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Friday, November 30, 2012

~The Great Vice of Dreaming~ a poem by L.C. Bellami

                                                        ~The Great Vice of Dreaming~

I wake from a dream as twilight lingers
longing for the grateful dawn
and memories of a life spent fill my thoughts
Leaving me breathless in wonder
Where did it all go, that misspent youth…

In search of things I never found and adventures I never had
Is it too late? Did I miss it….all chances gone?

I wonder with hope if I shall ever find my way
and as the dawn breaks into day I almost believe that I will

Hope is a good thing, and also terrible at times…
Will I grow old without knowing? Have I grown old without seeing?
I look at my hands and do not recognize them… and find that despite
My protests I have grown into a man when I never wanted to age…
Peter pan left me behind and here I lay unquenched.

Tonight I will sleep and dream again; and then again I shall find
what waking withholds; hides from me…..my way, laid out before me like
an un-trodden path.

Dreams are a good vice…perhaps the best of all vices…
and I wake from dreams once more to a twilight that lingers…
Longing for another grateful dawn; made more so because I am thankful
I can still dream when awake, when so many have forgotten how!

By L.C. Bellami

Written on November 29th, in the festival season of Samhein, in the month The Elder Moon, In the year of our Lord 2012

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