logos, Aperion Animium”! “Quickly Soren…he is waking up, cast a sleep on him again” the voice whispered and echoed off the walls. Soren did as the voice said and put Farris into a deep sleep. An angel appeared in the middle of the room. She was neither tall, nor short; standing at an average height. Her hair was blonde with streaks of white and pink in it. Her eyes were light blue ringed with pink flames. Her robes were white, silver, and pink. She had designs down the length of her arms from what Soren could see; and her wings were White, with pink and silver feathers dusting them here and there. “Greetings Soren, I am Coraliel but you may call me Corali, or Cora if you wish. I am the guardian of Farris, he is in my charge; a charge we now share it seems. Fear thee not Brother, for The Lord is with you and Loves you, and so that you know that I am of Light, I declare openly to you now, that The Logos did become manifest on earth in the flesh and was called Yashua Ben-Yosef”!

(Cora as I see her is Emilie DeRavin)

“Greetings Sister Cora, welcome to grand central… what brings you this night” Soren asked tired and curious?

 “Grand central…that is funny and apropos…I approve! I guess it has been busy around here today. I manifest on this plain now to inform you, that you must do something. Take your Celestilis and mark him while he sleeps. Mark him with these marks; The Sigil Star to help him retain knowledge of what he learns. This mark will of course as you know, also help keep him safe and untouchable by the intangible dark ones. Then mark him with Sigil of amplification. These marks must be made by you…do you understand me”?

“Yes Cora, I understand and I will do as you instruct”.

“Excellent…well, good night then” she said in her soft, trilling, whimsical voice. Soren was intensely aware how melodic she sounded just speaking. He wondered how beautiful her voice must be when she sang.  

“Good night” Soren said as she turned and took her leave becoming invisible.

“Intangible dark ones….shadow demons? What would they want with him” Soren wondered to himself?

                                                    (The Celestilas of Sereniel)

He went to his safe and retrieved the Celestilas and went to Farris and lifted his shirt. Farris stirred but did not wake. Soren couldn’t help but notice how pretty he was while he slept. He took his Mark maker and drew the two sigils Cora had told him to, on Farris’s thymus gland beneath the soft hallow of his neck, one over the other. They burned bright and then faded to look like they had been drawn on with blue marker. Soren made a motion over them and they vanished altogether from sight. Then he fixed Farris’s shirt and sheet and put his Celestilas away and returned to bed wondering what that visitation had been about.

The next morning Soren was up first and ready. He woke Farris and helped him pick out a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Farris didn’t bother to put on shoes and looked over his books and his notes from the day before while he ate breakfast and talked about his lessons with Soren. After breakfast Soren said, “Farris I have to leave now, so I am going to run a few errands while I am gone. I am going to go pick up your three home work movies, and then I am going to go some places I need to go. I will probably drop by and see Nial so I won’t be back till a little before dinner. You have the key if you need to go out, but there are only three people I want in here while I am gone. I am sorry for this inconvenience”.

“Soren, it isn’t inconvenient. It’s your home. Now who are the three people allowed in here”?

“No it’s our home now, and the three people are Rolli of course, Nial, and his brother Baily. This isn’t forever, just for the next few weeks. I have some things going on that I don’t want you to worry about. I just want to err on the side of caution, and make sure we are both safe”.

Farris blushed at hearing Soren say it was their home. “Ours….I have a home now” Farris thought and again despite himself, smiled with true happiness. Soren didn’t know why Farris was smiling but he loved to see his radiant smile. Farris never gave the implied danger a single thought. He was used to being in dangerous situations and his current living arrangement was far too good to ever consider giving up…it was as Soren had pointed out his home that might be in danger and he wasn’t about to let anything hurt his home. A thought occurred to Farris though however that he never would have dreamed was even a possibility. If the place in which he stood was his home, than in a way Soren was his family. The only person who had ever truly been his family was Luke. 

“If Soren is in danger…I can’t….I won’t let anything happen to him. Nothings going to touch him…not so long as there is breath in my body! I won’t loose my family again” Farris told himself with a strong inner voice! Farris’s expression changed and Soren worried that he had upset him. “Don’t worry Farris, this is probably all nothing…I am just being overly cautious! I will see you later this evening, I have to go now. Have a good lesson and listen to Rolli, he knows what he is talking about trust me”! Farris just nodded and then tightly hugged Soren quickly before hurrying over to his guitar to start playing before Soren could think about hugging him back.

Rolli was arriving just as Soren was leaving. “Good Afternoon Soren, how is my student today”? “Oh hello Rolli, he is just fine…upstairs playing his guitar”. “Right, well have a good day” Rolli said. “You as well, thanks again for agreeing to do this and I will see you sometime soon” Soren said.

