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Monday, December 2, 2013

Blood White & Rose Red ~ A Poem by L.C. Bellami

                        ~Blood White and Rose Red~

Blood White and Rose Red
Bleeding out and left for dead
She left him there in the red of the snow
The blush of the rose now an ashen foe
Rose white and skin dead
The blue twilight covering his snowy bed
My shadow falls, the killer flees
I found him there, fell to my knees
I gathered him to me, kept him safe and warm
I carried him through darkest storm
I nursed his wounds and gave him rest
His presence in my bed, the hardest test

Snow white and blood red
His skin, eyes, lips…dance through my head
Raven hair and body fine
This man was the tempting kind
Blood snow, rose white
I fight the pull with all my might
My heart is full, my feet are lead
Dangerous beauty where angels won’t tread

Rose red and blood snow
Cupid’s arrow unleashed from bow
The shot was true, the pain so sharp
The angels played on golden harps
Silver sheets in raven night
He kissed me thus ending my fight
Our love put all the shades to flight

His kiss so strong became my plight
His body around me, oh so tight

He took me to his palace high
With spires reaching to the sky
He walked me down the rose red isle
Each step seemed a lengthy mile
On my finger he placed his ring
On my head his silver crown
His kingdom we ruled side by side
In snowy lands we did not hide
In twilight shadows we made love
Finding him, a gift from up above

Rose Red and Blood White
His love my life, his heart my light


A Poem By L.C. Bellami
Written in the year of our Lord 2013


"Sometimes Beauty isn't only Skin-Deep"! 

So this is your basic once upon a time fairy tale poem; about an evil witch queen who wanted and daughter to pass her power on to and first bore a son… whom she passed the majority of her power to but gave him no training. So he had power and the future crown. She then bore a daughter who had only a little power but her mother did train her. The evil bitch… I mean witch, yes witch… killed her husband and then her daughter killed her. Then the sister went after her brother to kill him. She got the jump on him in the forest and stabbed him. She was about to take his power and his crown until she heard someone coming. Scared it was the royal guard she took off like the little cowardly cunt that she was. Into the story comes the hot hunky woodsman / hunter / warrior…who nursed him back to health. The two fell in love and the prince took his lover back to the kingdom and married him, and the two live happily and gai-ly ever after!

Ps. The sister was finally hunted down and all her powers stripped from her. The she became a chamber maid for a horrible family. She died alone and miserable. That is what being wicked will get you so beware! 

This poem is what the woodsman wrote about the whole damn thing after he was the royal consort to the king.

I know…I have a warped mind…and I am proud of that! hahahahahaha

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