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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's going on with me as of late...

Well I have been hard at work with several new projects while trying to get the free shorts done I have going on here. The next section of Immortal Beloved will be done when I get time; This man needs to make some money lol. The Joe Manganiello inspired shorts; I have decided to turn into separate shorts to publish as e-books if I can get approved, thus making me an Indie Author. A dear friend Author T. M. Smith has started her own Indie publishing house called T.T.C. Publishing. I am starting my own division of T.T.C. Publishing... O'Raven House Publishing. It is our hope to get other Indie Authors to publish under these Publishing Titles. Wish us luck will you? So as you can see I have not been fooling around, I have been hard at work. I hope to publish my first finished work online to buy within the next few months.

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