Soren went by a store and purchased two of the movies that Farris needed for his studies, but he had to place an order for the third film as it was not a movie they kept in stock. They told him it would be in within two days. Soren thanked the store clerk and then headed straight for the Patrellis gallery. He arrived and Derek answered the front door and let him in. Soren noticed that Derek’s face was a brilliant shade of red and Soren never recalled seeing anyone blush that badly and then as he saw the reason for it. Baily was standing behind Derek’s desk. When Derek sat down again he hung his head low and pretended to get back to pouring over a stack of papers and pictures. Baily looked at Soren and then smiled. He bent down and whispered something into Derek’s ear causing him to blush all over again and squirm in his seat. Baily let loose his broad slightly silly Cheshire grin as he walked over to Soren. “Hello again beautiful…how can I get you serviced today”? Soren smiled sheepishly, “Is Nial around I wanted to have a word with him”? “No but he will be back in just a little while if you want to wait. We could go to his office and have a seat, Derek here can fetch us some tea” Baily said and Derek rose and headed to the back with a slightly rueful look on his face at Baily’s choice of wording.

“I don’t know what you are doing to that poor man but it looks as if he is coming apart at the seems…I have never seen anyone turn that red” Soren said as he walked towards Nial’s office. “Oh I have just been telling him a few stories” Baily said. “Stories about what” Soren asked? “About what he is going to be doing for me later. Now what did you need to speak with Nial about…perhaps I can help”? “Oh…well” Soren said considering how he wanted to word his answer, “I wanted to tell him what happened last night, and then I wanted to see if he wanted to go to temple with me. I have never been and I thought he could introduce me to the keepers there”. “Oh I am sure he will be delighted to take you as soon as he comes in” Baily answered. Just then Derek entered with a tray of bottled waters and two cups of tea. He sat the tray down on the table in the far corner and then turned to leave. “Oh please don’t go Derek, I was just thinking about how the three of us could pass the time until my brother comes…any thoughts” Baily asked with a low chuckle. Derek looked very uncomfortable and said “No sir…I am….I um…well I have some paper work I must attend to” he said and then left. 

Baily’s grin became even wider and Soren looked on amazed because he didn’t know anyone’s grin could be that big. “You remind me a little of one of the books I just read…and there is a movie that goes with it that I am going to watch soon” Soren said. “Oh what movie is that” Baily asked with instense curiosity? “Alice in wonderland…or is it through the looking glass…I can’t remember exactly” Soren answered. Baily looked intrigued, “Why do I remind you of that” he asked? “Because your smile is as huge and strange as the Cheshire cat, and I think perhaps for the first time... I have met a mad angel…you seem madder than the hatter in the story” Soren said with a small smile. Baily bust out laughing. “Oh do I? Is that so…well I have been on earth for a number of years and that is bound to have that sort of effect” he said and rose to his feet. He walked around the desk and then bent over Soren who shrank in his chair. “So how about that kiss you owe me” Baily said. He was close enough that they might already have been kissing and Soren’s head was dizzy from the strong and wonderful aroma that smelled like sex to him. “I owe you a kiss” he replied confused? “Oh no forgive me…it was sex on my stick that came up during our roof top liason” Baily said with a smirk so cocky that it could have been called original sin. “I believe you brought that up and I never said anything about it” Soren responded. “Oh…but you thought about it…go ahead, try to deny it” Baily said. Soren opened his mouth to speak but Baily grabbed his face and began kissing him with tongue before he could another word out. Soren was dazed for a moment. Lost in the wondrous feel and taste of the kiss. It took him a moment to come to his senses but he finally did and gave a slight push to Baily. 

“Hey didn’t you ever here that you are supposed to wait for an invitation before you attend a party”? “Sure…your eyes invited me” Baily responded. “Perhaps you could wait on my lips to invite you”? “Oh they did” Baily said and went to try and kiss him again before he heard a the sound of a cough. Both of their heads shot up and over to the door to see Nial standing there with a strange amused look on his face. He came in and shut the door behind him. “Now brother…you really shouldn't go around teasing people when I am not here” Nial said, and Soren felt a moment of relief. “Besides, you need to share when you start playing with a new toy…you know the rules Dad gave us when we were younger” Nial said with a calculated smile. Baily’s eyes seemed to light up and burn. Soren wanted to shrink. “Did you want to call Derek up here so that we can share his toy as well” Baily asked? “Maybe later…right now, Three’s company” Nial said. He and baily both laughed. Nial moved over beside Soren and then bent down and kissed him hard on the mouth. Soren’s head was back to reeling. He wondered how long it would take him to get used to his human senses again. 

