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Monday, December 3, 2012

~ Fallen Love ~ A poem by L.C. Bellami


A Poem I wrote Inspired by (Not based entirely on) The Fallen series By Lauren Kate;


                            ~ Fallen Love ~

3 words “I love you”
You said, “I love you”
The Heavens opened and I fell!

A blast of Truth ripped open the starry floor,
and the sky swallowed me!

Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture
The Divine Revelation of Love before The Throne, ripped even the glory of Heaven apart at the seems!

The Chief Angel’s words, as he was officiating the marriage of our souls echo even now through my head; ringing like accusing church bells! “What God has joined together, let No man put asunder”!

But what if our ending was caused by no man, but by The Throne itself?

What then of our Great Love?

Love so powerful that it split the Heavens, and the earth itself quaked; like our bodies; when our passions ignited the fiery stars above!

3 words, “I Love you”
You said “I Love you”
The Heavens opened, and I fell

My wings opened but could not grip the air enough to catch me, as the earth rushed to meet me! Heavy things shedding weight and feathers as I plummeted! Blood like tear drops were lost in the high places!

When my body full of Grace hit the ground, the sound of it shattered the peace of the universe and time itself stopped as the wave reverberated back to me!

I laid curled like a baby in the embrace of the earth longing for death, longing for your embrace!

Your words hung there in The Eternal Heavens of my mind! You claim that you Love me, but where are you now, after such a declaration? Was it only I who fell? The sky swallowed me, and I could not see!

And where are the rest of The Heavenly Hosts? Where are their ancient celestial songs to sing the sun to my heart again and awaken me from my ancient sleep! Rouse me Starry ones, I pray of thee, rouse me to Love still again with thy sweet refrains!

3 words, “I love you”,
You said, “I love you”,
The Heavens opened and I fell…

and I fell!


By L.C. Bellami, In the year of our Lord 2012, on the 18th day of the month of Oak-Moon / June, during the Celtic Festival season of Litha!


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