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Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Good Times And In Bad; a poem on the dissolution of a marriage by L.C. Bellami

In Good Times And In Bad;

Once I made a promise to love you till I die
Once I took a vow, to you I’d never lie
Once there was a pair of rings
Once there was the sky
then you took it all back
and left me here to cry.

We stood before the priest
We looked God in the eye
The angels bore us witness
How could you say goodbye

Our friends and family gathered
And watched me so enamored
Only death would part us
Our love would always guard us

But now you say its over
How easy to betray
There’s nothing left to say now
There’s no more I can pray

“To love, honor, and cherish
In sickness and health”
Did you forget my darling
“In poverty or wealth”

In case you need reminding
One last time before you leave
You promised me forever
and I trusted and believed

You said you’d always love me
Some jokes just leave one sad
So much for your promise
“In good times and in bad”

But I’ll let you go my lover
My heart you stole is broke
when next you make a promise
On the words I hope you choke

You left me drained and empty
You cut me to the core
But as an empty vessel
There always room for more

So next time I make a promise
I will not be had
I’ll find someone who’s worthy
Of “in good time and in bad”!

A poem by L.C. Bellami, April 2012

I was watching a movie as inspiration for a character in one of the novels I am writing. The movie was about the dissolution of a marriage due to one person cheating. I wrote this on behalf of all the marriages that ended due to adultery out there, where at least one person was in love. It saddens me to see that most people have no clue what marriage really is, and that they get into it too quickly and leave it just the same! Marriage is supposed to be hard work, like any great adventure, journey, or worthwhile righteous undertaking! Marriage is about sacrificing self for love of another and getting the same in return! A marriage and a divorce takes at least two people! Before you get married, learn what it is all about people! Look deep before you leap!!!!!!!!!!

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