“Let’s say I agree to play this mad game of yours” Soren said… “You understand that I am not ready to have actual sex yet right” he asked the two brothers, wanting to clarify? “Oh that’s fine…there are lots of things we can do besides that” Nial said and then cut off any other statements with another kiss. Soon Soren was being hauled up and put on top of Nials desk and was being kissed alternately by the two men. Soren’s cloths began disappearing and soon he was naked... and so were the two men. Nial and Baily both began to massage Soren’s naked body causing him to get so hard that every pulse of his heart could be felt in his cock which throbbed to the rhythm. Baily decided the floor would be more practical and so Nial helped him pull Soren off the desk and then pull him to the ground. Soren was soon being stroked by Nial who was behind him kissing his neck, While Baily presented his cock to Soren’s lips. Soren looked up at Baily who was smirking down at him with his hot smile and cold eyes. Soren bent forward and kissed the head of Baily’s dick before taking it into his hungry mouth. Nial was busy rubbing his swollen phallus between Soren’s hard round ass cheeks. Soren knew that Nial wouldn’t try to penetrate him; he had given him his word. Baily gasped in happy surprise not thinking that Soren would be so adept at pleasing a man. This arrangement lasted several long minutes more until Nial and Baily switched places. This new arrangement lasted a little less time. Soon Nial and Baily had Soren laying on his back and they were both giving him the oral royal treatment. Soren was writhing in so much pleasure he didn’t know if he would last. Nial muttered something to Baily whose eyes lit up wickedly… “Really…Awesome”! Nail and Baily proceeded to get on their knees and aim their swollen cocks right at Soren’s face. Soren knew what was coming and the thought excited him. He opened his mouth and soon Nail and then Baily were dumping their plentiful loads into his mouth. He greedily swallowed all of it and then two men were still panting and moaning several minutes later. Soren went back to work on their cocks one at a time, milking as much cum out of them as possible. They both tasted of salty sweetness, though Baily’s was a touch more salty than Nial’s. Soren guessed that he must drink alcohol more often; not that Baily’s juice was bad; it was very good actually. Soren began beating himself off frantically but Nial and Baily removed his hands and held them down. Nial went to work on Soren’s achingly hard cock, while Baily spread apart Soren’s legs and began to rim him. Soren nearly went flying off the ground at feeling a tongue on such a sensitive area. He let out a sound of pleasure that was almost a scream. Soren didn’t last long with this kind of intense double attention and told them he was going to cum soon. Nial and Baily both went back to work on his cock and soon Soren was spraying his load into the air and onto his stomach and chest; and Nial and Baily were lapping it off of him.

When it was over the three of them laid naked and panting, holding each other in happy afterglow. Soren was in the middle with one brother on each side of him. He thought about how arousing it had been to be taken by two such huge strong men. When afterglow faded they all got cleaned up and dressed again. Soren took several large swigs of water and then drank some chocolate milk that Nail kept in his office mini-fridge, hidden in a cabinet. Both men took turns kissing Soren deeply and passionately. Then Soren asked what Nial had told Baily earlier... "Oh that...I told him that you liked to swallow" Nial said. Soren's cheeks blazed red again and Baily kissed his cheek and said, "And you are so good at it...I hope we get to play again soon"! 

Soren explained everything to Nial after their tryst in the office and Nial grabbed his coat and escorted Soren out of the gallery and into his S.U.V. after saying goodbye to Baily; While Baily who was always ready for more action turned his full attention to a newly flustered Derek. It took twenty minutes to drive to the church and when they arrived Soren could immediately feel the difference in the energy of the atmosphere surrounding the site. The Temple, or The Ecclesium as Soren’s people called it had obviously been a catholic cathedral at one point. Soren took a moment after getting out to enjoy the feel and the beauty of the place. The building was old, large, and lovely. The grounds were obviously well kept. The Main building was the sanctuary, but there were multiple building there and then Soren realized that once it must have housed both a monastery and a convent. The extra buildings were on opposite sides of the sanctuary. Then it appeared to Soren as he walked looking through the distant spaces that there might be more building behind the sanctuary. The architecture was Gothic looking in style. Stone angels and gargoyles adorned the roof and the spires. Soren could feel all the many invisible Sigils drawn permanently onto and into this place. He walked beside Nial and tried to match his long stride. Nial ran a few steps ahead when they neared the entrance and opened the door for Soren who thanked him and blushed ever so slightly at the attention.

The Inside of the place was not Cathedral like in the traditional sense. There were places to kneel and pray of course, and Blessed Water at the entrance which would have been usual enough in a catholic church; but anyone could tell the inside décor had been gutted and redone to suit the tastes of the current occupants. The floors where dark, and the walls were brilliant white creating a very stark contrast. There were icon’s but the icons were very different looking to the normal catholic icons found in a church. Instead of saints there were angel statues everywhere. The walls were covered here and there with brightly colored paintings or tapestries. The scenes they depicted were all the scenes from the bible that included angels. At the front of the sanctuary was a stage with an alter. The alter was made of white marble. A bright blue violet cloth adorned the top. Ritual items including a silver chalice and a golden plate were displayed on the top. On the side was a small golden stand which held a book. not far from the alter to the left side of the stage was a clear acrylic pulpit that looked like it was carved from crystal. Behind the alter there was a shrine but instead of a statue icon, there was a simple white flag hanging down which had a symbol on it. The symbol was an adorned Trinity knot which represented Elohim. Above the flag was an extremely large round window. Around the outer edges were colored shapes of glass, the majority of the middle was clear, but in the very center there was a small stone set in the glass. It was a celestone, like the one around Soren’s neck and Nial’s wrist. Then Soren finally noticed that on both sides of the alter stood two people. The four youths were not average looking and there was something not human about them, but they were not angels either Soren instinctively knew. Soren placed his hand in the water at the same time as Nial, and then they both anointed their heads with the water, before rubbing their hands together, making their hands clean. On the outsides of the pews against the wall were stands holding candles and incense sticks. The perfume from the incense soothed Soren immediately. Soren looked up at the ceiling and saw that it was covered though not totally with several large panels of art. The sections without art were stark white again. Hanging from the ceiling down on thin chains were several large objects that Soren finally realized were giant faceted crystals. Rainbow streaks of light were being thrown all over the place. Soren finally realized that this place was meant to be a mortal world manifestation of their temple in the crystal city.

A tall very attrctive man walked out from some hidden place behind the stage. Soren had not guessed at what he might look like, but the way in which he was dressed was not like a human priest and Soren wondered about that. Anyone could tell this man must be the attending priest here, but a human walking into this place would have been confused. The man was wearing tight leather pants. His cassock was not usual. It connected in the middle and the man whore no type of collar. In fact he wore no shirt underneath, exposing a good portion of his torso. His chest seemed well formed, and his stomach displayed a slight trail of fine dark hair running down though no hair appeared on his chest. A large angelic sigil was placed right in the center of his chest and on his wrist there was a band with a celestone much like Nial's. The Man’s face was sharp and pretty with, and sprinkled with what humans called five o’clock shadow, though Soren didn’t get the reference at all. His hair was a little longer than Soren’s and was a shade of brown so light that it might considered dark blonde. As the man walked forward Soren noticed both his large bare feet and the sizable bulge in his leather pants. It seemed all angels liked to endow themselves well when they came to earth. He didn’t appear to be as big as Nial or Baily though. Around the man’s neck there was an angelic rosary. There was no crucifix but a Celtic cross instead and the ornament in the center was a Nonogram, the nine pointed angelic star. The beads were purple and separated by silver chain. “Greetings Brother Nial” said the man! “Greetings Reverend Timisen” Nial responded. “And who do you bring with you today”? “This is Soren Brother….Soren this is our resident priest Timisen James Gregorian” Soren and the priest eyed each other for a moment as if assessing each other and then Soren smiled and held out his hand, “Greetings Reverend Timisen…how are you”? “I am fine thank you” he replied as he shook Soren’s hand. “Is this your first time to the ecclesium because I don’t recall seeing you before…I would have noticed you” he asked warmly”? “Yes, I just arrived not long ago” Soren answered. “And how are you finding things”? “Things seem really great thus far” Soren said before Nial spoke up. “On only his second day here, he got his first assignment” Nial said, coming off like a proud father whose son just won an award! “Is that so…well that is impressive…odd, but impressive. Well if I can help you in any way, please let me know…I will do my best to help; I will leave you now to pray; if you want to stay for service…mass is in an hour”. “However just as the priest turned to go a young man came and whispered in his ear causing a look of shock and suspicion to come over the man’s face. He looked at Nail and Soren oddly for a moment and then said, “Soren why don’t you take a few minutes and pray I need to have a word with Nial”. “Oh alright Soren said and then headed over to the kneeling bench to light a candle and pray. “I thought you might want a word” Nial said.

(Timisen as I see him)

Soren went to one of the stands of candles. He knelt down and began to focus his mind in Kavana, the deep form of angelic worshipful meditation. He took a stick that was laying on the stand and used an already burning candle to light the end and then used the stick to light a candle. After blowing out the end of the stick he began to pray. First he said a prayer of protection for Farris and all of his new friends, and then he just let his mind become fully open to the divine presence as he began to thank The All-Father… giving him lauds and telling him how much he loved him. He began to sing his Hallailium, and his voice started filling up the sanctuary with the most beautiful sounding music. He was so lost in worship, that he didn’t notice the crowd that was gathering behind him. After all it was customary for angels to sing lauds to God. He wasn’t aware of the beauty of his own voice. Though, angels never realized how beautiful their own voices were. It was well known amongst the choirs that the beauty and power of an angels voice was directly correlated to how deep their Emunah; their Faith and connection with the creator was... and thus indicated how holy they were when compared to their fellow angels around them. It wasn’t about pride or ego; nor was it something an angel could even strive for out of pride. It also had nothing to do with rank or status. It just happened... that the beauty of their voices evolved the closer they got to The Creator in deep abiding love and devoted service. Soren didn’t understand that his voice was beyond noticeable when compared to other angels, including many of The Seraphim; the angels of music themselves. The alter attendants and their mates, Nial, The Priest, The Priestess, their mates, and a large group of other people gathered to listen not believing the magnificence of what they were hearing. 

Everyone had tears in their eyes, everyone but one strange young man standing in the group who instead of crying was transfixed. The young man turned and looked at the priest and gave him a serious look and a nod and then took his leave...practiced and quietly, accompanied by a solitary companion. When Soren was done praying, he came out of Kavana; got up, and turned around to see everyone standing behind him staring at him with a host of emotions running across their faces and tears streaming down their cheeks. 

“Oh I am so sorry I didn’t realize I was praying so loudly. I know my voice isn’t that great but I didn’t realize that it was so bad I made people cry. I will try to never sing out loud again” Soren said truly sorry and embarrassed. “No...no brother, that isn’t it at all…in fact the opposite…your voice is so utterly beautiful. I am honored to have one such as you in this temple which I am keeping” Said the priest. Soren was suddenly amazed and very shy… “Oh …well thank you. So is everything alright Nial? Things seemed to get serious a while ago” Soren said. 

Nial finally managed to shake himself out of his stupor and then muttered, “No wonder you were chosen for this” under his breath… “Yes Soren, everything is fine but you have been summoned to an audience and it is quite an honor”! “Summoned by who” Soren asked confused? The priestess stepped forward then, “By The Delphi” she said. She stood as tall as the priest. Her dark hair hung around her shoulders and her grey eyes were intriguing with a hint of pale blue. Her lips curved in a soft smile and cheek bones were set high and wide. On her finger was a ring containing her celestone, the very distinctive bracelet and necklace she wore though were entirely different and stood out even more than the celestone. Soren didn’t have a clue what they were made of. “The Delphi…The Dolphin Oracle still exists” Soren asked amazed… “and he wants to speak with me”? 

(The Priestess as I see her)

“That is correct” one of the other people said. A short boy standing amongst them spoke, “please go to him”! “I will show you the way” Timisen said and Soren looked to Nial who nodded his head in confirmation and encouragement. The priest stood with his hand out to indicate the direction they would take and Soren fell into step behind him. “He asked to see you alone and has given no explanation, but he is not bound to obey any of us. Only the voice of the Metatron will guide him, but you must never tell anyone you have seen him alright. Only the higher ranking angels and those who are attendants to this place know” Timisen explained. They had walked through a series of long hallways and fallen into silence when they went out a back door, through an open court yard and entered another building. 

Once inside they began heading for the back of the space and in front of the door stood a tall muscular man with long golden dread locks, as the humans called them. He was beautiful, but like several of the youths in the temple he was neither angel, nor completely human. He was something else, though Soren had no clue as to what that might be. The Young man held up his hand and the priest stopped walking. “My Husband bids me to escort him in alone, and then even I am to leave”. The priest nodded understanding and then took his leave. The man opened the door and then took Soren into a large dimly lit room. “Thank you My Iron Lion” a small bright young voice came. “Anything for you my Dolphin heart” The tribal looking man said before exiting the room and shutting the door behind him. Soren could here how every formal word was so thick with love that it oozed like honey off their lips as they spoke!

(Leo, Husband of The Delphi)

 “Hello Soren…I am Alexi”!

The young man walked out of the darkness behind the throne like chair which was caved with all sorts of sea creatures, dolphins, and mer-people at the bottom and the sides; while the back was high and carved into a peacocks tail. He stood with his legs slightly apart in a firm stance, and his hands on his hips. He was absolutely lovely. He had pouty shiny pink lips and smooth fair porcelain skin, with Deliciously clear blue eyes. He stood just above average height for a young man. The thing that was startling about him was his hair and the manor in which he was dressed. He had pink cotton candy colored hair. He was wearing tight bright blue pants, knee high brown boots with lots of straps and buckles running up the sides, with a dagger stuck into the side of one. His shirt was made of soft, metallic silver, big holed netting that had emerald green metallic threads woven subtly through it here and there; it was see-through revealing that he had a very nicely shaped torso even though his muscles were not big like his husbands. He was wearing a strange necklace similar to the one the priestess was wearing. His shirt… such that it was, was sleeveless and he had on armlings which had no fingers but did have thumb-holes. They were brown with brightly colored teal, golden yellow, blue, green, and lighter pea green; peacock feather designs all over them. In his right ear there was a large peacock feather earring hanging down. His eyes were done up with teal  and purple eye shadow, above his eye brows were a row of pink colored stones and in the center of his forehead was a stone shaped like an upside down tear drop that had a blue, teal, green, and purple peacock feather design in it. Then Soren looked more closely at the necklace and saw that it displayed a dolphin swimming under the waves. From behind the boy’s ears running down his neck onto his arms and disappearing beneath the armlings were tattoo designs. On one side it was peacock feathers and on the other it was waves with swirls and dolphin patterns; and on his left arm with the dolphin designs, there was a Triscal of dolphins displayed like a crest on his deltoid. The sides of his head were shaved; there was hair on top that seemed like it would hang just beneath his eyes if it wasn’t styled up and to the side, and there was a long pink braid that hung down in the back which the boy had pulled in front of his left shoulder. He was a stunning sight to behold.

(Alexi, The Delphi as I see him)

(the basic idea of The Dolphin pendent of Alexi as I see it)

“Hello Great Seer, I am Soren”.

“Soren… what is your real name”?


“Ah... I see. Well Soren it is nice to meet you, in my visions of you…you were sort of hazy and I never knew that you would be so handsome”.

“You had visions of me”?

“Oh yes…many as of late. I am glad you are here, I was wondering if my sight was starting to fail after these oceans of eons” The Boy said with a joking smile.

Soren was put at ease by his smile.

“So I guess you are wondering why I have summoned you”?

“Well, yes of course…why do I merit such an honor? I have done nothing special at any point I can remember. I have always just followed orders and done my job” Soren answered him.

“Oh you stand out...believe me…or not, as you like! You have been summoned here to be told a few things. I can not reveal everything to you yet…but there are things you must prepare for”!

“What things would those be”?

“Listen to me Soren…here me…here my words”; The Delphi’s voice was becoming distant and echoing. His eyes glazed over and his hair turned aqua. The stone in the center of his forehead lit up, and so did his eyes. “Soren… the boy is so vastly important to the future you can’t even begin to grasp how much. This isn’t just about protecting one young man…this is about safeguarding humanity and its future. I can’t tell you who or what he really is…or will become…all I can tell you for now is that he is vital. He is also broken however and you must love him through the pain and the anger until he can finally allow himself to feel it. You must make him ready to sing. And when the time comes….which it will; and he knows the truth of who and what you really are…you must bring him directly to me. I must help him. Do you understand everything that I have told you Soren” Alexi finished?

“Yes I understand…well I understand my instructions…I can’t honestly say I understand the rest of it” Soren replied.

“That will do…now come forward Bright One” The Oracle ordered.

Soren walked forward and stood right in front of him. Alexi gazed up into his eyes. “You must be given three blessings to help you. Close your eyes to receive the first two” Alexi said his hair having turned pink again, and only his eyes left glowing. Soren closed his eyes, and the boy leaned forward and put his forehead with Soren’s and a wave of energy passed through Soren. Then the boy kissed the spot. After that, the boy inhaled deeply and loudly and then used his fingers to part Soren’s lips and then breathed into him. Soren again felt a wave of strange energy pass through him and fill him up, after which the boy kissed his lips momentarily surprising him. “Now open your eyes for this one the boy said and Soren complied. The boy took a strange device off of the throne behind him and put it on his hand. It had a stone in it, set in beautiful twisted metal not only fitting around the hand but making a swirling wave pattern. He held his hand up to Soren and after a moment…a blast of aqua colored light exploded and went into Soren; and Soren flew back almost into the far wall. He went to his knees unable to stand. Many waves of rolling energy passed through him, and with each wave Soren could feel something inside changing. With each wave he got stronger and stronger.

“What was that” Soren asked confused and irritated?

“That was energy from The Omphalos” Alexi answered.

“The Omphalos…that still exists too”?

“Oh yes, it is housed here, in a secret place and this device allows me to tap into it’s energy at will”.

“Well what did you just do to me”?

“Listen Soren, I am sorry I went about it this way…but I changed you. I had too…it was the only way. I changed your essential physical make up. You are no longer just an angel, or just a man. You are evolved…you are changed…you are.... more now! You are like me and the youths in the temple. I was charged with a sacred task. That’s all I can tell you for now, but just know that you are more than you were before. You won’t be hurt or harmed by this I promise, and you must tell no one what has happened here. Do you understand…the future depends on your ability to keep this secret and your ability to help the boy find healing and protect him”.

Soren looked mystified but somewhere inside he felt the divine presence give him encouragement and peace about everything he was being told. “I don’t understand…I can’t claim that…but I do know what you are telling me is true and I will protect Farris and keep this secret…and if I can….I will help Farris find healing” Soren responded!

“Excellent…Well, please feel free to visit... it was such an honor to meet you. Don’t forget…when the boy finds out what you are…you must bring him to me. Leo my love, please come in…My Husband will escort you out”.

Soren nodded and the door opened. “Yes Alexi”? “Alright my Iron man, my audience is up…will you please escort him out and then hurry back to me”?

Leo saw the look in his husbands eyes and knew what it meant. He was feeling quite amorous. Leo approached his husband and took his face in his hands… “I will hurry back sweet spirit” Leo said and then kissed him passionately and deeply on the mouth. The kiss lasted a moment too long and Soren couldn’t help gawking…these men were hot together, he thought to himself and felt a slight stirring in his pants. They broke the kiss and looked at Soren’s expression… “What do you think Dear…he is very handsome…should we invite him to join us” Alexi said with a naughty gleam in his eye. “Oh that would be fun…but I don’t think he is ready to take on the likes of us yet…we might brake him” Leo said with a wide grin. “Oh …well yes, that is true” Alexi said… “Bye Soren…it was nice to meet you”. Soren whose cheeks were a nice shade of scarlet cleared his throat before attempting to speak and said thank you for the honor of speaking with me”. Leo laughed… “This one is so adorable…I do believe he is blushing my dolphin” Leo said. Alexi laughed and slapped Leo’s chest… “Yes... well go now and hurry back” Alexi said and walked back to the place behind the throne chair. Leo walked up to Soren and took him by the hand… “Come on angel boy…I will take you back to Nial” he said, and escorted him out of the room shutting the door behind him. Leo walked in front while on the way out. Soren followed in sort of a daze. On the way back into the sanctuary they passed three men standing near by. Well one was a man and the others were boys in their late teens. The man was sexy and had extremely strange silver eyes, the boy holding his hand was tall and lanky with a black leather jacket over a hoodie. His hood was on and his eyes had strange designs around them partially hidden beneath dark hair. The other boy stood out because his hair was an intense turquoise color. They all smiled at Leo and Soren; and Soren tried to return the smile but was so drawn to the man’s silver eyes he didn’t know if he had succeeded. Once inside the sanctuary again he found Nial and the Priest alone except for the alter attendants and who Soren guessed to be their mates. Everyone looked at him strangely and Leo gave him a parting nod and then headed back the way they had came. Nial just smiled his usual grin however and he took Soren by the hand after they said their farewells to Timisen, and headed back to the Nial’s S.U.V.. 

Once inside Nial looked at Soren and said… “Want to talk about it”? “Oh yes, I do…but I have been sworn to silence”. “Ah” said Nial… “I figured as much”. Nial drove Soren home in silence, except for the music on the radio. Dusk was nearing and Soren had Nial stop and get some hamburgers and milk shakes for their dinner. He invited Nail to stay and eat with them but Nial said he needed to get back to his gallery and make sure that his brother had not damaged his assistant too badly. Soren giggled and then gave Nial a kiss before getting out. Nial just smiled warmly back at him. “Oh Soren”, “Yes Nial”? “When you go to sleep tonight…please dream about what happened in my office today…I know I will be” Nial said with his wicked smirk and then drove off leaving a blushing Soren standing there.

Soren headed in and found Farris strumming his guitar on the Sofa. “Hi” Farris said with a bright smile. “Hi yourself” Soren said with a giggle. “I got hamburgers for dinner in case you still hadn’t eaten”. “No I haven’t yet. Hamburgers sound great” Farris said. That night they ate and watched some movies after discussing how Farris’s music lesson went. Farris couldn’t stop smiling. “Rolli knows so much…I can’t ever thank you enough for doing this…I wouldn’t even know how” Farris said. “Farris it’s fine, you can thank me by becoming the best damn musician you can be…and by being my assistant when I go to work, because seriously…I can’t stand to deal with T.A’s.” Soren said. “No problem” Farris said. After the movie was over they headed to bed... but after a while of laying there with a raging hard on, Soren couldn’t stand it anymore and went to take a hot shower and relieve himself. As if everything that had happened that day wasn’t bad enough, Soren had to watch Farris walking around shirtless for half an hour before bed and the sight had him so horny he thought his mortal body might explode. 

Weeks went by and Soren and Farris had settled into a nice routine. Farris had watched the movies and given a report on them to Rolli; who was pleased that Farris understood the things that he had wanted him to glean from the stories. Free time was almost up and it was a week until classes started. Soren decided he needed to go in and meet with his new boss. The campus wasn’t that busy that day but Soren was glad he had called ahead and made an appointment anyway. He went to the Presidents office and was told to wait by the secretary.

After a few minutes the secretary rose and said “Right this way please” and Soren followed her into an office room. A woman was sitting at the desk and said “Thank you Patricia, that will be all”. Patricia closed the door behind her. The woman at the desk stood and walked over to Soren. “Hello I am Lennox Coffield, President of Washington University, but I prefer the old term headmistress…and you are Soren Angelis I presume”? “Yes Headmistress”. She smiled warmly at him and held her hand out to shake his. Then she gestured at a chair in front of the desk and said “Won’t you please sit down”. Soren took a seat and then she sat down in her chair.  He glanced around the room to notice several artifacts and items that he knew to be Buddhist icons. “So Professor Angelis…what can I do for you today”? “Oh nothing really I just wanted to come by and introduce myself. I start teaching next week, and I wanted to just come and meet you; and ask if there was anything that you wanted me to be aware of”? “Oh I see, well thank you for having the fore thought. Most people today…even teachers, would not have known this was the exact right thing to do” she said. He looked at her closely trying to figure out what kind of woman she was. She was a little taller than average, her bone structure was quite angular and sever in a way though they were softened by some rounded features. Her eyes were incredible the way they were shaped. Her hair was white and very short. There was something cold about her demeanor, but Soren guessed it was just her formality and professionalism; her smile was warm enough. “Well let’s see…you will be teaching Literature for now and a few other things like history later on. I guess I only have two things to mention at this time. The first is…I expect every teacher that works at this school to be passionate about what they do, to inspire the students. If you see a student who shines out amongst their fellow class mates…don’t be afraid or hold back from giving them extra time or attention. One of my most ardent beliefs is that we are quite literally shaping the future of our world within these young people here”. Soren nodded in fervent agreement. She nodded back and smiled, pleased that he seemed to understand and agree with her. “I guess the only other thing is a question I have. I have met some pretty …shall we say high maintenance requests to get you here, and I don’t mind acquiescing to them…but one seems strange to me and I would like you to clarify why this particular request is the only one, that was an actual demand”?

                                   (Headmistress Lennox as I see her; Annie Lennox)

Soren nodded that he understood, “You are referring to me having an assistant of my choosing instead of having the usual T.A’s.” Soren said.

“Yes…could you please explain this request…I need to know how to justify this expense to my superiors”?

“Well first of all there is no expense for you”!

“Oh…I was under the impression that we were paying for your assistant”?

“No Headmistress, I am paying for my own assistant out of pocket”!

“Oh…well that changes everything. May I ask why though? It is curious after all”.

“Well I have had some very shady teachers assistants in the past who have changed other students grades and things; and I will never go through that experience again. So I hire someone who I trust completely now. This allows me to teach to the best of my abilities and not worry about wrong doings taking place right under my nose”.

“Oh, how dreadful…well yes I can certainly understand then. Who is your assistant? I will need to get them the proper I.D’s. and everything. Also I need to get visitors passes to whomever you might think will be a regular visitor to you here”.

“Well my personal assistant is a young man by the name of Farris. I can bring him by tomorrow afternoon to get his pass if that suits you. There are also three men who might regularly visit me. Nial, Baily, and Derek. I can obtain pictures of them tonight and bring them with me tomorrow as well”.

“Excellent! Well I am just so happy to have you joining our teachers here. There are a few still very dedicated and excited teachers here that love their jobs”.

“Well now you have one more teacher like that, because I love helping young people discover all the beauty in life and helping guide them to their destinies” Soren replied.

Lennox just looked at him and smiled, “I think we are going to be great colleagues and friends. I look forward to auditing your class one day”.

“I will enjoy that…maybe I will call on you to get your idea about something” Soren said and laughed and she laughed with him.

“See you tomorrow then she said!

“See you then, Headmistress Coffield” Soren responded and then left for home, pleased with his new boss.


Part 3 will come in time....

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